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(A I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I original fan-fiction story.)

Nexus 001: The start of it.

(Translation: Don't you ever, ever, forget about Happy.)

It was almost as any other day in Fairy Tail, wizards were taking jobs, veterans were chatting or passing the time… but there was one thing going through all of their minds at the moment; it was not a hard mission or a bet in between the members, it was something that was beyond any of them, it was something that it appeared in the guild once every generation. And this time, it was Natsu the one suffering it effects, and it wasn't because he wanted to, it was because of the events that destiny marked for him.

Lucy looked at the crouching dragon-slayer in the corner, sweatdropping when he heard what the pink-haired boy was mumbling, not believing what he was saying and almost thinking that the end of the world was near.

"Think, think, think!" Natsu muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, not noticing that his voice was echoing inside the great hall.

"What is he mumbling there?" Lucy asked after getting bored of the dragon-slayer's words, leaning on her open palm with her eyes looking at Gray, Juvia sitting next to him with an equal bewildered look.

"Nothing, I just asked him something about Erza and he's like that since then…" Gray replied with a small wave of hand, looking at the pink-haired boy with some pity.

"Sigh… He's still oblivious to that?" The celestial mage said tiredly, not believing Natsu to be so clueless.

"Juvia guesses he is." The blue-haired woman commented sadly, she didn't wish to be in the boy's position, not knowing if the one that holds your heart does or likes something because of certain other things.

"Think, think, think!" They heard Natsu mumbling loudly again, all of them sighing at his action. They were going to move and start to explain everything to him, but a certain someone entering the guild cut them short; she looked at everyone with stern eyes, scrutinizing the wizards sitting on their tables with her frivolous eyes until she landed her brown orbs on the pink-haired boy she had for a teammate.

"What's wrong with Natsu?" She walked closer to the others, her eyes still set on the boy.

"N-nothing! He's wondering what mission he should do next!" Gray answered hastily, getting up and standing in front of the woman. Erza narrowed her eyes at seeing the nervous smile on the ice mage's face.

"Really? Then I'll ask him what mission caught his interest and try to make him decide quicker." She pushed him aside and walked forward.

"N-no! It's not necessary!" Gray tried to convince her, quickly standing in front of her path again.

"Get out of my way." Erza growled with a dangerous glint in her eyes, Gray shivered and moved back to the table in less than a second.

"A-aye sir!"

"Happy two." Lucy mumbled with a tired sigh, but then, her eyes widened. She looked left and right, searching for a small ball of blue and found the cat munching down a fish on the bar counter. "Happy! Come here!"

"What's wrong, Lucy?" The cat asked with a wondering stare, the fish not leaving his mouth.

"It's been so long, how come we never see you in this kind of situations?" Lucy asked him, earning a surprise gasp from Juvia and Gray.

"That's right! Whenever something happens, Happy is not here!"

"Juvia never saw him… in fact; Juvia is almost never here when something interesting happens."

The blue cat sniffed sadly at the words, tears cascading from his eyes, leaving the fish aside.

"That's because Kuroyagi-san doesn't remembers me when writing this stories!"

The cat… wait! What?

"Oh, true, the author never mentions him…" Lucy commented after realizing the truth.

Wait, wait, wait! I do mention him…!

"Then why I'm not in your stories!" Happy cried loudly. "I never leave Natsu's side, but in all your stories I don't exist!"

Oe! Is not like that…

"And if we think more of it, the others don't have bigger parts in his stories either…" Gray mumbled in thinking, shooting curious glances towards the least mentioned members of the guild.

Hey! I do mention them! I just don't know what to say of them!

"Titania this, Titania that! If you want to talk about the beautiful Titania, your stories must talk about me!" Evergreen yelled in irritation.


"Why you never write about Juvia and Gray-sama?" The water mage questioned hugging Gray's arm closer to her, the man freaking out at the contact with her chest.

"What kind of question is that?!"

That's a reason…

"If you want manly stories, I must appear more!" Elfman shouted to the skies, hitting his chest with his fist.

I'm not looking for a manly story…

"Why not a story about the Wild West?" Alzack asked with a low hopeful voice, Bizca nodding behind him.

I'm not that knowledgeable about the Wild West…

"About Gunners!" Bizca proposed exasperated, feeling that this could be their only chance to come up in a story.

I… You know? That actually sounds kinda interesting!

"YES!" Both cheered with their palms meeting in the air.

"OE! What about the rest?!" The other forgotten members yelled. "And stop calling us 'the forgotten'!"

Sorry, well, what about you?

"I don't know… a story about a mission done by Team Shadow Gear…?" Levy proposed uncertainly, Jet and Droy sending their murderous glares towards the author.

That could be interesting too… but your partners are boring…

"WHAT?!" The mentioned mages yelled in anger.

Why don't we add Gajeel to the mix?

"WHAT?!" The Iron Dragon-slayer spat the screws and bars he was eating when he heard his name being mentioned.

