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"I'm sorry..." Beast Boy murmured ever so softly; his guilt got the best of him and he decided to fix the problem.

"Excuse me? Didn't catch that," Raven could not comprehend what he was saying at all. She sat patiently with her arms crossed waiting to hear the repeated phrase.

"I said I was sorry, alright? I abused your situation to my own advantage," Beast Boy exclaimed. He rose in the air while clenching his fists out of nervousness. He couldn't even look Raven in the eye. "I guess I'm just stupid enough to believe you'd want to hang out with me," He rubbed his arm out of agitation.

"Stupid. Yes," Raven pointed out. Beast Boy groaned at this comment. "But who says I don't want to hang out with you ?" Beast Boy raised his gaze to her own showing signs of complete bewilderment.

"Uh, the whole universe!" He yelled to emphasis how obvious the answer was . Suddenly he heard a chuckle coming from the hooded girl's mouth. "Did you just laugh?" Beast Boy asked curiously as he took a step forward.

"It was a mere chuckle. Don't get ahead of yourself Mr. Comedian," She looked at him with a completely straight face.

"Still. That's a milestone for me," Raven just smiled at his comment. "I like your smile. It's better than the usual scowl," She used her powers and threw a can of soda at him. As it was heading towards him, Beast Boy turned into a turtle and hid in his shell. "Hey!"

"Stop being an idiot and maybe I won't throw random crap at you," She suggested.

"It was a compliment! Anything bad or good coming out of my mouth still makes you want to kill me. I should probably just tape my mouth up forever," He explained and dropped on the sofa in defeat.

"That can be arranged," Raven said while levitating a roll of duct tape.


Robin zoomed on his motorcycle while Starfire followed him by flight.

"Where exactly is our destination Robin?" Startfire asked.

"The local library. The answer to Mumbo's riddle is a library card. You can't buy anything with them, but you can rent books," Robin explained. "Just hopefully the search won't be long,"

"There is no doubt that we shall prevail," Starfire smiled at Robin.


Raven was silently reading her book near the kitchen counter when suddenly Beast Boy crashed through the door with several objects in his hands.

"Well, all good things come to an end; I guess," She closed her book and gave a big sigh. "And what exactly are you up to?" She gave him a disapproving look.

"You see Rae-," He began, but was shortly cut off.

"Raven." She corrected him.

"You see Ra-ven, I came to a conclusion. Since you admitted you like hanging out with me. I decided to make a list of things we can do together to kill time before Robin and Starfire come back," He dropped all his belongs and resumed to pull the crumpled up list from his rear pocket.

"Very professional. And do any of these activities involve anything I like?" Raven questioned his antics.

"Yes and no," Beast Boy pointed out. He took the pencil behind his ear out and handed it to Raven. "We're both writing down activities, so we're even. Genius, right?" He said while waggling his eyebrows.

"And if I refuse?" Raven questioned.

"You can't!~" Beast Boy said in a sing-song tone. Both began a stare down.

"What happened to "not abusing my situation"?," Raven asked curiously.

"Only this one time. Plus, this situation is the kind of push this friendship needs!" He placed his arm around her shoulder dramatically looking off in the distance.

"I'd rather be reading," She exclaimed.

"You suck at picking activities..." She just glared at his response, "But it could totally be on the list!" He laughed nervously. She took the crumpled up piece of paper, but before she was about to write; she had to ask a question.

"You promise that we'll do things I like?" Raven looked him straight in the eyes and he nodded with approval. "Fine. But we're doing my activity first," She scribbled on the crinkly paper and showed it to Beast Boy.

"Tea Palace?" He rolled his eyes. "How typical."


As both Starfire and Robin arrived at the library; they immediately approached the librarian. She was a frail old lady with giant glasses that seemed to cover half her face.

"Excuse me ma'am, I was wondering if you could direct us to a section of the library that relates to magic?" Robin asked. The librarian directed her attention towards him and without a word pointed to the area. "Thank you," He followed the her finger and ended up in the magic section.

"Robin. Look!" Starfire pointed to a huge book taking up a huge amount of space on top of the shelf. "The title reads, "Mumbo Jumbo Magic Tricks"." They both looked at each other with suspicion.

"I can't be that easy, can it?" He said while rubbing his chin.