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Chapter 6: Family and Discovery

The drive to Kanda's home was utterly quiet. No one spoke a word during the ride. It was not that they didn't want to; they just didn't know what to say to the other. Kanda sat glancing insentiently out the car window and Allen sat playing with Timcanpy on his lap. Both had a lot on their minds to think about dealing with what had happened not too long ago. Soon after, Allen decided to break the silence.


The raven grunted, an indication that he was listening.

"You said that Lenalee and Lavi were worried about me… is that true?"

This question made Kanda face Allen with a look of what looked like disbelief mixed with anger.

"Do I have to explain to you about their actions after you left again?"

"No, it just… that…"

"Just what Moyashi?"

"I've decided that I should tell them."

Kanda was silent, knowing what the kid meant. Allen continued.

"But it'll only be about the arm. The rest they don't need to know about. It's too personal."

Kanda gave a nod in understanding. He didn't gather much about how he got the scars, but from what Allen told him about his past, he could only guess that the boy had gotten through some sort of abuse from someone who tricked him into being his friend and then betrayed him. Just the thought made Kanda's blood boil. The scars he saw on Allen's body looked like deep cuts that would have penetrated through to the other side made by a knife in a very brusque manner. It made him sick. To think there were people in this world that would do that to children! Kanda may not know this man, where he is, or what he's doing right now, but if he EVER finds him, the last thing he will ever see in his life will be the sharp end of his sword, and he'll make sure that every last passing second will be filled with nothing but pain and agony as he slowly dies a pitiful death.

"Kanda… Oi… KANDA!"

Kanda jumped, realizing he was lost in his thoughts and turned to a frightened Allen.


"Um, you looked like you were gonna tear something apart after I said that."

"Oh…" Kanda said, see that he must've scared the boy. "I was just thinking. Pay no mind to it."

"Okay… um…"

"What is it now?"

"I was just wondering… how exactly did you find my house?"

That knocked Kanda off guard. He thought for a moment. Well, he didn't see the harm in telling him. And this would also be the perfect way to get answers of some questions of his own.

"Some little girl lead me there, along with her annoying twin relatives. Never got their names though."

And Kanda got the expression he was hoping for. He sees Allen tense up and stare at him eyes wide before looking down at lap, silent. Yup. He definitely knows them. Before Kanda could ask who they were, Allen beat him to it.

"The girl's name is Road Camelot, and the twins are Jasdero and Devitto. I guess you can say we're… somewhat related, not by blood, but we're family."

That makes sense, but then Kanda had something else on his mind.

"Are they special like you?"

He sees the boy tense up again. He seemed hesitant to answer, but then Kanda caught a small smile forming on Allen's lips.

"Yeah they are, but they're far beyond my level of special."

Kanda raised a brow. "And what makes you say that?"

"They just are."

"Wow. That explains sooo much," he said with sarcasm.

"Shut up."

"Che, Moyashi."


"Short Stack!"

"Girly Man!"


They both stopped. They turned their heads to the driver trying, but failing, to not look annoyed by their childish arguments. Instead, he just stated what he needed to say.

"We have arrived at your household Master Kanda."

Kanda looked out the car window to see that they have indeed arrived at his house.

"Oh, thanks."

He opened the door and was about to get off when he heard an extremely loud growl of something that came from a tiger about to eat his prey. Only, it wasn't a tiger. The noise pinpointed straight to Allen Walker, who was holding his stomach with a tiny blush on his face.

"S-sorry," he said, not looking at anyone on the eye for he was embarrassed.

This however, made Kanda realize something.

"Moyashi… when was the last time you ate?"

Allen shuddered, knowing that the older teen wouldn't like the answer he will give him. He gulped.

"Um… about… five days ago?"

It seemed that even the driver was stunned that the boy went FIVE DAYS without food. Kanda cursed mentally. No wonder his body felt unbelievably skinny when he hugged him. But he didn't question how this boy could still have the normal energy without food for that long. It would be like questioning how the boy could eat a year's supply of food in less than ten minutes. No. All that mattered was that the kid needed food and needed it now.