Ah… we have two stories now…

"I didn't agree to do it!" Gajeel protested angrily.

Who cares? Another one?

"Whatever author and story, no matter the pairing, must mention and show Laxus' greatness." Freed stated with a firm nod, Bickslow and Evergreen agreeing with him while the blond man himself was appalled.

I always mention Laxus, and he's always badass…

"That's true, you morons! Shut up!" Laxus grunted after hearing the confirmation.

"If you want romance, then you MUST add me." Loki said with a refreshing smile, summoning himself from the spirit realm, Lucy hitting her head against the table after hearing his words. "What about a harem with me in the middle?"

Not interested.

"WHAT?" Loki fell to his knees at the quick turn down.

"If you want a good story, it must have a dandy feeling to it." Wally Buchanan said with a suave voice, tapping his hat with a finger while striking a pose.

I like dandy, but I don't know much about you… or about dandies…

"A story about cats!" Millianna cried happily, hugging Happy, Charle and Pantherlily close to her, the three Exceeds having difficulties to breath.

That's… I don't know, let me think about it. I must repay Happy and the other two, after all.

"YAY!" The cat-lover and the Exceeds grinned at the outcome.

Besides, Pantherlily is cool.

"Thank you." Lily acknowledged with a short nod and smile.

"A story about old mans against the world!" Makarov, Macao, Wakaba and Gildartz yelled, pushing aside everyone and showing their idea to the author – that's me. "The story would show 4 good looking men striving against the world ruled by the young… earning some pretty and young ladies on their way to the top. Kukukuku!"

The story sounded interesting until that part – DIE!

"I have an idea." Laki Olietta murmured with a shady voice, grinning devilishly and sending shivers down everyone's spine. "Why not a story where all the guys fight for Erza's affections?"

"WHAT?! - Wait, that sounds interesting…" All the males said, earning shocked expressions from their canon soul mates.

"A-alzack, what the hell are you thinking?" Bizca asked with a twitching smile, pulling the nervously laughing brunette's cheek hardly.

"Now, Elfman, you said I was a 'Woman', remember?" Evergreen pinned the huge man to the ground and started to choke him with her hands, Bickslow and Freed trying to stop her.

"Gajeel – weren't you going to make me big?" Levy smiled sweetly to the dragon-slayer, but he could tell the dangerous aura escaping her.

"Erza-chan's beautiful perfume is mine, men…" Ichiya proclaimed from the entrance with his team, making a disgusting pose… that was broken when someone pushed the doors open and entered hurriedly.

"Erza is mine, and no one else's!" Gerard growled from the entrance of the guild, marching in between the mass of guild members with Ultear and Meredy following his lead. Ultear hiding her face in embarrassment while Meredy smiled shyly. After a moment of searching around for a mop of scarlet hair, Gerard turned to see the author – me – and asked. "Where's Erza?"

Now that you mention it… I believe that all this commotion distracted me and I couldn't say what was going to happen in between Natsu and her. They surely are gone and showing their love to each other right now.

"It cannot be! Natsu!" And Gerard left the place in a hurry, looking frantically for the knight and the dragon-slayer before they did something unforgivable.

And there it goes… this sudden rebellion spoiled my story… sigh… what am I going to do now?

"You can write a story about Crime Sorciere." Meredy said enthusiastically, startling Ultear who didn't want anything to do with this business.

It's interesting… but I don't have a pairing for you… I could make a Gerard with Ultear to add some spice, but what about you?

Ignoring Ultear's pale face at hearing her possible pairing with Gerard, Meredy continued. "Why not Natsu-san?"

Now then, that could –

"I'm sorry but that's not possible." Erza said with a dangerous glint in her eyes, her voice sharp as a blade; her hands dragging Natsu and Gerard, both men knocked and unconscious.

W-what happened to them?

"They started a fight when I was eating my cake – unforgivable." Titania growled with her anger still present, everyone backing a step in fear of suffering her wrath, Meredy being the only one that didn't back off, her smile still present… if not a little more scary. Erza leveled with her brown eyes. "Natsu is mine, Meredy; he will not take part in a story with you nor any other woman."

"You say that but the man is already in a story with me." Kagura commented with a neutral tone, jumping down from the second floor and standing in between Meredy and Erza, her face showing a small enthralling smile that made all the males look at her in a trance. "Isn't that right – author?"

U-uhm… yeah, but…

"See? And I believe he was already paired with Gerard too."

"But they later added me to their relationship!" Erza yelled to the woman, her words sounding like a mock to her.

"Hey, hey! When am I going to be with that pink-haired?" Cana said after downing her third barrel of the day, getting –sluggishly – to the point of conversation. "I'm never paired with him…"

That's not true…! –females glare- I'll shut up now.

"What about me?" Mavis asked with a cute pout, appearing next to the pink-haired boy, kneeling next to him and poking his swollen cheek. "I want to know Natsu more too!"

