In this chapter they meet in kindergarten. Let it happen. I also wrote this for the JBD Weeks challenge for day 3: childhood. I think this is wicked cute and I just love writing their childhood.. Little Jane and Billy are soooooo cute!


My first day of school and I'm so excited! Daddy said that he's going to bring me and I'm going to meet tons of new friends.

I come out of my room and my daddy already had my favorite cereal out for me. I stuff my already chubby cheeks with as much of the sugary stuff as I can. Then my big brother, Ben came to ruin my breakfast. He's a pukeface. I stick my tongue out at him as he walked by to sit at the table. He was starting fifth grade today and he says he's super postular or something. I didn't know what he said but then he said he had tons of friends and that's when Daddy said I'd make that many too.

"Careful squirt if you keep shoveling that way you're gonna turn into that cereal!" Ben said and I looked to my daddy about to open my mouth to whine. "Alright you two, enough. Finish your breakfast so we can get to school." He said in a strict way. I finished my cereal in record time and was already at the door getting my shoes on. I had a polka dot shirt on with black, soft pants. I loved this outfit because it was so comfy. Putting on my new light up shoes was super cool too. I've been waiting until this day to be able to wear them 'cuz daddy said I couldn't put them on until school started. It was the worst news ever.

Soon Ben and Daddy came to the door ready to go and when my daddy opened the door I was the first at the car. I was bouncing up and down, excited to start school. My daddy smiled as we all climbed into the car and buckled up. I kicked my feet, that couldn't touch the floor, to the beat of my own song in my head.

Then Daddy spoke, "Ben I want you to look out for Jane while she's starting out okay? I don't want to hear anything more about it, be a good bring brother and look out for her." Ben nodded knowing not to argue with Daddy. Then it was my turn, "…And Jane I want you to leave Ben alone. If you see him and he's with his friends don't go up to him unless there's a problem okay?" I nod also knowing not to argue. I doubt I'd want to see Ben anyways because I'll be surrounded by all my new friends.

We get to school and I happily hop out of my seat and go around to meet my Daddy at his front door. He gets out of the car and opens the door for Ben. He turns back to me and gets down on one knee to be eye level with me, "Okay Jane, are you ready?" I nod really fast. "Good," he said. "Because you are going to have a great first day and you never know, maybe you'll meet your very best friend for life today." I laughed. "Daddy it's only my first day…" Daddy smiled, "Okay Kiddo, but no bringing home any boys." We both laughed and I said okay.

Ben and I walked into the huge building and I was wide-eyed. He went to the left and I went to the right already knowing where my class was. Before I walked in I saw a boy with sandy blonde hair and a black t shirt that looked really used to sitting outside and I was curious. I sat down beside him. "Hi. I'm Jane. Why are you outside? Aren't we supposed to be in there?" I point to the classroom. He shrugged, shy I guess. "Well," I grabbed his arm. "Come on let's go!" I drag him with me into the classroom. I saw down in my assigned seat which were with two other girls I learned were named Lulu and Harper.

"I'm Jane; it's nice to meet you." I say to the girls at my table. They look at me like I had three heads and the one I learned later to be called Lulu said, "Ew. You're gross and your hair is all frizzy. I can't be friends with you." The two girls got up and switch with two other people to get away from me. My eyes started to tear up, no one had ever been so mean to me.

"Hey," I heard as the boy I met before came and sat next to me. "Don't listen to them, they're icky. And my name's William, but call me Billy. I hate my name." I laughed even though I felt so sad. "Nice to meet you, Billy and I like your name." I smile. "I don't know if you forgot, but my name's Jane." Billy looked at me with a sour face, "Can I just call you Janey?" I thought about it for a second not really liking the sound of it. "I dunno," I say. "That sounds babyish." He smirked in a little boy way, "Well, Janey I like it." I would never know how much that nickname meant to me until high school. The rest of the day went smoothly except for when I had to eat lunch with my original table mates. They were mean and I don't get why they're so bad to me.

School was finally over and Billy walked me outside. I think Billy was gonna be my bestest friend for a long time. "Hey Billy do you wanna come over my house today?" His face lit up, "Yeah! I was just gonna walk home with my brother, but I don't think he stayed in school today." It was decided he was gonna come over. When my Daddy got there I asked him, "Hey Daddy, I met a new friend today. Would it be okay if they came over to play?" Daddy looked unsure but I gave him my signature pout and he gave in. "Okay, who is she?" Daddy asked and I giggled.

"His name's Billy." I say and I could see Daddy looking behind me at the tiny boy. He face changed into an emotion I didn't know yet, but he quickly agreed to let him come over.

We played for hours, but eventually Billy had to go home. "Bye Billy!" I waved as his brother came and walked him back to their house. He waved back and on they went down the street. Billy came over everyday after that and we would play for hours.

Hours turned to days which turned to years. Billy would be my best friend for the rest of my life and I never wanted to lose him. Turns out Daddy was right, I would meet my best friend that day.


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