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Viola woke with a shriek as a hand clamped over her mouth. She turned her head to see Sabastian leaning over her with a big smile and a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"It's me. I got a great idea."

Viola was already shaking her head. "No, nope, no, no. there is no way I'm going along with any of your plans. What you plan and what will actually happen haven't ever been similar." He gave her his puppy look, the one she had no chance of resisting. "Grr, fine. What is this supposedly brilliant idea of yours?"

"okay, I have to go to a music festival, my plane leaves tonight, and I start school in two days."

"And, where exactly does my part come in?"

"You can go to Illyria as me!"

Her eyes opened wide and blinked, once, twice, three times before she managed to form words. "Huh?"

"You can go to Illyria dressed as me, and I can come back later and mom won't know. You can get away from Justin; school doesn't start till two weeks from now for you, and guess what? Domesticated animals are allowed inside the dorms. That means you can take the dogs with you. What do you think?"

"I think you're nuts, but I'll bite. Is your roomie allergic to dogs?"

"Not that I know of. Now get up and pack, the cab's out front. We can get you to Paul's, drop me at the airport, and tomorrow, you can go to the dorms and get settled in. Oh, and leave a number mom can call you at so she doesn't flip. I'll get the dogs ready to go."

"Okay. Be ready in five minutes." While Sebastian got the dogs, Viola raided her closet for the guyish-est clothes she could find. She packed two sort of girly outfits in the very bottom, and hid Tampax in her extra shoes. Hopefully nothing would go wrong. After she swiped a jacket from Sebastian's closet she met him at the stairs.

"You ready?"

"Yeah, let's go."

They piled in the car, stopped at Paul's for Viola, explained the whole thing to him, and Sebastian said a quick goodbye and left.

"Alright, lets get to work! I have to have you ready by tomorrow, and you are very obviously not a bender, which means that this will be very difficult. Call Kia and Yvonne, this is an emergency."

As soon as they arrived, it was havoc. Paul provided a wig that was Sebastian-ish, and the girls worked on Viola's clothes and make-up.

"If you think about it, more guys should wear lip-gloss. It would make us want to kiss them more." Kia commented.

Yvonne had to work extra hard to cover the bruises on Viola's face. The latest fight with Justin had left its mark in more ways then one. This was mainly the reason Viola was doing this. To get away from him.

"Okay, let's go over this one more time. Show me the strut." Paul said.

Viola walked like a boy as best she could.

"O…kay. Introduction, please."

Viola introduced herself. "'Hey, what's up? I'm Sabastian.'"

Paul's head tilted a little. "Good enough. Hauk a lugie."

Viola snorted a little, hawked her neck, and let loose in the trashcan.

Paul smiled and exclaimed, "I'm so proud!" while giving her a soft hug. "Okay, off to bed with you. I will not have our hard work wasted because you became a dark circles magnet. Go, go, go, go, go. GO!"

Viola laughed. "Okay! Let me say goodnight to the kids, then I'll go to bed." She slipped into the hall, down to the kitchen, and was surrounded by all six of her Siberian huskies. "Hey, babies. Its time for bed. I'll see you all in the morning. We've got to get extra sleep for tomorrow. Goodnight!" she placed a kiss on each of their heads and bid them goodnight.

The next day, Paul took Viola to the car dealer and said, "Pick a car, any car, as long as it looks masculine."


"Oh, come on, Vi, did you really think I'd drive you to school in a bug?"

"But that can't be the only reason; that would be pointless."

Paul narrowed his eyes and thought for a minute, and replied. "Think of it as an early eighteenth birthday present, okay? That way you don't have to pay me back."

Viola gave him a hug. "Thanks, Paul."

He smiled. "No problem, now hurry up! You have to be moved in by tonight!"

In the end, Viola chose a dark blue, four-door, Dodge Ram 1500. "Why a truck?" Paul questioned.

"One: it's a guy vehicle. Two: I can transport all the kids in it with no trouble at all."

Paul shrugged. "Okay. Cool. Let's go." They paid out, drove to Paul's, packed everything up(including the dogs), fixed her up real quick as Sebastian, and drove to Illyria, with Paul following behind her. They reached the school, and Paul carried in her brand new guy-ish sheets and pillows, while Viola retrieved her duffle bag, suitcase, and soccer ball.

She yelled to the dogs. "Come on! Let's go." They hopped out of the truck bed, and followed her, sometimes walking ahead to stroll with Paul. They made their way to correct dorm, in this case, Bradshaw, and to Sebastian's room. "Hey, Paul do you have the key?"

His eyes widened. "I thought you had them! Why would I have the key to your dorm?"

Viola rolled her eyes. "Lex, can you ask them to open the door?" she asked, addressing one of her dogs. She watched as Lex walked up to the door, scraped on it with her paw, and whined three times.

"I still can't believe you have them trained that well."

"Mind over matter, Paul."

"More like luck over anything else. If I tried to teach them that, they wouldn't be scratching at the door, they'd be scratching my face off."

"That's because you teased them when I first got them. They don't like you that much." Viola laughed just as the door swung open. "Oh, hey. Sorry, I forgot the key. You're Orsino right?" she crossed her fingers in her head, hoping and praying that she got the right room, because it would be so embarrassing if she hadn't.