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Two months after Pitch killed their parents

"No! Put that out!"

"Get off that!"

"No, Jack, don't freeze that!"

"Both of you, stop!"

Jack and Fern stopped in their tracks as August's voice broke through the commotion they were causing. They both looked guiltily up at him; Fern extinguishing her flaming hand and Jack letting the snowball in his hands melt. Static and April were doubled over, gasping for air as they looked at the youngest of their small group. They'd spent the past half hour trying to chase them down. August meanwhile stood in front of Fern and Jack, his arms crossed over his chest as he frowned down at them. Jack looked down at the ground at August's glare. Fern though was trying to stare down August, unwilling to back down even if August was the oldest of them.

"Okay, how many times have I told you two not to be doing this," August motioned to the damage in the room and all the broken objects. "while inside? If you want to go do it outside, be my guest. But not inside. Now, someone care too explain how all of this happened anyway?"

"She started it!"

"No! He started it!"

Jack and Fern glared at each other, continuing to argue over who had started what. August sighed, running a hand over his face. Ever since the Lunaoffs had taken them in Jack and Fern had been fighting much more often than normal. And it was starting to get on everyone's nerves.

"Listen, I don't care who started it, I just want to know what happened in here. I already can tell you guys got out of control with your powers, but why did you start using your powers inside?" August interrupted, trying to stop them from getting into another fight.

Shockingly, it was April who spoke up, "They started arguing about who was a stronger Elemental then decided to figure it out with a competition. They started using their powers before Static and I could stop them."

"They're fast," Static added in.

August sighed, running a hand through his hair. He hated being the adult, but he was the oldest. Being the adult meant that he had to be the one to discipline them, and that would never go well. April brushed up next to him and whispered in his ear, "Static and I will take Fern if you take Jack." August gave a grateful look to April. Jack would always be easier to deal with than Fern, and, for some reason, Fern always seemed much more calm around Static and April then him so it was much easier for them to talk to her. "Okay, agreed," August whispered back.

April nodded before walking closer to Fern and leaning down so that they were looking each other in the eye, "Come on, Fern, let's leave the boys alone for now." Fern immediately grabbed April's hand and let her lead her out of the room, but not before looking back and sticking her tongue out at Jack. August sighed, nine-year-olds. He looked down when he felt a small tugging at his shirt. Jack was staring up at him with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry, Augy," Jack whimpered, wrapping his arms around August's leg.

August sighed. This was why he could never stay angry at Jack, or discipline him, when he did something wrong. He leaned down and picked Jack up, resting him on his hip. He walked over and sat down on the only thing that didn't seem to be destroyed in the room, the couch. Tsar and Tsarina will not be happy when they come back to find this mess, August thought as he settled Jack down on his lap.

"Jack, you know that you shouldn't be using your powers right now, right?" August asked.

Jack nodded, looking away from August, "Uh huh. I'm not suppose to use them because I'm too young to control them."

"Exactly. And when you and Fern do use your powers to compete against each other, what happens?" August prompted, hoping that Jack would get where this conversation was going.

"Um," Jack looked down. "This happens. Our powers get out of control and we destroy stuff."

"Yes. Until you can learn to control your powers, you two shouldn't be competing with them. Save that for when you're older," August winked at Jack, internally smiling as Jack lit up at the permission to compete with his powers when he was older. "Okay, well, I think that's as good as a discipline as I can possible do. We should probably wait a little while till the girls are done."

Jack nodded, leaning against August's chest and wrapping his arms around August's neck, "You're not mad at me? You yelled, so you've got to be mad."

August sighed, "I'm not mad Jack, I'm tired."

"Why are you tired?" Jack looked up at August, his eyes filled with confusion.

"Because, I haven't been able to sleep for a while," August answered, silently wishing that Jack would just let the topic drop. He hadn't been able to sleep since they Lunaoffs had brought them too their planet. He'd been being plagued by nightmares every night. He knew that he should have been telling the Lunaoffs about them when he'd gotten the first one, but he just couldn't. And now it was taking its toll on him.

