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Summary: These are short little insights into the X-Men Evolution characters' lives and how they deal with their boredom.

A/N: I started writing this not out of boredom, as the title may suggest, but late one night while trying to get some sleep. I hope you enjoy it. :D


Chapter 01 – Rogue & Kitty

Two girls, as different as can be but as close as two sisters, were lounging on their beds while looking through their reading material of choice. The brunette put her fashion magazine down and spoke.

"Rogue, I'm, like, SOOO bored!"

"Well, Kit, what do ya wanna do today?" Rogue asked, never once lifting her eyes from her book.

Kitty sighed. "I don't know. Like, what do you want to do?" Her magazine laid neglected somewhere on the bed.

Rogue marked her page with a bookmark and put her book on her nightstand. "Please don't start that Kit. Ah don't know what Ah wanna do either. Ah'm just as bored as you are."

Suddenly, Kitty had an idea. Her eyes lit up and a smile spread across her face. This frightened Rogue a bit. "Hey, Rogue! Like, wanna go shopping?"

Rogue thought about it for a moment, then she came to a decision she knew would surely be the death of her. "Sure…just let me grab my bag.

Kitty leapt off her bed in excitement. "Wooo! We, like, SOOO gotta get you some new clothes. The ones you have are just so…" A glare from Rogue shut her up.

Rogue sighed. "If it'll keep ya off my back, Ah'll buy one dressy outfit plus two additional ones. We got a deal, Kit?"

Kitty nodded. "It's a deal! And I'll hold you to it too." With that the two roommates—with their purse/satchel in their hands—were ready for a day at the mall.

Things are NEVER boring or dull with a friend like Kitty.

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