"So just then, the sea cucumber looks over to the mollusk and says-with fronds like these, who needs anemones?" Titans were watching "Finding Nemo" because these were the very few minutes they could use to chill compared to their usual chaos. What better way to spend it than to watch a Disney Movie.

"Hey, Beast Boy, that fish is almost as funny as you are," Raven interjected. The rest of the Teen Titans laughed. Well, except for Beast Boy of course.

"Haha, very funny," He crossed his arms and grumbled.

"Yeah, it was green bean," Cyborg slapped him on the back playfully.

"Shh, can we please proceed to watch the rest of the movie without any other further interruptions. I want to know where Nemo is!" Star was intrigued by all these heartwarming movies created by the man named Disney. And garsh darn, she will figure out where the poor soul named Nemo went.

"Star, the movie just began. Besides, he's right there," Robin pointed his finger at the screen and relieves Starfire of her worry.

"They all die in the end," Raven said with her usual non-expressive face. After she made Starfire gasp enough air to support life on Mars, she went to the kitchen to make some popcorn and collect other sugar filled goodies. "You better shield your eyes," She proceeded to pour four bags of popcorn in the huge bowl. Cyborg had at least 17 stomachs so a shitload of food was a necessity. "Because the huge gang fight is about to start."

"How can a children's movie be so tragic!" Starfire exclaimed.

"She's just kidding Starfire, everything turns out fine," Robin gave her a reassuring smile. She just giggled.

"Blegh," Beast Boy pretended to stick his finger down his throat to look like he was throwing up. He motioned the action towards Cyborg. He responded by pretending to make out with himself.

"Both of you have the maturity level of a five year old," Raven placed the snacks on the table.

"Oh, c'mon Raven. Join the fun and make fun of the lovebirds," He started throwing popcorn at Cyborg to see if he could catch them all with his mouth.

"Lovebirds? But we are not of the bird species. You are human and I am a tamaranean," Starfire pointed out.

"It's an Earth expression. It's supposed to be used to describe people who are afraid to admit their affection towards each other," Cyborg slyly said.

"Shutup Cyborg," Robin just hid his face in his hands.

"Can't hear you lover boy!" All of a sudden a box of cookies hit him square in the face. "Ow! Why you little-."

"FOOD FIGHT!" Beast Boy jumped from his spot and transformed into an elephant, he started shooting popcorn through his trunk.

"Yes, let's waste the food Raven so kindly brought to her friends," Raven floated away from the cross fire. Somehow Starfire and Robin formed an alliance and stacked the table like a shield. Cyborg started throwing crackers, chocolate, or anything he could grab hold of. Beast Boy on the other hand was now trying an aerial attack. He dropped pudding on top of his opponents in his hawk form. "I need to join a book club or something," Raven just facepalmed herself.

"Rae! You can be on our team!" Beast Boy flashed a smile and pointed towards the poor attempt of a fort made out of chairs.

"As tempting as being covered in food will be, I'll pass," Raven waved her hand.

"Dude, it won't be the same without you!" She just huffed at this. Why must Beast Boy be so stubborn.

"I'm sure you'll live. As hard as it might be," He just pouted.

"You should really be more open to new things." Both had a stare off, waiting for one to give in before the other. Until the alarm went off.

"Titans! Go!" Robin yelled.


Shrieks of horror could be heard at Jump City time square. Citizens ran in different directions just so they could escape the dangers that surrounded them. Destructive giant hands attacked buildings and flying razor sharp cards cut through trees. This bizarre attack of the city was hosted by the one and only crazy magician in town. Mumbo Jumbo.

"Aww, leaving already, but the show has just begun!" Mumbo flicked his wand and tipped his hat. Suddenly handkerchiefs spurted from it and rushed towards the innocent bystanders, but before any harm can be done the Teen Titans showed up just in time.

"It's time to close the curtains Mumbo, cause this show's over!" Robin said. He grabbed the handkerchiefs and swung Mumbo to the ground. Just before he was going to face plant in the concrete floor Jumbo let go.

"Let's not spoil the fun yet," Mumbo cracked a creepy smile. He directed the cards towards his enemies. Quickly Raven levitated a car to block the razor sharp cards from tearing them to pieces. "Oh, the mistress of magic strikes again. How ya doin sweetheart?"

"Swimmingly," Raven threw the car at him. Unfortunately the target moved.

"Why is this guy being so annoying? Can't he just make himself disappear forever!" Beast Boy growled. He immediately transformed into a pterodactyl and went full force towards Mumbo.

"I don't think so little birdy," He cast three metal rings to capture Beast Boy.

"I beg to differ magic man!" Cyborg jumped right in before his pal could be attacked by those mythical rings and sonic-boomed the crap out of them. "Haha, that's what I'm talking about!"

"Aww, you guys are gonna wrap up the show already? Well, then let's show our final act!" Mumbo's army of gloves ran and headbutted Cyborg to the ground.

"Hey! Get off of me you Mickey Mouse hand me down!" Starfire came to the rescue and blasted the minion off of him. "Thanks Star."

"No problem Cyborg! Now let us finish the process of kicking the butts" Her eyes glowed green and charged fist first into the gloves. Beast Boy gorilla smashed two gloves together while Cyborg fired missiles at the remaining foes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be having technical difficulties. I'll be sure to inform the crew," Mumbo was about to flick his wand again, but Robin's boomerang hit it out of his hand.

"You'll have to postpone that call," Robin retrieved his boomerang and punched Mumbo sending him skidding across the road.

"Now you brats are starting to get on my nerves. No matter, I'll just suck you back into my hat like the good old times," He tipped his hat and created a tornado that would suck anything around it in.

"No! Dude, I can't become a telephone again!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"It's too late now!" Mumbo was sure he was going to be able to make them his puppets again in his own little world.

"Maybe for you," Raven teleported behind Mumbo and kicked him straight in the back making him lose control of his hat. "Surrender now, or fear the true power of magic."

"Hey, hey, hey. Hold on a second. I'm sure we can work something out kid. You could be my new assistant! Just you and me sweetheart," He gulped and looked anywhere for a solution. Luckily for him his wand was only a few feet away.

" I'll have to refuse the lovely offer."

"Too bad, you should really be more open with your options," Raven was surprised with the sudden change of attitude. "Maybe I should just make you agree," Jumbo quickly grabbed his wand and inflicted a spell on her. "Now just hold still, this will only take a moment." Sadly, for Mumbo's part, Robin used one of his gadgets and electrified him taking him out cold.

"Raven, are you okay?" She just looked up to Starfire in confusion.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Now that's settled, let's put this guy in jail. Then celebrate with some pizza!" Cyborg announced. "I suggest the meat lovers."

"What! Are you crazy? Some of us like to let animals live happy fulfilling lives," Beaast Boy interjected. "Besides, tofu is the best topping for pizza. Right Raven?"

"Yeah, you're right," She quickly covered her mouth in awe. Did she just agree with Beast Boy?

"See! Raven agrees...wait, Raven agrees with me?" Every Teen Titan looked at Raven with shock.

"I think we might have a problem," Robin said.