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Today my personal project was to get my train to run smoother. It had been a pretty boring day, it being in the middle of the summer meant that there was no need to panic over the toys or speed up the toy making process, so I decided to just do my own thing for a while. I was pouring over different ideas of the easiest way to get the train to work smoother when someone came up behind me.

"Hey, what are you doing?" a voice appeared behind me.

I spun around, already having my sword out. Ever since the fight with Pitch I had been more on my guard. Much to my shock the person startled me was Jack Frost. I was honestly shocked that he could sneak up on me since he broke a lot of things once inside. He seemed shocked about the whole sword thing and had his hands up in a pacifying manner.

"Whoa. Whoa. What's up with the sword? I just came for a visit." Jack said.

I lowered my sword "Sorry, Jack, just on my guard," I reply to Jack, sorry that I had, obviously, scared him "What brings you to the North Pole anyway?"

Jack let out a huff of air and made that face that meant that he didn't like something "It's to hot, whenever it gets hot I have to leave for colder areas. If I stay to long in a place that is hot then I feel like I'm being suffocated."

I nodded in understanding. Jack was a winter spirit, it was understandable that he wouldn't like warm places. It still seemed odd though that he decided to come here considering that he had said that he doesn't want to stay here, something about being an outdoorsy type of person. As soon as we had stopped Pitch I had asked if he had wanted to stay here, I had been hopping that he would say yes and that I could keep an eye on him, unfortunately he had declined and the next day had left to go spread winter. In all honesty I thought of Jack like a son, he was younger and more inexperienced than the other guardians, so we naturally felt more protective over him, and I still thought of him as a child that I had watched over three hundred years ago.

"I was wondering if,er, I could, er, stay here for a while." Jack stammered out.

I tried to contain my happiness over that "Of course Jack, you're always welcome here," I say, placing a hand on his shoulder "I have some guest rooms, I'll show you where they are and you can pick out anyone that you want."

Jack smiled at me "Thanks."

With that I lead him to my guest rooms. Just like I had thought he chose the third one on the left side, I had designed it especially for Jack, hoping that one day he would stay here for a while. It had a bed, desk, dresser, comfy chair, and three windows. Jack turned around and smiled at me, saying his thanks for the room. I smile at him, happy to have the youngest guardian at my home, where I could watch over and protect him.

It had been a one-in-a-half weeks since Jack had arrived at the North Pole and already I could see a difference since he had come. The key one being that the other guardians came around more. Of course the only one who said the real reason they came was Tooth, she had immediately told me that it was to visit Jack. It was very easy to notice that we all thought of Jack as family, and I knew that that made Jack even more happy, I had been able to tell that he was lonely since the first day he became a guardian.

Him still being considered a child I had been able to tell just how alone he felt, he truly wanted a family but was just to scared that in the end we would leave him. I honestly had to have a conversation with him about that later, maybe I would show him his sister's letters to me. Every single year she wrote me a letter, even when she was older, and each time she only asked for one of two things, for her brother back or for him to be happy. I honestly wish that I had been able to fulfill those wishes, but I couldn't bring Jack back and until now he had never been truly happy since his death. Death. That still shocked me, that the only reason he had become a guardian was because he had drowned in a freezing cold lake. It just wasn't right.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the sound of something exploding in another room. I sighed, knowing who it was, it was Bunnymund and Jack. Bunnymund had decided to visit today and I had known that it would end with them fighting. Guess it was time for me to intervene. With that I got up from where I had been sitting and walked seven doors down. I was right of course, Jack and Bunnymund were fighting with each other. Bunnymund's ears and tail seemed to be frozen. Jack looked like one of Bunnymund's exploding eggs had hit him in the face, which had probably been what had happened. I sighed and walked fully into the room.

"Both of you, stop fighting now." I ordered them.

Both turned to me. Bunnymund looked mad that I had stopped him before he could throw another egg at Jack, and Jack had the look of a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Jack's look honestly amused me, although I would never admit it.

"Now, if you two are going to continue fighting then you can both go to some desert and complete it." I said to them, knowing what their reactions would be.

Bunnymund looked angry "You wouldn't."

Jack looked shocked, then again he wouldn't be able to last in a dessert "No! I couldn't make it more than two minutes in a dessert. I'll be good, no more fighting." Jack said, giving me a shaky smile.

I smiled at him "Okay then. Now lets go get some hot chocolate." I knew that would get Jack to follow me, I did make the best hot chocolate ever.

I turned around and started walking away, when I glanced back I saw Jack following me eagerly and Bunnymund following at a somewhat slower pace to act nonchalantly. Those two were almost exact opposites in character, but I knew that if Jack was threatened or hurt than he would step in right away. He had shown that when Pitch had hurt Jack by throwing a boomerang at him while simultaneously placing himself in front of Jack. All of us guardians might have different characters and had become guardians for different reasons, but we were a family, and always would be.

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