"Get out."

Allen looked at him, stunned at what he said.


"You're not going back until you have something in your stomach. So get out."

Allen feared something like this would happen. He never liked people worried over him, as kind as they are. It just made him feel weak and dependent. He however, never thought Kanda to be one of them.

"N-no! It's alright Kanda really. I promise I'll eat when I get home."

He hoped that would get Kanda to reconsider. Sadly, it only made the swordsman angry. Allen yelped when he was grabbed by the chin and his head was roughly turned to face Kanda. Allen froze like a statue when he noticed their faces were inches close and the raven's midnight eyes were piercing down on his.

"Now. Moyashi."

Kanda said nothing more as he released Allen and got out the vehicle. Allen sat there, frozen on the spot. He felt his heart racing at an unbelievable pace. Never had he felt something like that before. For someone to dominate him in such a way that would bring him shivers that… didn't feel bad but was still unidentifiable to him. He blushed. He should really get out now before Kanda loses his patience.

"Tell Master that I'll be staying at Kanda's for a little bit," he said to the driver.

"Yes Young Master Allen," the driver said as he took out his phone.

Allen then grabbed Timcanpy, placing him in his hood and got out. He went straight to Kanda standing in front of the short pathway to his house. It wasn't as big as his mansion but it was big enough to call home and Allen loved it. He would've wanted to live in houses like this if it weren't for Cross's thing with big and fancy stuff and if it weren't for his screwed up life that would require him to have high security that a simple home wouldn't have. But's that's not important.

He followed Kanda to the front door. Kanda unlocked it with his key and the two entered. Allen looked around the living room. The place felt so warm and welcoming the boy couldn't help but smile. And it had such a calm and serene atmosphere to it. So this is what a normal home looks like. He felt Timcanpy crawl out of his hood and sees the kitten on the ground, exploring the new environment.

"Nice place Kanda."

"It's just a house Moyashi," was what Kanda replied but inside he was thinking of something entirely different. Never, in all his life, did he ever think he would have a celebrity in his own home. To say he was happy would be an understatement. To say he was nervous would also be an understatement. It was mostly a mixture of both. But, being the great Kanda he is, he did not dare show it. Instead, he would do what he brought the boy here for.

"Follow me to the kitchen."

"Okay," Allen complied, still smiling as he trailed behind Kanda to the kitchen.

Once they were in, Kanda told Allen to sit at the dining table. The boy did as told without question and watched the raven opening cabinets, taking out pots, pans, recipes, and other necessities that were in the fridge. He continues to watch the raven as he begins to cut the vegetables.

"You cook?"

Kanda grunted. "I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't know how Moyashi. I'm not stupid like you."

Allen fumed but did not say anything that would be disrespectful. He is a guest after all and must act as such, even if it was Kanda.

"Do you need help?"

"I'm perfectly fine."

"But I can-"

"Just shut up Moyashi!"

Allen sighed and slouched back in his chair. Just what is with Kanda all of a sudden? Not too long ago he was being kind and understanding, which still was a big surprise in Allen's point of view, and now he is the usual stuck up, uptight, jerk face, BaKanda he remembers oh so well, if not more than he was usually.


Allen jumped at the sound of someone calling his friend's name. In a flash, he saw two people enter the room, both looking older than himself and Kanda, probably in their college years. The two barely paid notice to Allen when their attention set fully on Kanda.

"Where the hell have you been?!" yelled the one with spiky brown hair and a little bit of clown makeup on his face. "The old man has been worried sick and even called your friends, but they didn't know anything either! He had been crying nonstop fearing something bad had happened to you!"

"You've never been out this late without telling us anything," said the other with bald hair except for a ponytail at the top and had on headphones. His eyes were barely open. "This isn't like you Kanda."

Kanda gave a heavy sigh as he places the chopped veggies in a pot and began to cut the meat.

