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Is This Fear?

A Majisuka Gakuen 2 Fan Fiction

"Oh? Aren't you supposed to be at a one-on-one with Shibuya?

Gekikara ran; hard and fast, as if her life depended on it. As she ran, there was a small part of her that couldn't help but to think that perhaps, her life really did depend on it.

Her whole life, Gekikara had fought simply to fight; there was no other reason. Somewhere along the way she had come to enjoy giving and receiving pain. It brought her a perverse pleasure, with which came the label of "crazy". Her laughter peeled off her surroundings before, during, and after every fight.

Despite this pleasure, however, her fights were still without meaning.

Then Gekikara met Yuko. It was Yuko that had taught her that a fight without reason was empty and meaningless, and it was Yuko to whom Gekikara would pledge her loyalty. Ever since that day, Gekikara had tried her best to fight for someone or something. (Admittedly, there were still times when she fought for no reason at all.) She fought for Rappappa; she fought for Yuko. She was a warrior, always sent to the front lines to defeat the enemy. Never before had she been held back.

Never before had someone fought for her.

There was a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach as she ran, and Gekikara wondered if Yuko had ever experienced this feeling. Had Yuko felt this way, all those times that she watched Gekikara and the rest of Rappappa fight? Was this the way Atsuko felt when her 'friends' had challenged Black in her place? Gekikara was worried for her friend's safety; of this she was certain.

Is this what they call fear?

Or is this something entirely different?

Rounding the corner, Gekikara could see her destination before her and she willed herself to run faster. Thinking about it later, Gekikara would come to realize that she didn't remember beating the scouts that Yabakune had placed outside the warehouse. Her memory returned to her at the sight of Gakuran bruised and battered on the ground. She threw the girl she'd been dragging to the floor in disgust and hurried to Gakuran's side. Gekikara knew then that her life had indeed depended on her running so fast. This person's living determined her future.

She had been mad when she'd first set out, angry at Gakuran for going in her place, but now…

"Gakuran!" she called, as she pulled the wounded girl into her arms.

There was a brief pause, and then, "Why are you here?" A faint smile graced Gekikara's lips when she heard her friend's voice. "They're not tough enough for someone crazy like you to bother with," Gakuran weakly continued. Her condition brought a foreign sensation to Gekikara's heart:



"Sorry… Help me up." Gakuran asked, her pride having never been defeated. "If I rest… people will think I lost…" Gekikara tried to help Gakuran to stand, but the wounded girl was in no condition to do so.

"It's over," Gekikara whispered, her emotions beginning to get the better of her. "Gakuran... You're tough," she said, her voice wavering.

Slowly, Gakuran withdrew her comb from her pocket. "My real stuff… is for Atsuko… and MajiJo."

A lone tear fell from Gekikara's eye. In that fleeting moment she had been selfish, telling herself that this time, Gakuran's 'real stuff' had been for her, and not for anybody or anyone else. As Gakuran's hand collapsed back to her side, Gekikara could feel a familiar energy creep over her. As the Yabakune students laughed, she combed Gakuran's hair with a shaky hand.

As she looked at Gakuran, all that Gekikara wanted was to hear her friend's voice again. "Hey, ask me; ask me, 'Are you mad?'" she pleaded to the girl in her arms. "Ask me!" Instead, it was the Yabakune goons that obliged. Upon hearing their words, Gekikara gently placed Gakuran on the ground and stood ominously.

Yuko-san taught me, there has to be a reason to fight. A fight with no reason is the same whether you win or lose.

Once again, Gekikara was fighting for someone. And, for the first time in her life, Gekikara was fighting for something that she wanted.

Her heart had given her a reason to fight.

She stood slowly, menacingly, and turned to the group of Yabakune thugs with a laugh.

"I'm mad for real. I won't forgive you…" Before her words had a chance to register in their minds, Gekikara issued a warning to her foes:

"I'll kill you!"

What happened next was merely a blur in her memory. Kicks were traded, punches were thrown. In just a few moments the Yabakune goons were defeated, sprawled defenseless on the floor. Bruised and bloodied, Gekikara cackled as she shoved the old piano towards her victim.


