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This is kinda cruel. But then again, so is Amensia. :/

Oh boohoo, Daniel.




Ow! Argh...

Such a careless fool, Daniel is.


His palm up to the edge of his hand burns hotly and he deserves it. Oh, he deserves it. How righteous that sharp corner of the shelf is as he grips it in support. It nicks him right where it should hurt most, where it should impede most. For now, he can't hold the lantern in his stronger hand. Daniel must use his weaker arm to lift the light.

And how it hinders him so well.

Daniel is weak.


He shutters at the slightest breadth of a noise and his eyes blink rapidly in the dark.

Focus, you twit. This is your playground. You should be revelling in your kingdom.

No! This is Alexander's …Brennenburg…

He closes his injured palm into a tight, pathetic fist. Why, Daniel? So the creatures, those demons, can't hear the steady pitter-patter of your blood dripping on the stone floor? Run it through your dirty, dishevelled hair, Daniel. Spread the stink of your blood through your senses.

See what it feels like to be covered in your blood before the danger strikes.

Like how all those people felt… that little girl…

The pain stings like a cattleprong into his hand. Daniel is branded. He is marked for a kill that is coming. Does he deserve it? Oh yes, he does! After all he's done to those poor souls…

Why find a hiding place, Daniel?

Why try seeking out comfort in the only light that guides you to false safety?

Because I… because I-!

No, Daniel.

You don't. You don't GET to hide. You don't GET to heal.

To hurt... To lose… To be found, that is what you deserve. You thought you were doing good, I understand that. Ancient relics and all, they can be very suspicious things that need destroying. But any smart man would have figured out from the moment the evil castle loomed in the distance of his journey …any morally ethic person who had seen the imprisoned men and women crying in the dungeons… any good soul, would have turned and high-tailed away, would have fought back with every breath for the sake of the others.

But you didn't.

You followed like a blind, pitiful man. And a blind, pitiful man you will become in this castle.

I must not forget! I must not forget…

That's right, Daniel. Don't forget.

Don't forget the pain and blood in your hand. Don't forget that the light gives your true self, that monster, away in the dark. Don't forget that the creatures in here are after you.

Don't forget you are careless, weak, blind, and pitiful.

Because Daniel's other arm is weaker than his injured one, his muscles buckle in it's grip and his lantern slips to the floor in a cracked and audible clank-clatter. A guttural growl far off in the distance is heard.

Oops… looks like they're coming, Daniel. You better run.

But, it's not like you really need to.

You deserve every shred of horror that comes.





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