"I had to see someone."

Daisya raised a brow at this and then smirked.

"Oh I see what's going on here. Finally followed my advice on getting a date eh? So, who's the lucky girl? Must be really hot to woo someone like you."

Allen had to use all his willpower not to laugh or even snicker, in fear of them noticing his presence. Kanda stabbed the knife he was using on the cutting board and glared at his step brother.

"Fuck off Daisya. I wasn't out on a date. I went to talk to a friend."

"Oh really? And just who might this 'friend' be?"

Both Daisya and Marie heard a small cough behind them. When they turned to trace the source of the noise, their mouths dropped. There, at their dining table, sat the famous Allen Walker. The two stood there staring at the boy before them, trying very hard to process that they weren't dreaming. The boy looked down, feeling a little uncomfortable having those eyes on him. After more seconds of awkward silence, Daisya turned to Kanda.

"Dude… I knew you were a fan but, kidnapping?"

Kanda, who was pissed at his brother to the final degree, lifted the knife off the cutting board and aimed it at his throat.

"Say another word and I'll..."

Allen couldn't hold it in any longer. He just couldn't. So he let it out. The three see the white haired boy leaning back in his chair, laughing his ass off, tears welling up because of how hard he was laughing. Kanda would've snapped at him, but this was a first he has ever seen Allen laugh so wholeheartedly like this. So he just stood there wordlessly, staring at him.

"Hahahaha… I… I'm sorry I…. haha… okay, I'm done…" Allen said as he tries to breathe properly but still grinning like an idiot. He turned to the two older males who were still in their dumbstruck state. "Umm, hi. My name is Allen Walker, but you probably already knew that. I'm sure Kanda has told you that I'm attending his school now."

It took a few seconds for one of them to answer.

"Oh yes, Kanda has informed us of that. Excuse us for not noticing you earlier. My name is Marie Noise and this is Daisya Barry. We are Kanda's older step brothers."

Allen smiled. "I figured. Nice to meet you."

"So what brings you here in our domain in this late hour?" asked Daisya as he sat next to Allen.

"He's only here to eat. Then he's leaving," Kanda answered for him while cooking. Daisya chuckled.

"For a loyal fan, you sure don't sound too happy about it. I'm sure the kid has time to stick around."

"No he doesn't."

"Aw come on. Don't be like that, especially in front of Allen here," he turned to the albino boy. "Pay no mind to his behavior. Marie and I have been with him since he was four and he usually acts aggressive to hide his true feelings. Anyway, I've never met a bigger fan than him and his two friends out of everyone I've met." He laughed. "Seriously, in his room he has all the DVDs and posters of movies you created, goes to all the latest releases in theatres, and there was this one time when he and his friends entered a contest-"

He paused when a flash of metal swooped passed him and hit the wall behind him. It turned out to be a kitchen knife. The sharp object scraped his cheek and small drops of blood flowed out. He held his cheek and looked at Kanda in horror and shock.

"What the hell Kanda! Are you really trying to kill me?!"

Kanda held up another knife glaring murderously at Daisya.

"I'm getting close to that point."

Daisya paled and Kanda continued his work. Marie, who sat at Allen's other side, smiled apologetically.

"Sorry about this. Apparently, this happens practically every day."

All Allen did was nod. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed, especially about what Daisya said. He knew Kanda would develop some interest in his works. He just didn't know he would like them that much. He didn't know what to think. I mean this is KANDA, YUU! Very little things he finds interesting and worthy enough to catch his attention. He blushed. In just a few hours, the raven has comforted him in his house, then there was that moment in his car, and now this. He blushed deeper, praying that no one has noticed. This is going to be a long night.

Minutes after, another person entered the room. He was a middle aged man with dark grey hair and had on thick red glasses. His attire appeared relaxed and casual. Once he entered, he immediately developed tears when he sees Kanda and ran to hug him. Kanda countered it with his foot on the man's abdomen to keep distance while cooking. Despite this, the old man made his attempts.