It was a mere gasp that broke her from insanity. Yabakune watched alertly as she walked to Gakuran slowly, hesitantly; unsure if maybe she had been hallucinating in her desire to hear Gakuran's voice once again.

"You've promised Yuko, right?"

At the mention of Yuko's name, Gekikara felt her will begin to dissolve. Gakuran paused briefly, gathering the strength to speak again. "… your graduation…"

Gekikara was speechless. Gakuran was in a bloody heap on the floor, and yet still she was protecting her. It was, in Gekikara's eyes, an exhibition of true strength. She knelt at Gakuran's side then and slowly helped her to stand. Together, they stumbled towards the exit, only to be blocked by Yabakune.

"Please," Gekikara pleaded. "Let us pass. Try even touching Gakuran. I'll kill you!" Her threat worked, and their opponents parted.

"You're not Gekikara anymore," Gakuran emphasized. "You're Amakuchi."

As they stumbled from the warehouse, Yabakune watching them go in astonishment, Gekikara was sure of one thing: that fight had not been meaningless; she had lived for real.

She waited anxiously as the doctors treated Gakuran. The tranquility of the waiting room provided her an opportunity to ponder the strange emotions she'd felt that day, as an image of a wounded Gakuran lying in her arms continuously replayed in her mind.

Later on, in Gakuran's hospital room, Gekikara had been washed over with a strange, unsettling feeling when she saw Shaku and Gakuran in a compromising position. The other two had brushed it off as nothing, but after Shaku excused herself from the room and the two were left alone Gekikara found she was at first unable to meet Gakuran's eyes.

"What's up?" Gakuran asked.

"I wonder what Yuko-san was thinking when she was hospitalized."

"I'm sure she was thinking about MajiJo. She was only ever thinking about MajiJo and Rappappa."

"I think Yuko-san was lucky," Gekikara whispered, finally meeting Gakuran's gaze, "to have died after living for real." The admission earned her name in reaction from the wounded girl.


"Shibuya… I'll beat her up." She hadn't given Gakuran the chance to say anymore. Her mind was made up, and whatever was developing between them would have to wait. Now was the time for vengeance. Revenge for Rappappa, revenge for MajiJo, but most of all, revenge for her friend, the person before her now that had once been her enemy. "Sorry; I'm such a klutz," she admitted, passing Gakuran an origami crane as she stood.

Gakuran accepted it with a smile. "It's a fine crane."

Gekikara nodded, turning to leave. She paused when she heard Gakuran's voice yet again. "Gekikara. I'm counting on you… to celebrate my discharge."

Neither said anything more. Both knew that what was left unsaid was better that way.

"What? You're going already?" Shaku stood before Gekikara, returning with Gakuran's flowers.

"Yes. I feel better after seeing her well."

"Gakuran has it way too good, right? Everyone's worrying over her."

"She does." There was an awkward silence between them, and then,

"Well, see you."

Gekikara nodded and walked away, catching a falling patient on her way out. She paused then, turning slowly and laughing as she stumbled back towards a confused Shaku.

"Gekikara?" Shaku gasped, catching the wounded Gekikara in her arms. "What's this? I don't get it!"

Does this manner of death mean that I lived for real? Gekikara wondered. She gave a small laugh as Shaku gathered her in her arms.

"I couldn't keep my promise… that I'd graduate."

"Don't be stupid! What are you saying?"

Would Yuko-san be proud that I'll die such a death?

"I wonder if… Yuko-san's mad."

"She can't be mad!" Shaku cried. "You're friends, right? You can't complain about what friends do!"

Friends… Images of Rappappa's members, past and present, filtered before her.


Shaku nodded, tears threatening her eyes.. "I'm the former student president. I don't lie!"

Gekikara hugged Shaku tightly. In that moment, more than Yuko, more than death… Gekikara focused on Shaku, seeing the other girl as a reflection of herself, and she wondered if Shaku felt as she had with a wounded Gakuran in her arms; if Shaku was overcome with the same strange emotions that she had been. Most of all, though, Gekikara found she was fascinated by Shaku's brimming tears.

There was fear in Shaku's tears.

It was that fear, as Gekikara would soon learn, that made a person strong.

As Gekikara collapsed, Shaku's cry rang throughout the hospital.


End Is This Fear?

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