Epilogue: Sometime within three years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The moonlight beamed through the picture windows of the country club ballroom, creating an ethereal touch to this evening's festivities. Family and friends were gathered together for the reception of the longest anticipated wedding of the century; that of Tony and Angela Micelli.

The band was on break when Tony stepped up to the microphone. He captured everyone's attention with the following announcement, "Angela, one day long ago I made a promise to myself I'd dedicate this song to you; so here it is."

Angela saw the Dreamtones appear and smiled; this was completely unexpected, and she was thrilled by his thoughtfulness. He knew she had a fondness for his singing so this gift to her was a gift from the heart, she was touched and he hadn't even sung a note yet.

The guys started singing, "oh oh oh oh..." and Angela gasped, literally putting her hand over mouth. She couldn't believe Tony had chosen to revisit this particular night in their lives. The emotions had been running high that night, though neither would admit it. It was a night she had tucked away in her memories, never thinking that it had meant as much to Tony as it did to her. To see him acknowledge all that had been left unsaid that night was overwhelming to her.

"Uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown whirl..."

Angela felt herself losing control instantly. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes starrier than the heavens; and she had no idea how many beats her heart just skipped. She clutched her mother's hand for support; an action which made her mother smile with joy.

There were plenty of other people in the room, but Tony and Angela saw only each other. She willed him to see everything in her eyes. She closed them briefly, overcome with emotion. She opened them again and mouthed, "oh, Tony."

Tony tried to concentrate on the singing, but he was admittedly distracted by the strength of Angela's reaction. He had hoped she would enjoy this moment; but he wasn't prepared to see her, well, there was no other word for it, swooning. He thought her transcendently beautiful tonight, her face lit with a love that astounded him in its power.

Angela started singing along, well, not really singing, more like going through the motions of singing without producing much sound. She really wasn't capable of speech, let alone song. It didn't matter, Tony saw her singing to him just as much as he was to her and loved her for it.

"...and when she wakes up and makes up her mind..."

Angela could sit still no more, she dropped her mother's hand, jumped up from the chair and practically ran to Tony. Yes, she knew everyone in the room was watching her, but she didn't care. She arrived at the low stage and took Tony's hand to pull him onto the dance floor. He jumped down immediately, surprised at her audacity. He had planned a spot later in the song to leave the stage and lead her onto the dance floor, but this worked too. What she did next astounded him, she threw her arms around him and kissed him more passionately than she ever had in public.

One of the Dreamtones picked up the lead with Tony being otherwise occupied.

"Anybody timing this?" Mona quipped.

"Mona, you're terrible," Sam laughed.

Eventually Angela pulled away, but didn't let go of him completely.

"I take it you like the choice of song?"

She smiled, rested her head on his shoulder and whispered, "I can't believe you did this."

"C'mon and dance with me." "Tony, I can barely stand and you want me to dance."

"Just hold onto me, Angela, I'll take care of you."

"You're the one who's making me lose my equilibrium."

He smiled, "you can still manage to say 'equilibrium', you can dance." She acquiesced, but held on tightly as they spun around the room. Angela was a jumble of emotions, she was floating on memories of playful fun from their first time dancing to this song combined with the depth of their current relationship. It was a mixture that worked well as it brought Angela steadiness when she was perilously close to being a puddle in the middle of the floor.

"and when she talkin', she'll say that she's mi-i-ine," at this moment they both stopped and pointedly sang "mi-i-ine" to each other.

"She's toast," Sam effused.

"I know, isn't it wonderful?" Mona answered; she was more touched by this than she cared to admit; although this was tempered by her delighted self-satisfaction at being right about them from the start. "Kids, I've seen a lot of romance in my day; and this...just...wow. Bravo, Tony."

"just because I'm in love with an uptown girl..." Angela leaned in for a quick kiss; they smiled and continued their joyous dancing and singing.

The song ended with them standing in the middle of the dance floor just holding hands and singing to each other, finally pulling into a kiss.

They were surrounded by the cheers of their friends. All the attention was finally causing Angela to become a little self-conscious and she broke the kiss; then she did something else that shocked Tony. She drew as close to his ear as she possibly could and whispered, "Tony, do you remember when your life's goal was to have your clothes torn off?"

"Yeah," he smiled in remembrance.

"They're about to be torn off again."

"Angela! Here? Now?"

"We don't need to be at this party any longer."

"They'll be talking about this for years."

"Good," she grinned.

"Let's go."

She continued to hold his hand and walked over to her mother; kissed her, the kids, waved to the Dreamtones in thanks.

"Hey Tony, what about our encore?"


Sam's old friend, Bonnie, had made her way over to see Sam in time to yell, "bye, Mrs. Micelli!" as the couple were leaving. Angela turned to her and smiling effusively answered, "bye, Bonnie," then turned back to Tony and rested her head on his shoulder as they departed. The last image anyone had of the pair that night was them walking out the door, arm in arm; with Tony leaning over to kiss her hair.

Bonnie took the opportunity to vindicate herself, "see Sam, I was just prescient."

Sam laughed and commented, "yeah, Bonnie, that must be it.

"They could have at least cut the cake before they left," Jonathan observed, causing everyone to laugh.