"Why haven't you been able to sleep?" Jack asked worriedly.

"Jack," August sighed. "Please, let this topic drop."

Jack looked confused but in the end he let it drop, leaning so that he was against August's chest again.

For a couple minutes they stayed like that, August holding Jack to his chest while the small boy dozed off for a little bit only to jolt awake. August would have been fine with staying in that position all day, but he soon heard the sound of the three girls coming towards the room. "They're coming," August said as he stood up and placed Jack on the ground. The boy was instantly awake. "Okay, so, here's the plan, act like you're mad at me and we might be able to get away with me not actually really disciplining you, kay?"

Jack smiled, nodding in agreement

~Line Break~

August sighed as he wearily ran a hand over his face, watching Jack out of the corner of his eye. The boy had just found out that he could fly, well, control the wind to get himself in the air. And he was taking full advantage of being able to do something that Fern couldn't. This had been going on for a couple days, and by now August, along with Static and April, had just kinda given up trying to stop Jack from flying.

"Hey, Fern, look at what I can do," Jack called as he did a flip in the air.

Fern crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the younger boy, "Stop showing off, Jack! It's not nice, right, August?"

August looked up when Fern said his name. "She's right, Jack. Showing off isn't nice," he said.

"How about you come down for a little bit and we can go get dinner," April suggested, standing up from her spot next to August and Static and walking towards Jack and Fern.

"Okay," Jack said excitedly, dropping to the ground and running over to April, who picked him up in her arms. April held her hand out to Fern, who quickly took it as they began to walk out of the room. August and Static slowly stood up and followed them out of the room.

August walked to the front, standing next to April. "I'll take Jack if you want," he offered. April nodded and handed him Jack, who had a big smile on his face and was reaching out for August. As soon as he was in August's arms he had his own arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

"Augy, after dinner can I fly some more?" Jack asked excitedly, looking up expectantly at August.

August raised an eyebrow, "Only if you promise to stop showing off." Jack nodded and quickly said that he wouldn't before laying his head on August's shoulder.

A couple minutes later they walked into the Lunaoff's kitchen/dinning room. It was giant. That was the first thing they had thought when they'd first walked into the kitchen two months ago. The room could fit at least three hundred people, according to Jack. And it was decorated with gold, silver, and copper, making it seem like the whole room was shinning.

As soon as they had stepped into the room, a moon-bot came up to them. It just looked up at them, waiting for them to give a command. "Will you please get us dinner?" August said politely, just like he did every time he was addressing a moon-bot. The bot nodded and quickly disappeared.

The small group walked over to the giant dinning room table, August and April depositing their charges into their own chairs before sitting down themselves. Fern was sitting in between April and Static, and Jack was in between April and August, that way Fern and Jack couldn't start fighting.

Jack smiled and quickly dug in, along with Fern. April, August, and Static on the other hand ate much slower and were much less messy then the youngest two of their group. By the time they were done eating, Jack and Fern had food stuck in their hair and covering their faces. August sighed and shook his head after he glanced at the two children.

"What are we suppose to do with you two? You get messy way too easily," August said as he picked Jack up. "I'll take Jack. April, Static, will you take Fern?"
"Sure, give us the hard job," Static joked as she picked up Fern. Fern made a face and tried struggling out of Static's arms, knowing that she was going to be getting a bath, but Static held her tightly in her arms. August smiled appreciatively before walking out of the room with Jack in his arms. Jack laid his head down on August's shoulder, looking up at him with wide eyes.

