These are moments between Billy and Jane ranging from early friendship to marriage and I hope you like it. Mostly it will be about their friendship because let's be honest, we all love them for the amazing friendship they have…

Also this is my world.. What I say goes (lol I wish..) jk in my world certain things have and haven't happened, but it will be obvious in my chapters :)


After crying into my best friend's shirt for hours I turn over to maybe catch some sleep. "Janey?" I hear. I look over my shoulder back at Billy, "Yeah?" My voice sounded terrible, even to my own ears it was heartbreaking. He had his head cradled in his left hand that was propped up on a pillow, he looked tired. "Are you gonna be okay?" He asked.

I nod, "Yeah, I'll be okay. Thank you Billy… For everything." I had turned back to the edge of my bed ready to maybe sleep this horrible night away. Nothing has gone my way tonight and I feel like my heart has been crushed and left for dead. Dramatic? Maybe. Getting broken up with is not the best experience in the world.

Tonight was supposed to be a great night spent with none other than Nick Fadden, my biggest crush since the seventh grade. We have sort of been going out for a few weeks now and have been trying to get to know each other. He was a really great guy until I saw him making out with another girl, the blonde girl from the diner. Of course I hadn't told Billy that part, I only told him that he broke up with me and I thought he was going to kill someone, or better yet go kill Nick. I talked him into just staying with me and it worked. Nick deserved to be happy and who am I to consider him a cheater?

I was upset nonetheless and went straight home. I avoided Ben and came into my room for some peace to cry it out on my own. Then I heard the rustling of leaves by my window. That's when Billy climbed through. I had my suspicions Ben called him, but I didn't care to think about it. I didn't even get up when he finally made it into my room but he instantly knew something was wrong. "Oh Janey…" He had said and climbed in next to me. That's when I turned over and cried into his shirt. In between sobs I told him what happened and throughout it all he had remained silent except for his death threat.

Back to the present I think Billy could sense my need for comic relief because he pulled me against him and he put all his weight on me, to squish the air out of my body, and planted a super wet kiss on my cheek. Despite myself I laughed and was grateful for such a great best friend. He always knew how to make me feel better. Always. He was amazing at knowing my moods and how to change them or keep them a certain way. He was so good.

I keep laughing and wipe my eyes of the remaining tears and felt so much better. I can feel his laughter too and right now, despite how crappy I feel, I know these are the moments I'll remember.


Really short, but I think it's cute.. If you go on my instagram I posted a picture of a Jane and Billy thing I drew and that inspired this.. Maybe it's silly (and please feel free to tell me so) but I love being able to write them like this.