"Kanda where have you been? I've been worried sick! I was this close to calling the police but I'm so grateful that you're okay!"

"Would you relax you stupid old man?! I'm eighteen!" Kanda snapped, pushing him farther with his foot.

"But no matter how old you get, you'll always be my son and I'll always look after you."

"Quit calling me that! I'm not your son!"

Allen would have laughed at the funny display but he didn't. He was too shocked to do anything but stare at the man trying to embrace Kanda, who was the raven's legal guardian. He couldn't believe it.

"F-Froi… Tiedoll?"

The man stopped and turned with the same surprised expression when he sees Allen. Then, he gave a wholehearted smile.

"Oh, Allen Walker. What a pleasant surprise. How've you been?"

The words reached Allen, but the boy couldn't find a way to answer. He was still shocked as his presecnce? Kanda raised a brow at this.

"Moyashi, are you brain dead or something?"


Kanda flinched in surprise when those grey eyes turned to glare at him in fuming anger. Allen pointed a finger at him.

"Why didn't you tell me that Froi Tiedoll was your legal guardian BaKanda?!"

Kanda stared blankly at Allen. So did Daisya and Marie.

"Why the hell should it matter Moyashi?"

"Because…" Allen then directed his finger to Tiedoll. "This man happens to be one of the legendary Five Generals!"

The kitchen was silent excepted for the sound of the boiling pot on the stove. Three brothers were taken aback at this information, the young director was still outraged for no knowing about this sooner, and the source of their conversation was being… well… neutral. Only one word could come out of Kanda's mouth and that was…


The response seemed to anger Allen even more.

"How can you not know that the person who has been taking care of you since you were a toddler is one of the world's greatest undercover FBI agents in history?!"

"Woah woah woah, hold the phone there mister," said Daisya. "You expect us to believe that our old man is an FBI agent? Not to mention, a General? Surely you're mistaking him for someone else."

"For once, I agree with him," says Kanda. "There's no way he could be one and even if he is, he'd tell us."

Marie, who for a while sat silent, turned to Tiedoll.

"Is it true? Are you really a General?"

Everyone turned to Tiedoll, waiting for an answer. That they didn't expect was for him to smile and then say…

"I guess the cat's out of the bag. It's true."

All three of the brothers stood paralyzed at his words while Allen sat triumphantly with an I-told-you-so look.

"Cross Marian was also one of the Generals, as you have heard him reveal in the news. The identity of the Generals was supposed to remain secret even when they retire, but my master was never one to follow rules. While taking care of me, he told me all about his adventures and how he was named 'Judgment' for his skills and his favorite gun he always uses that has the same name. He even told me about his partners and showed me pictures of them along with what they are doing now. So when Tiedoll came in, I was able to tell who he is."

The room was back to its awkward silence. Kanda, Daisya, and Marie were trying to soak in the new info as much as they could. Meanwhile, Tiedoll notices something as he sniffs the air with his nose.

"Say… is something burning?"

Kanda froze as he picks up the scent of burnt food.


After an hour of fixing Kanda's mistake with the help of Allen (who persistently wanted to assist), dinner was ready. Everyone gathered at the dining table, said their prayers, and ate. Timcanpy was done exploring the household and was fed with a plate of fish and a bowl of water. Daisya and Marie were surprised to see Allen eat a huge amount of food even though they were told about it earlier by Kanda. Tiedoll just smiled while Kanda grunted and mumbled something along the lines like 'glutton'.

"I wasn't too surprised that you knew that much about me Allen. Cross has told me a lot about you too during my retirement," says Tiedoll.

"Really? How much?" asked Allen.

"As much as a General like me should."

Allen tensed a bit but didn't show it. He knew what that meant. He wasn't surprised though. He was indeed one of the Generals and Cross's closest friend besides Mana. He heard that the others that were still working and the rest of the FBI were still searching for him. Just thinking that he is still out there doing who knows what made his stomach turn. He tried to force it aside. Tiedoll was able to notice his frustration and changed the subject.