"What are we doing now, Augy?" he asked.
"You're getting a bath," August said, glancing down at the small boy.
Jack made a face, sticking his tongue out, "I don't want a bath."
"Too bad, you're the one who got yourself all messy while eating," August said, laughing at the look on Jack's face. Jack just sighed and closed his eyes, knowing that he wasn't going to convince August that he didn't need a bath. They walked into one of the many bathrooms in the palace. It was just as big as the dinning room. The bath was in the middle of the room and it was about as big as a swimming pool, not that they knew that. They just knew that it was huge. And fun to play in, for Jack at least. Jack smiled and lit up as he realized that he'd be able to play around.

August placed Jack down and helped him get out of his clothes before placing him in the bath. Jack smiled and began to play around, splashing water at August. August raised an eyebrow, "Don't splash me unless you want a war on your hands."

Jack didn't say anything, just smiled and splashed August again, this time in the face. August wiped the water off with his sleeve before saying, "Alright. You want war, you've got war." He reached down towards the water and splashed Jack in the face.

Soon, a water war had broken out between them.

~Line Break~

1 Year Later

"Jack, you need to go to bed," August sighed as he once again placed Jack on his bed.

Jack shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest, "I don't want to, Augy."

"But, you need to. Tomorrow we're leaving with the Lunaoffs on the Moon Clipper, if you don't get some sleep you'll be exhausted tomorrow, " August replied, sitting down in front of the small boy. He'd been trying to get Jack to go to sleep for an hour, but each time he turned around Jack would climb out of bed. No matter what he did, Jack just wouldn't go to sleep. August sighed, "Jack, why won't you go to sleep?"

Jack glanced down at his bed sheets, "Because, I, I've been having nightmares. And I don't want them. If I don't sleep then I won't have them."

August was shocked, he hadn't known that Jack was having nightmares. "Why didn't you tell me that you were having nightmares?" August asked as he moved on the bed so he as right next to Jack. He gently wrapped an arm around the small boy, pulling him against his side.

Jack just shrugged, "You were busy."

August sighed, rubbing a hand up and down Jack's back, "Next time, tell me what's going on so I can help. But, you've still got to go to sleep." Jack knew that August was going to say that, but it didn't mean that he'd like it. He shook his head and tried to crawl away from August, but the older boy quickly grabbed him and laid him down on the bed. Before Jack could even think of getting away again, August was tucking the blankets in around him.

"Augy," Jack whined, sniffling. "I don't want to have more nightmares."

August gave Jack a small smile, "How about I sing you a song to chase the nightmares away?" He didn't exactly like the idea of having to sing to Jack, but if it would get him to got to sleep, then he'd do it.

Jack smiled and nodded eagerly, "Sing Deep in the Meadow."

August laughed, "That's a Spring song. Why would a winter elemental want to fall asleep to that?"

"Because it's a nice song. And Mommy used to sing it to me all the time," Jack whispered. August frowned at this, knowing that Jack still missed his parents.

"Okay then, I'll sing it then," he said, brushing some hair out of Jack's eyes before he began singing.

Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your eyes
And when they open, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.

Jack began to drift off, his eyes slowly closing as he listened to August's voice, reminding him of all the times his mom would sing the song to him.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you. (x2)

August smiled as he looked at Jack, who was fast asleep, lightly snoring. August reached over to Jack's bedside table and picked up Jack's little stuffed animal, who Tsarina Lunaoff had given him. He placed it under Jack's arm, having to stifle a laugh as the boy pulled it closer to his chest. "Goodnight, Jack," August whispered as he stood up and left the room, turning off the light as he went.

~Line Break~

1 ½ years after their parents die

Jack is now 7 ½

"What's wrong, Jack?" August asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Jack was just sitting on the couch, with his knees pulled to his chest.

Jack glanced up at August before looking back down. "Nothing," he muttered.

August shook his head and sat down next to Jack. For the past couple days he'd realized that something was wrong with Jack. The boy had become much quieter then normal and no longer was messing around with his powers. He was actually behaving himself for once; and that shocked August. "Jack, I can tell when you're lying. So, what's actually going on?" August asked, wrapping an arm around the boy's thin shoulders.

