AN: Hey guy its Pksparkxx here. This is my first dinosaur king fanfic so be nice. Its about Damien and his brother Zechariah. They find dino stones, you get the rest. Here it is.

Chapter 1: Dino

It was a sunny morning for Damien and Zechariah Dunbar. "Hey mom me and Damien are gonna go out for a while." There mom said okay but said to be back by dinner. "Come on Damien lets go to the park." Zechariah said to his brother. "Okay lets go." Damien replied. While going to the park Damien and Zechariah were going through the woods when they saw to weird looking eggs. Damien went to one of them and picked it up. "Hey bro come take a look at this." "Cool what are they?" he asked. "I don't know lets see what's inside." Zechariah decided. They each took one egg and what they found in the eggs were two cards with dinosaurs on them and two stones. "What kind of rocks are these?" Damien asked. (This is during the time Max finds Chomp). "I don't know they look like rocks an artist would make." "Than what's with the symbols on the back?" Damien asked. Zechariah turned his stone over and saw a symbol of a tornado. "Cool what symbol do you have?" he asked Damien. He saw a lightning bolt on his stone. "Lets see what they do." Zechariah said. "What would rocks and cards do?" Damien asked. Just at that moment, Zechariah rubbed the card onto the stone and the card started glowing. Huh?" Zechariah said. "What's happening Damien asked. All of a sudden a giant dinosaur came out of the card. "What is that thing?" Damien said. "It looks like a Utahraptor." Zechariah said. The Utahraptor looked at them with its head tilted. "He looks confused." Zechariah said. Then the Utahraptor started to sniff Zechariah's stone. "Did you come from the card?" Zechariah asked it. It gave a low growl and Zechariah took that as a yes. "So cool!" Zechariah said. "I'm gonna call you Raptor." Zechariah said. "Your gonna keep it?" Damien asked. "Why not?" It will just turn back into a card." You don't know that what if it goes wild and destroys the city?" Damien asked. "You watch to much monster movies." Damien just rolled his eyes. "Why don't you bring out your dinosaur?" Zechariah asked. "Okay it wouldn't hurt to try." Damien said. He swiped the dinosaur card across the face of the stone and a dinosaur similar to Raptor came out, but yellow in color. "Cool it's a Velociraptor!" Zechariah said. "What will you call it?" he asked. Damien thought for a moment and finally came up with a name. "I know ill call you Veloci!" Damien said. "Do you like that name?" Damien asked the Velociraptor. As a response it started jumping up and down. "Ill take that as a yes." Damien asked. "So how do we change them back?" Zechariah asked. "Hmm." Damien thought. "What does this do he said as he twisted a knob of some sort. Then Veloci turned yellow and his card went back to Damien's hand. "That is so cool!" he said as put the dino card in his pocket. "Now you try." He told Zechariah. Zechariah nodded and twisted the same knob as Damien did, then Raptor turned blue and changed back into a card. "Let's go home and tomorrow lets show Max, Zoe, and Rex our dinosaurs." Then they both went back home.

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