Disclaimer- Sadly, I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to the great Matsuri Akino

Ten-chan, Pon-chan and T-chan all gathered around a door when they heard Count D start yelling,

"No thank you-get that thing away from me!"

"Oh c'mon D, you've never tried it have you? What's the big deal?" Leon countered, "Just open your mouth!"

The three cast sidelong glances at one another.

"I will not you horrid brute! Put that thing away!"

There was the thud of a body hitting the floor, then Leon's triumphant cry, "Now I've got you where I want you, open up!"

D squealed, "Get off of me you barbarian! No I will not mmrfh-"

"Ha-ha yeah! Swallow it D!"

T-chan had had just about enough, Leon did not need to be manhandling D that way. He flung open the door and took in the sight; D was on his

back, arms and legs flailing, whilst Leon was sitting on his chest. Leon's back was to T-chan, so he was unprepared when the angry Totseu grabbed

him by his scruff and flung him off, "No means no you jerk!"

D immediately rolled over, gagged and spat, before lurching to his feet. T-chan's look of anger shifted to confused shock, and then melted into

amusement as he collapsed to the floor, roaring with laughter. D tried to unsuccessfully straighten his rumpled clothing. His ebony hair, which usually

hung in a sleek, smooth bob, stuck out at odd angles, and his dual-colored gold and purple eyes flashed angrily, as he stormed out of the room

mumbling something about rinsing out his mouth to rid it of the foul taste.

Leon looked at T-chan, blinking, "What's so funny?"

Ten-chan and Pon-chan, curious as well, stepped into the room and erupted into peals of laughter. What caught their eye you ask?

Why the half chewed piece of steak, sitting innocently on the floor where Count D had spat it out of course. You were aware that the dear Count was

a vegetarian right? Why...what else would they have been doing?