Jack leaned against August. "I can't remember what they look like," he whimpered.

"Can't remember what who looked like?" August asked, rubbing Jack's back as he felt small tremors run through his body.

"Mommy and Daddy. I can't remember what they look like," Jack whispered, burying his face against August.

August sighed. He'd actually been expecting this somewhat. Jack had only been five when their parents had been killed, so it wasn't all that shocking that he couldn't remember what they looked like. Apparently he'd waited to long to answer because Jack asked, "Does that make me a bad son?"

"No! Of course not, Jack," August rushed, trying to make the boy feel better. He gently lifted Jack into his lap, continuing to rub his back. "You were five when they died, you were to young to really remember much about them."

Jack whimpered and buried his head against August's shoulder, "It's unfair! I want to remember them, but whenever I try to I just see this blur!" Jack's voice broke as tears came to his eyes. I want to remember them. I want my Mommy and Daddy, Jack thought

August just sighed and started rocking Jack as well, "I know Jack, I know that you want to remember them. But, you were just too young. I'm sorry."

Jack looked up angrily at August. "Why can't I remember them? Why aren't they here? Why do you get to remember your parents but I don't?" Jack demanded, tears running down his face. He'd been forgetting about his parents for months, and it was finally hitting a head. It was unfair that everyone else could remember their parents, but he couldn't. That he couldn't remember how they looked or what they sounded like. All he could remember is that his mom used to sing him a lullaby before bed.

"Jack," August said. "It'll be okay. It doesn't make you a bad son, and it's not your fault. They didn't want to leave you, and if they could I bet they'd be here, but fate wouldn't allow it. I'm sorry."

Jack didn't say anything, just laid his head on August's shoulder as more tears ran down his face. Small hiccups and tremors shook his body. August continued to rock him, unsure what he was suppose to say. What could he say? Jack didn't have his parents around, couldn't remember them, and he was only seven. It was hard for him to understand what had happened and why his parents weren't there anymore, or why he couldn't remember them anymore.

A couple minutes later, Jack had fallen asleep in August's arm. August gently laid him down on the couch, covering him with a blanket, before walking out of the room. He had an idea that would make Jack happier, if he could find what he needed.

After the Lunaoffs had found them after Pitch's attack, they'd gathered some things from their rooms in the palace and put them in trunks. All of the more important stuff, which mostly consisted of relics from their parents and pictures, were put in August's trunk, while the less important stuff was put in their respective trunks. And if August was correct, there was at least one picture of the Frosts.

August threw the door to his room open, quickly walking around his bed and desk before dropping down on his knees in front of his trunk. He opened it up and began to move things around in it, looking for the picture. If he could find it and give it to Jack, then Jack would be able to look at his parents, and at least then he wouldn't forget them again.

"August? What are you doing?" April asked as she peaked into the room.

"Looking for a picture of the Frosts," August replied without looking up. April nodded her head, although a confused look passed over her face as she walked over to August. She knelt next to him, looking into the trunk.

"Want my help?" she asked. August nodded, grateful for the help and the fact that she wasn't asking why he was looking for the picture. It was one thing he had always liked about her; she wouldn't try and force you to tell her everything, she'd understand and leave it at that.

For a couple more minutes they searched in the trunk, placing the objects they sifted through to the side. August was about to give up when April shouted, "Found it!" She picked up a small picture from the trunk, handing it to August. He took it, looking at it to make sure it was the right one. It was. The Frosts were there, all of them, even Jack, and they were all smiling.

"Thanks, April," August said, putting it on his desk before he started putting everything else back. Once Jack had woken up, he'd give him the picture. Hopefully, it would make the little boy feel at least a little better.

~Line Break~

"Augy," Jack mumbled sleepily as he slowly opened his eyes. He sat up and looked over at August, who was sitting next to him on the couch.