"By the way, how is Cross doing? I haven't heard from him for a while."

"Oh… he's a jerk. As usual."

Daisya and Marie's mouth's dropped while Tiedoll chuckled.

"I figured much."

Marie returned his composure and turned to Tiedoll.

"So father, why didn't you tell us you were one of the Five Generals?"

The old man sighed. "Well, it's mostly because I thought it wasn't necessary. But then again, I really should have told you. I guess time has moved so fast and those memories were so old that I nearly forgot about it. But it was still fun."

"Oi, Kanda," Daisya whispered to the raven next to him.


"Don't you find it kind of ironic that when we were little, Tiedoll would train us in combat every day and even gave us weapons to use and practice with?"


Once they were done, Allen helped Tiedoll with the dishes while talking and discussing about what they have been doing in their lives and shared memories that they held dear to them. The two would laugh at the ruckus they could hear in the living room, mostly hearing Kanda trying to tackle Daisya to the ground when he said he would show Allen his toddler pictures. Marie sat at the sidelines watching; knowing that breaking them up would be a meaningless effort and Timcanpy lay curled at his side.

A little after, they began playing board games (Kanda was convinced by Daisya through blackmail). Through the time they were playing, Kanda would steal glances over at Allen. He noticed that through the time he was in his house, the boy was more relaxed and open and his smiles were more true to his feelings. Seeing this made Kanda in turn more relaxed as well, knowing that he was able to make him happy. He couldn't describe this feeling, but it made him feel good and that's all that mattered.

"Holy shit Kanda, are you smiling?!"

Kanda snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Daisya voice. Was he really smiling?

"Dude I'm not joking, I really saw him do it!" Daisya continued. "His lips turned upwards! They really did!"

"I saw it too," said Marie, smiling. "I guess it's because Allen's with us."

"Probably," added Tiedoll.

Allen blushed, eyes hidden under his bangs, not saying anything.

"But Kanda almost NEVER smiles!" Daisya panicked. "Damn it! For this to happen now must mean the world is ending!"

Kanda had enough. He now plans to end his brother's life for good. He unsheathes his trusty sword, Mugen, and went in for the kill. Screams and sounds of broken glass and furniture could be heard through the once quiet neighborhood.

Soon after, it was time for Allen to go. He had been around for too long and Mana was sure to be worried.

"Thank you all for your hospitality. I had a really good time," Allen said as he bowed.

"No sweat little man," said Daisya, grinning even though he was covered in cuts and bruises.

"Please come visit us anytime," said Marie.

"And remember, no matter what happens, you'll always be treated like family here," said Tiedoll, smiling in a fatherly manner which reminded Allen of Mana's. He smiled back.

"Thank you," the boy said. He then turned to Kanda. "Thank you Kanda for inviting me over."

"Che. Whatever, Moyashi."

Allen giggled, something the raven didn't expect, and grinned.

"See you at school tomorrow, Kanda!"

And like that, the boy ran to his car with Timcanpy in his hood. They soon watched the car drive off and disappear into the night.

"Well this day turned out to be really interesting," said Tiedoll.

"Indeed it was," said Marie.

Daisya sees Kanda already heading upstairs.

"Oi little bro, where you going?"

"To sleep," was all he said. He didn't show it but he was extremely tired. Once he was in his room, he flopped his entire body on the bed.

He sighed. He really didn't expect his day to turn out like this. It could've been worse which he was glad it didn't. Best of all, he got to spend more time with Allen and got to know more about him. Also he'll finally get to see him at school tomorrow. Kanda thought back to the many times Allen smiled in his house and the way his silver eyes shined, filled with life and joy, as if he just woke up from a never ending darkness. This time, Kanda felt his lips turn upwards. He wasn't surprised. He realized long ago that the little bean was getting to him in some way that he couldn't identify.

In all honesty, he didn't mind one bit.

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