"I said – HE'S MINE, YOU BITCHES!" Erza roared like a dragon, her eyes giving a dangerous red glow that scared the shit out of everyone but her recently introduced rivals.

"He doesn't have your name on him." Kagura said sharply.

"Pink, plus, pink, equals success!" Meredy yelled brightly.

"I want a drinking partner!" Cana said with a low grunt, Macao and Wakaba gaping in shock at her reason.

"He's like me! We will bond better than him with any of you!" Mavis glared at the four women, her childish attitude forgotten.

"F-first!" Makarov cried silently, trying to take her away from the war-zone.

O-okay, listen here, we're deviating from the actual path, stop –

"Hey! Natsu and I promised to marry when older!" Lisanna yelled to the group in front of the main door, avoiding her sister's tackle, she stood her ground before the others. "He's mine by right!"

"What right? Did you two sign paper with that promise?" Kagura asked her with narrowed eyes.

"N-no...! But we made a pinky promise!" She faltered for a moment but remembered about it and showed her little finger to the rest, some of the males crying at her sweetness.

Cute… – Okay, this needs to stop!

"He's mine!"

"You don't speak for him."



"My precious member!"

"Pinky promise!"

Are you even listening to me?

"I believe they don't." Gray commented with a finger pointing at the group.

Geez… Thank you, captain obvious.

"Hey! I'm trying to help!"

Then, stop them.

"Good luck." And he left the place with his hands inside his pockets and Juvia still clinging to his arm.

Anyone has a method to calm them down?

"Erza is stubborn as a wild dog – she won't retreat from that challenge." Gildartz said scratching his cheek with a finger.

"No one can stop Kagura-san when she sets her eyes on something." Millianna said brightly with a smile, playing with the Exceeds in the corner of the hall.

"Meredy is a child in this matters – she'll go on until she gets what she wants or gets bored of it." Ultear commented calmly, drinking some tea on the bar.

"Cana… just wants someone to drink with her, and Natsu is immune to alcohol." Macao said with a grim expression, Wakaba nodding repeatedly behind him.

"I never saw or imagine the First like this." Makarov cried waterfalls, drowning his sorrows with a beer… well, it was the 7 he had since the battle started.

"Lisanna always showed feelings for Natsu, though, I never heard of that pinky promise." Mirajane whispered while cleaning the dishes under the counter.

Okay… so that means… we cannot stop this even with the all-mighty power of me – the author.

"Pretty much." Gerard agreed with his hands bringing an ice-pack to the bump on his head, sitting next to Ultear with a pained expression. "Erza… my Erza fighting for that pink-haired idiot…"

Oe, someone might angry if you say that aloud.

"We already have enough with Meredy, don't add yourself to that stupid fight." Ultear scolded him with a frustrated twitch of eyebrows.

That's right… any ideas?

"We could hold a tournament and make them fight for Natsu, you know?" Lucy told me with a tired sigh.

And you'll take part too?

"W-what?! No! I want to live!" The blond yelled with a visible blush and frightened expression.

"Besides, Lucy is already with me." Loki said charmingly, hugging her by the waist.

Didn't you propose a harem with you and all the girls?

"That's true! Get out of my sight, pervert!" Lucy pushed him aside and forced the celestial gate to close, sending a teary eyed Loki to the spirit realm.

Okay… about that tournament idea…?

"Want me to bring the mud?" Gildartz asked with lewd grin, the other males catching his line of thinking and nodding to his suggestion.

No way in…! Wait, that's… –females glare- I'll shut up about it. Give serious ideas, people!

"That's it! A tournament to the death! Tomorrow at midday!" Erza yelled to her rivals, pointing a steady finger to each one of them, grinning confidently when Lisanna, Cana and Meredy flinched at her challenge. "Or are you to scare?"

"I accept, Scarlet, I'll see you tomorrow." Kagura was the first to agree, leaving the place and heading to the town in search for a place to stay.

"I have no problem fighting young mages." The First Master grinned confidently, giving a peace sign before disappearing. "See you tomorrow!"

"A t-tournament?" Lisanna said with a startled expression, doubting her role in the fight and her possibilities.

"It was fun while it lasted, bye!" Cana said with a mischievous grin, returning to her drinking table and refusing to participate.

"I'll fight, this is a good chance to show my abilities after 7 years." Meredy answered after a moment of doubt, grinning confidently at the knight before leaving with her hands dragging Gerard and Ultear to their camp outside Magnolia. "See you!"

"What about you Lisanna?" Erza asked the last one to give an answer, the white-haired girl shaking under her gaze.

"I… I'll participate as well!" The take-over mage said confidently, laying a hand on her chest. "I'll not give up on Natsu! Not now, not ever!"

And so… this story is a mess… when did it turn like this?

"When Lucy called Happy and…" Lyon started to explain with a cool voice, drinking along Makarov, Jura and Gildartz.

It was rhetorical, captain obvious!

To be continued.

Some release from the seriousness of my stories.