August smiled at him, brushing some hair out of his eyes, "We're going to have to get your hair cut soon, aren't we?" Jack didn't say anything, just stared up at him. "How'd you sleep?"

"Fine, I guess," Jack shrugged.

August nodded, taking something from his pocket, "I've got something for you."

"Really?" Jack asked, his eyes lighting up.

"Yep," August held out the small picture. Jack took it, holding it carefully like he was afraid that it'd explode. "You said you wanted to remember how your parents looked. Well, every time you start to forget, you can just look at their picture and remember."

Jack looked up at August in shock, before a smile spread over his face. "Thank you, Augy!" Jack shouted as he threw his arms around August's neck, hugging him tightly. It wasn't the same as having his parents with him, but it definitely helped.

August smiled, hugging the small boy, "You're welcome, Jack."

~Line Break~

Jack ran through the halls as fast as he could, trying to ignore the angry shouts following him, yelling at him to get back there. They were yelling at him since he'd frozen the entire hallway. He hadn't meant it, and he'd tried telling the adults that, but they hadn't believed them. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time that something like that had happened. It had happened a lot over the past few months, and the more it happened the angrier the adults got.

It wasn't his fault. He didn't know how to control his powers. He tried to, but every time he got excited, or scared, or felt any other strong emotion, his powers would just kinda act on their own. He didn't know why, it just happened.

As he rounded the corner, he slammed into someone. He fell to the ground, landing on his butt. "Jack?" Jack looked up at August, who was staring down at him worriedly. "Why were you running?" he asked as he picked Jack up, placing him on his feet.

Before Jack could answer, two adults came around the corner, glaring at Jack. "Do you know how long it'll take us to get that snow and ice cleaned up?!" one of the men shouted. Jack jumped and grabbed onto August's leg, cowering behind him.

August looked from the men, to Jack, and back again, before saying, "What did he do that would have you yelling at him? He's just a kid."

"He froze the entire hallway," the other guy said, barely glancing at August.

August raised an eyebrow and looked down at Jack, "Jack, did you do that?" Jack nodded slowly. August sighed before looking back up at the adults. "I'm sure it was just an accident. He has a little problem controlling his powers."

"This is the sixth time this month that he's frozen something. If he does it one more time, he's going to get punished," the first guy said before walking away, muttering under his breath about "idiotic winter kids who can't control their own powers".

The other guy glared at August, "You better keep him in check." Then he too walked away, leaving August and Jack alone in the hallway.

August looked down at Jack, "Mind telling me what happened?"

"I, I saw the planet we were passing, and I got excited. My p-powers just kinda froze everything. I, I didn't mean to, Augy. Promise," Jack stuttered, looking up at August with wide eyes.

August shook his head before picking Jack up and walking in the direction of the lounge area, "Come on, we're going to have to talk."

~Line Break~

Jack shifted nervously on the couch. He was sure that August was mad at him for what had happened, just like everyone else seemed to be. Everyone else was always mad at him for things like this. He couldn't understand why they didn't just realize that he's not doing it on purpose and try to help him, instead of getting mad.

"Jack," August started, but before he could continue Jack interrupted.

"I'm sorry, Augy! I couldn't control it! I try to and I just can't!" Jack shouted, fear evident in his voice. If he was going to get in trouble, then he might as well say what he wanted to first.

"Jack, it's okay," August said. "I'm not mad at you. I know it wasn't your fault."

"You, you're not?" Jack asked, he tilted his head to the side in confusion. He had been sure that August was mad at him.

"Of course I'm not," August said as he sat down next to Jack. "See, I know why you can't exactly control your powers. Every Elemental starts getting trained to control their powers when they're close to their eighth birthday. That's when our powers start coming out fully."

"So, you can train me, right?" Jack asked, smiling at the idea of August teaching him how to control his powers.

August frowned and shook his head, "The only person who could teach you would be another Ice Elemental. And well..." August didn't have to say it, Jack knew what he was implying.

