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Chapter 02 - Evan, Bobby & Kurt

The middle of the night... Bobby's room...

"Are you sure ve got everthing?" Asked a certain fuzzy, blue teen.

"For the last time, Kurt, yes! We have everything we need for this to work." Answered Evan.

"Then let's do this!" Bobby said a little too enthusiastically, for he had accidentally frozen a good portion of the room.

"Bobby! Keep it down of ve'll be busted before ve even step out into ze hall."


The three boys made their way down the hall and all the way to the garage, each carrying duffle bags of supplies. When they got to the garage, they immediately set their eyes on the intended target of their prank and got to work.

Approximately twenty minutes, all the whipped cream they could possibly find, five bottles of maple syrup, and a whole lot of feathers later, and their masterpiece was nearly finished.

The X-boys stood back to examine their work.

"Is it finished?" Evan ashed.

Bobby rubbed his chin in thought. "Almost..." Then, he got an idea. "Be right back!" Iceman was back seconds later with a jar of cherries, which he then proceeded to place said cherries in the whipped topping. He stood back with the others, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Bobby! You. are. a GENIUS!" Kurt exclaimed.

"We can congratulate ourselves later, guys." Evan said. "For now, let's just go to bed and wait for the fireworks." He finished his sentence with a grin.

The trio did just that.

The next morning...

Everyone in the mansion (who wasn't already awake) was awoken by -


Soon everyone knew just what befell Scott's precious car and some even suspected who was behind such a dastardly deed. But what Scotty doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

One this is for certain, and Kurt can attest to this, and good - no...scratch that - a GREAT prank is the best cure for extreme boredom.

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