"We can't just take Arulan like that. If we try the rangers after us in days if we try that." Dallin said hating this planning session with superiors of his soldiers.

"Then we try to take out the rangers first," Brent suggested.

"Take out the rangers then we have a straight path into Arulan." Jack was their strategist.

"But if they catch us we're done." Dallin said "We need to strike when the rangers are vulnerable and distracted."

"I'll go out myself and find out what I can." Jack offered.

"Fine but don't be too obvious." Dallin said then dismissed them finally they would be able to take Arulan.

Unknown to his soldiers and people, he was born and raised in Arulan. As a child he wanted to be a ranger but when it came time to be an apprentice the ranger choose Gilan who, Dallin thought, would be a soldier like his father. Dallin was sent to a famer to be a farm boy. He hated farm work and he didn't want to be a farmer but a ranger. So he ran away, stole a horse, and left he came to the small town of Saris. The people respected him and he made them his people and secretly made an army to take over Aluan from the rangers to get them back for making him work on a farm.

Jack stopped at the small cottage. He thought it was a strange place for someone as important for the famous Halt to live. He had heard of Halt the ranger of Redmount Castle. He went to the door and knocked. No one opened the door. He was about to give up and leave when he tried the door. It opened under his grip. He entered the small cottage and looked around it was still in use he could tell but the Ranger was gone on a mission he had heard about that. He was looking and found a paper about something the rangers called the Gathering in a few months, when all the rangers got together and disturbed the fifes and tested the ranger's apprentices. They would all be there and no one would be the wiser. It was a perfect ambush position. They would be vulnerable and distracted at the gathering, it was their best opportunity and more then likely the only one they'd get for a while.

As Jack was leaving he saw the young ranger returning home. He considering killing him but realized if he killed him the other rangers would find out and then their surprise attack at the gathering would be out in the open so he left him without doing anything.

Dallin was more then happy to hear Jack report when he returned.

"What is the Gathering about?" Dallin said when Jack told him about the paper he'd seen.

"It's when all the rangers get together to induct new rangers, give the empty fifes out, and test the apprentice's skills. They will be in their most vulnerable state while there so we should move after they get there and attack. It's happening in a couple of month's time.

"Fine, prepare the men to move out." Dallin stood thinking with a smile, Now you will all pay.

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