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Hinata, Ino and Sakura were sitting on ground under the shadow of a tree. They had the day free of ninja duty, but boring as hell.

They just watched the people walk, the clouds moving, and the birds that occasionally stopped by.

"I'm so bored!" Ino sighed; she lay in the ground, putting her hands behind her head, resting on them. "I'm so bored I could kill!"

"It's not nice to say that, Ino-chan!" Hinata whispered. "But if you put it that way…you are right"

"Hey I know! We can do a contest! Like, who can hold their breath?" Sakura jumped in horror. Ino sat in front of Sakura and Hinata, staring at their eyes. "Hinata, you will be the judge, ok?"

"F-fine!" She nodded, blushing. Hinata looked at Sakura, the pink haired knew what to do. "Ok…1, 2…3!"

Ino and Sakura stopped breathing. They were staring at each other, deeply. Ino didn't make any sound, no whining, and no nothing. Instead, Sakura was now looking at the floor, later to the sides and then to the sky. Her face was slowly changing color, from her normal peach-color skin, to a green and finally to blue.

Hinata was mentally counting, but after seeing the color of their faces, she stopped thinking on numbers and more in actions.

"Sakura! Ino! Breathe! Breathe again!" She yelled, shaking them with her hands.

Sakura and Ino gasped and took a deep breath. Panting, Ino started laughing.

"Guess nobody won" Ino smiled.

"How can you be so happy?" Sakura asked, rolling her eyes.

"Well, at least it wasn't under water, which would be worse" Hinata sighed, relieved.

"So, how much time did we hold our breath?"

"Uh…I don't know I stopped at 26" Hinata blushed, looking away.

"Hinata!" Ino whined, letting a childish pout draw in her face "Oh well, I guess it will be next time!"

"Hell no!" Sakura and Hinata gasped. Ino laughed.

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