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If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone
Carry on
May your past be the sound

Carry on

Six Months after Why Am I The One

Pepper sighed as she slipped off her heels. Briefly pausing unhook the small silver hoops from her ear, she rolled onto her bed. Immediately, Tony's scent invaded her nostrils. She sighed in content.

"Ms. Potts?" the AI interrupted her peace. "More Stark supplies have been located in Iran."

The red-head groaned and sat up.


"Chalus, ma'am"

Pepper nodded. "Okay, I'll be in the basement in ten minutes. Let me use the bathroom and eat something."

As she stood, she expected a reply for Jarvis, but never received one. Quickly using the restroom and forcing down a half pack of Ritz crackers and a Five Hour Energy, Pepper zipped up the spandex lining that Tony had made for down the stairs quickly, she addressed the super-computer, asking Jarvis if the suit was prepared.

"Indeed, ma'am."

Pepper nodded in approval. She absentmindedly hummed a tune when approaching the robotic system. She stepped onto the padded area and suited up.

Stumbling into the basement, battered and bruised, Pepper sluggishly moved the alloyed suit into the docking station. She waited patiently as the 'bots disassembled the suit before stumbling off to call Rhodey.

"Hello?" The colonel said.

"Hey, it's me."

"You okay?"

Pepper winced. "I've been better."

"Do you need me to come over?" Worry was weaved into his voice like golden thread.

"No. Just letting you know that I didn't disappear in the middle of Iran."

Rhodey chuckled. "Avoiding following in Tony's footsteps?"

Peppers throat constricted. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Memories of watching Tony die evaded her mind. She couldn't escape them, wouldn't escape them. She would-

"Pepper...!" Came Rhodey's concerned call. The redhead hummed a response. "That's it," he said. "I'm coming over."

She shook her head. "That isn't needed, James."

"Yes it is. Pepper, you need therap-"

Pepper had had enough. She quickly ended the call, snapping the phone shut. She pulled herself up the stairs with the railing, physically and emotionally exhausted.

"Jarvis, turn on the lights, please."

"Turning lights to 35 percent capacity."

The AI did so, and Pepper wandered off to her bathroom where the promise of hot water awaited her.

"Ms. Potts," the AI called, startling the ginger CEO. She took a breath and hummed her acknowledgement. "Mr. Stark left his daily...gift via Dummy."

Pepper nodded before standing out of her bath and adorning her torso with her fluffy yellow towel. She climbed out of the bathtub with precision and skill, doing her best to not skip and crack open her skull. She dreaded to find out what would happen to SI if that happened. Pepper quickly dried and dress herself. The black yoga pants skimmed the ground as she fought to get the white tanktop straight.

"Right...where would the location of the gift be?' She asked, padding her way to the living room.

"In the kitchen, ma'am. On the counter near the stove."

"Thank you, Jarvis."

"Anything for you, ma'am."

She smiled at this. Pepper might not have many friends, but she knew she could rely on the artificial intelligence to be there. He didn't have any prejudices, unless Tony had programmed him to have that information to do so.
Wandering back out of thought, the redhead glanced at the stove top. Resting near it, in all its inanimate glory, sat a bitter looking metal canister, rimmed at the bottom with black and clamped shut with a small thumb print reading scanner. On the side, written on a sticker, was:

Name: Stark, Anthony Edward

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Eye: Brown

Property of Malibu Sperm Bank

Pepper scrunched up her nose at the canister. She swallowed thickly.

"Jarvis, is this what I think it is?"

"Indeed, ma'am. Mr. Stark felt it appropriate to keep the company within the bloodline."

"...So he left me sperm..."

"It would seem so, Miss Potts."

The said person nodded numbly. She spotted a white canister sticking out from under the canister. She started to poke the silver canister out of the way so she could see what lay underneath.

Pepper Potts

The strawberry blonde chewed on her lips nervously and in contemplation as she mentally debated whether or not to open it or not. The resistance didn't last. Her pinky finger wedged itself in between the two pieces of paper and started to rip them apart. Pepper slowly pulled the neatly folded paper out of the envelope and unfolded the paper.

Dear my Pepperpott,

Pepper wrinkled her nose at the name.

You must be thinking I'm a completely lunatic and that my whole leaving-of-the-sperm idea wasn't my best idea. Nah, that was hiring you. But anyhoo, you must be thinking right now in that lovely head of yours how my ego has been boosted ten times more by this little...idea. I can say that you would stroked it greatly if you accepted sperm from a brilliant man like me. I mean, there's only one Tony Stark in the world. And you would be carrying his son even though he is six foot under. Okay...I think I might be crazy. But my main point is that when you die, I don't want SI going to some young wannabe like Hammer. This is not the main reason I left behind sperm. I think it might be the image of you along with a mini me. Not that you are some lonely hermit or whatever...soooo yeah. Its odd how thing can get awkward when I'm writing a letter. I love you, Pepper Potts. And don't forget it.


P.S. Jarvis has an update in the flashdrive in the envelope. It should be in there...

Pepper let out a shaky sigh. She would have some serious thinking to do over these next few days. She quietly set the paper and flashdrive back next to the canister. The ginger turned her back to the items and retreated to her room.