"There's no more left," Jack finished. "So, no one can teach me?"

August nodded sadly, "You'll have to figure out how to control your powers yourself, Jack. I'm sorry."

Jack looked down, "But, how am I suppose to figure it out? I can't control it. All I do is mess everything up."

"You don't mess everything up, Jack," August pulled Jack against him, running a hand through his hair. He felt small arms wrap around him and a small head bury itself against his chest. How is this kid going to make it through the next couple years? August asked himself. He's small, scared, and unsure of himself. "I know it's scary right now, but it'll get better. I promise."

"What if I accidentally freeze something again?" Jack asked, looking up at his "older brother". "Those guys said they'd punish me."

August scowled, trying to hide the anger he felt at those men for threatening Jack. "If they ever try to punish you, either try to find me, or scream for me, and I'll come. Okay?"

"Okay," Jack whispered. He snuggled against August, laying his head against him. August rested his chin on top of Jack's head. And for a couple minutes they just say there in silence, until Jack broke the silence. "Do you actually think I can control it on my own?" Jack asked.

"Of course I do," August answered. He didn't even have to think about it. He knew that Jack could do it. "You're a smart kid, you'll be able to figure it out. And I'll be right here the whole time."

Jack smiled up at August before struggling out of his arms. August raised an eyebrow as Jack jumped off the couch, turning to him with a mischievous grin on his face. "Jack, what are you thinking about?" August asked warily. He knew that look, that was Jack's look when he was about to do something that he knew August would probably disapprove of later.

"Catch me if you can," was all Jack said before he ran out of the room.


~Line Break~

Jack laughed as he dodged a blast of heat, before sending back his own blast of ice. Fern easily dodged his attack, running around behind the bed. They knew they weren't suppose to be playing in the room, but they were bored and decided that it'd be more fun to just run around and use their powers against each other. In their defense, August had said that they needed to practice using their powers more. What better way to practice then against another person?

Jack ducked down as a ball of fire came whizzing past his head. He smirked as he straightened up, holding his hands out in front of him. Ice formed all over the room, and wind started blowing, making the whole room freezing cold.

"Hey, t-that's unf-fair," Fern stuttered, wrapping her arms around her.

"No it's not. All's fair in love and war," Jack quoted.

Fern smirked, "Aww, you're in love with me? How sweet, but I'm too old for you."

"Wait, what? Eww, no," Jack made a face.

Fern just continued smirking before her hand lit up with fire, "Sorry, Jack, but you're about to lose." She threw the fireball, but Jack ducked before it hit him. Instead, it flew behind him, hitting the one thing that Jack cared about the most.

"No!" Jack screamed as the fireball hit the picture frame that held his parents' picture. He watched in shock as the fire engulfed it, destroying the one thing he had left to remember his parents by.

"Jack, I'm sorry," Fern cried, already knowing what she'd done. As she finished her sentence August, April, and Static came in, looking confused.

"What's going on in here? And don't tell me that you two were playing with your powers again," August said, before he spotted the fire burning on Jack's bedside table. "Oh no..."

Tears welled up in Jack's eyes and began to run down his cheeks in twin rivers. A small burst of ice came from him, stopping the fire, but it was already to late. The picture had been reduced to a pile of ashes. "It's gone. It's destroyed," Jack whispered.

"I'm so sorry, Jack. I didn't know that would happen," Fern cried, looking panicked herself.

April slowly walked forward, picking Fern up, "Come on, Fern." She turned around and walked out with Fern, glancing over at August, who just nodded, already knowing the silent question she was asking.

"Static, go with April and Fern," August ordered. Before she could protest he said, "Now. Don't argue, just go." Static frowned in disagreement, but still left the room.

