Strawberry Fields Forever

A girl strides casually but with sensibility and assurance
toward a Ludwig set comprised of drums and cymbals
and secures herself a seat atop her tall throne, displaying
an animated smile which radiates confidence rivaling that of
an internationally praised percussionist like Ringo Starr.

She retrieves two drum sticks protruding from the pockets
of her platinum pants, then she stares at the snare drums
with determination making her gray eyes sparkle like onyx
as she slams the sturdy sticks against the shining surface
of the Supraphonic, urging the tea-green braid floating
behind her back to collide with the collar of her corset.

Sound bursts from the snare drums like a rocket launching
to the moon, reaching the invincible ears of the drummer,
who is unfazed by the explosions she is creating as she slams
the sticks on the mounted drum and suspended cymbals,
flooding the classroom with tidal waves of balanced beats
until they reach the barrier of the soundproof glass walls.

Her body moves gracefully and elegantly while her hands
compose a rhythm overflowing with the endless enthusiasm
that is undeniably a characteristic of their energetic master,
and the smile on the girl's lips becomes bigger and brighter
with each passing pound of her mallets against the instruments.

As she plays the instruments, a goddess with eyes that glow
as red as rubies and blonde hair flowing past her bare shoulders
like bundled grains of durum wheat guards the girl drummer,
watching every flick of her wrist and feeling each vibration
of the sticks against the cymbals, listening to the melody
produced so effortlessly by her heroine, a deity of a musician.

Author's Notes: Spoilers for the Reconquest/Goddess Finding arc. (Mars is the 'goddess' in the last stanza.) This is what I wrote for an assignment in my Creative Writing class at the college. We had to write about an everyday event in life and glorify it, make it seem extremely amazing, like the most important thing the person does on a day-to-day basis. So I chose to write about Yui playing the drums. c: Please write a review or send me a message to provide some constructive criticism on this very verbose poem! Honest opinions are always appreciated!