Author's Note: I'm alive, I'm a... liar. I was going to have the next chapter up months ago, but... Anyway, enjoy this taste, ne?

Summary: Two shadows standing by the bedroom door. No, I could not want you more than I did right then.

Pairing: Harry Potter x Original Female Character.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Loveless belong to J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., and Yun Kōga, in their own respective ways. The lyrics belong to Parachute's song "Kiss Me Slowly," which I have no connection to. Sōran is mine, but I make no profit off this story.

Warning(s): Drabble.

.:Kiss Me Slowly:.

Harry wasn't surprised to feel how cool his Fighter's skin was compared to his own overheated flesh, but he felt floored by the look on her face. Her smile had a gentle touch to it while her eyes had turned a pale blue; for the first time in their intimacy, Sōran's eyes hadn't darkened in lust, but lightened... in love.


His name was barely a whisper on her lips, but the boy heard her all the same. Though he remained silent, the brush of his thumbs against her skin told Sōran he was listening.

"Don't run... Just... Kiss me slowly."

The way her boy was eying her sent the blonde into a panic. As a Fighter, she was meant to follow orders, not give them and certainly not to her Sacrifice; she was breaking taboo. Feeling like she had lost him for the moment, Sōran steeled herself against the backlash she was sure to receive. But even with her resolve steadied, she was still unprepared for his whispered words, "As you wish," and his soft kiss.

Random Trouble Fact: Sōran speaks four languages, but she never curses.