August walked towards Jack, kneeling next to him, "Jack, it'll be okay. She didn't mean to-" Before August could finish, the wind in the room picked up and the temperature seemed to drop ten degrees. "Jack?" Jack had his eyes shut and his fists clenched tightly, his whole body seemed to be vibrating.

"She destroyed it," Jack said from between clenched teeth. "She destroyed it. It was the only thing I had of my parents, and now it's gone."

"She didn't mean it," August tried, reaching out to place a hand on Jack's shoulder. Jack's body was trembling even worse now, and the wind had picked up.

"It's gone now. I'll forget them now. It's her fault!" Jack screamed. And as he did, the temperature dropped even more and it started snowing in the room. August shivered as the cold reached him.

"Jack, you've got to calm down. I know you're scared and hurting, but you've got to calm down," August said, gripping Jack's shoulders tightly. He turned the boy towards him, noticing the tears running down his eyes and how his bottom lip was trembling. He pulled him against his chest, holding him tightly as sobs shook his body. "Shh, it's okay, Jack."

"I'm going to forget them. That was the only thing that helped me remember how they looked. I'm going to forget," the boy cried, his body shaking.

"It'll be okay, Jack," August soothed. "It'll be okay."

"No it won't," Jack whispered, looking up at August with wide eyes. The wind started to calm down.

"Jack," August started, but Jack just shook his head and buried his face against August's shoulder again. August sighed and started rocking him, knowing that they'd be there for a while.

~Line Break~

The next couple months were very hard on Jack. Without the picture, he did forget what his parents looked like, and this caused him to throw tantrums in frustration, and in turn, he lost control of his powers even more. August didn't have the heart to punish him, not when Jack was panicking so much about it.

One day the adults did punish Jack for freezing another hallway(which he did on accident, of course). August found him in the lounge area, curled up and crying, with bruises covering nearly every inch of his body. It took August two hours to not only calm him down but also dress the bruises.

The next day, the guys' friends found them hanging in a doorway. Of course, they were perfectly fine, not a scratch on them, except for maybe their bruised egos.

After a couple months, Jack started to calm down and get better, and August was sure that he'd be fine. Then Pitch attacked.

~Line Break~

The Elemental children sat around the lounge area. Jack, August, and Static were sitting on the couch, and Fern and April were sitting in two comfy chairs. Jack had his head resting in August's lap.

"When are we going to get off this thing?" Fern asked.

"When we land somewhere," Static said, rolling her eyes at Fern's annoyed tone.

Fern pouted, crossing her arms over her chest, "I'm tired of being on this ship. I want to go outside."

"Well, you can't,"

August shook his head, glancing down at Jack. Jack was watching Fern and Static with a raised eyebrow. He looked up at August and gave him a questioning look before whispering, "Why do they always start acting like this?"

August shrugged, "No idea. Maybe because they're both headstrong, I don't know."

Jack pushed himself up, changing his position so that he was sitting on August's lap. "Hey, can you guys stop, please? I was trying to get some sleep," Jack said.

Both Fern and Static glared at Jack and said "shut up" before going back to their arguing. Jack sighed and leaned back against August.

"They won't stop, will they?" Jack asked.

"I doubt it," August said.

August, Jack, and April watched Fern and Static fight for a couple more minutes. They weren't going to risk getting in between them. If it was Jack and Fern fighting, they would, but when it was Fern and Static it was better to just stay out of the way.

August was about to tell them to stop fighting when a loud explosion rocked the Moon Clipper, nearly throwing Jack off of August's lap.

"What was that?" Fern asked, her fight with Static forgotten about.

"No idea," August muttered as he stood up, placing Jack on the couch. Almost as soon as he stood up another explosion rocked the ship, this time nearly throwing August off balance.

"Augy, what's going on?" Jack asked as August walked towards a window, looking out of it.

"Yeah, what's happening?" Static asked, trying hard to hide her fear.

"Pitch," August muttered, not noticing how everyone's eyes widened in fear. "He's attacking the ship, attacking us."

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