How is it going brothers? This is D-Team Unite! Here we have a new chapter. Thank you to thunder pony and Warpath who sent me some move cards. As a thank you ill put in an OC of yours if you have any. With that said, here is the chapter!

Chapter 3 : Dino Slash!

After Reese was finished making the you-know-whats she told all of the D-Team to gather up. "Here are all of your dino holders." she said she gave one to each of them. "These are not toys only use them in times of an emergency." Then all of a sudden an alarm went off. Reese went to the computer and started looking at the monitor. "What is it?" Max asked. " A Dinosaur has been detected in Bally." she said. "But how?" Zoe asked. "There must have been more dinosaur cards then we thought" Damien said. "Yeah but we cant exactly go to Bally right now and get the dinosaur right?" "Not exactly guys" Reese said. "What do you mean?" Max asked. "Just step on that platform and then ill teleport you to Bally" Reese said. "You can do that?" Zechariah asked. Reese nodded and they stepped on the platform. "I cant teleport you to the exact location of the dinosaur but I can get you close to it" Reese said. They nodded and they were sent off. When they reached Bally they were amazed. "Wow I cant believe we are actually in Bally" Zoe said. "We have a dinosaur to find" Zechariah reminded them so they went straight in the direction of the dinosaur. What they saw was really bizarre. There was a T-Rex battling a Daspletosaurus with fire coming out of it's mouth. "Haha this is too easy." said Ursula. "What are you doing to that dinosaur?" Max asked. "Isn't that obvious Max? they are trying to catch that Daspletosaurus." Rex said. "Well then, let's save it. "Dino Slash! Max said swiping Chomp's card on the Dino Holder."Triceratops Roar!" he said as Chomp growed to his Battle Mode. "Very well then, I guess I have to do this Ursula said as she swiped an move card. "Neck Crusher!" she yelled. "Go Terry defeat that Triceratops!" she said. The battle was on.

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