The Jedi had long thought that the Sith had been almost entirely wiped out at the Battle of Ruusan almost 1000 years ago. Since then the Sith had adopted a rule of two starting with Darth Bane, or at least that's what the Jedi thought. What they didn't know was a few remaining human Sith had fled and were living with a small colony on the planet Naboo, which joined the Galactic Republic shortly after.

The Sith on Naboo quietly existed, slowly entrenching themselves into Naboo society. They were very careful not to reveal themselves, the Jedi still greatly outnumbered them and discovery would have been ruinous. They knew that to get their revenge against the Jedi would take years, perhaps centuries to enact properly.

The Sith soon established themselves as the various noble houses on Naboo who supported the non-Sith human monarch. This continued until the native species of the planet called the Gungans started a war with the humans of Naboo. During the conflict the royal family was wiped out, leaving the Naboo without a leader. The citizens of Naboo called for the election of a monarch as the fairest way to determine the new leader. The Sith wanted to end the war with the Gungans quickly so they decided to go along with it, however they inserted clause into the constitution that was drafted to allow any house deemed worthy enough by the people to become the new hereditary rulers of Naboo. This continued for over a century. The war ended with the Gungans being driven to near extinction.

About seventy years into this a young boy powerful in the force was born to house Palpatine. He grew into an ambitious young man and he quickly vied for the position of King, but was soundly defeated in the election. The young man blamed his father for his defeat as his father had been openly critical of the platform his son had run under. The boy killed his father in lightsaber combat, becoming the head of house Palpatine in the process. However the other Sith families were not impressed and many called for his death as well. However the current King decided that his death would cause suspicion and may attract the Jedi, so he appointed Palpatine as the Senator for Naboo in the Galactic Senate and sent him away to Coruscant, figuring that he would either get himself killed or do something useful.

What Palpatine did however was becoming the apprentice to the current Lord of the rule of two line of Sith. He never revealed the Sith on Naboo to his master, but deep down he harboured a large grudge against them for setting him aside.

For years Palpatine worked as what appeared to be the typical bureaucratic Senator, his master was also the head of the largest bank in the Galaxy and sought to control the Galaxy through credits and trade. When he proposed using the droid armies of the Trade Federation to incite galactic strife so Palpatine could rise to power as Supreme Chancellor in the senate, Palpatine was only to eager to sell out his home planet. Palpatine arranged a deal with the current King, Ars Veruna, to build a plasma mining facility and a trade deal with the Trade Federation, which unknown to Veruna was heavily favoured in the Federations favour.

The Naboo soon realized that they had been cheated in the deal and many of the citizens and even other Sith family's blamed Veruna for the bad deal and they tried to break the contract with the Federation. Veruna realized that this could end up leading to war with the Trade Federation and he began building up Naboo's military forces, a move which upset the peace loving citizens and which caused the Trade Federation to setup a blockade around Naboo, severely limiting their trade with other planets. The other Sith families saw this as an opportunity to rid themselves of Veruna and place their own monarch on the throne. Veruna was forced to step down as King and was sent into exile to appease the citizen. Soon afterwards he was assassinated much to the surprise of the people and the Sith, but the Sith were not to bothered as it meant they did not have to fear his return.

In the meantime they had to hold an election to replace Veruna. The Tapalo family put forth Kyu Tapalo, a forty year old man, known amongst the Sith as Darth Gravid. The Neeyuntee family put forth Yram Neeyuntee, a fifty year old Sith Sorceress known as Darth Hadra. The Kylantha family put forth Jev Kylantha a thirty-five year old Sith warrior known as Darth Carnage. The Veruna family put forth Ars Veruna's son Ian Veruna, a young man who was only twenty-three and had yet to earn his Darth Title amongst the Sith.

But the standout nominee amongst the nominations was Padmé of house Naberrie, a young girl who was only fourteen years old, yet she had already earned the title of Darth Amidala. Many of the houses declined to nominate anyone and threw their support behind Padmé. The young Padmé was extremely powerful in the force which was somewhat surprising as house Naberrie was typically one of the weaker houses. Padmé wielded the force stronger and with more natural ease than anyone they had seen before, her skill was on par with the most powerful Sith who were three or four times her age.

The non-force sensitive public thought that Padmé's nomination was a joke at first, but after watching her win the debates opinion quickly swayed in her favour. Padmé came across as though she were a politician with decades of experience rather than the girl who was barely a teenager that she was. All of her opposition save for Ian Veruna withdrew and threw their support behind her.

When election day arrived Padmé was elected Queen in a landslide victory, her coronation resulted in a day of celebration on Naboo the likes of which hadn't been seen in decades. When she was crowned she took on the name Queen Amidala, a cocky use of her Sith name. That night Padmé was also given Ars Veruna's old spot on the Sith Council of Five Lords.

The next day she got to business dealing with the Trade Federation and their blockade, however the Trade Federation refused to talk and told her that the Jedi were sending a Master to serve as an arbitrator for this dispute in a hope to resolve in peacefully. The sound of that both pleased and worried Padmé if she should get the Jedi to decide in her favour it would look like she was able to bend even the Jedi to her will. But should the Jedi rule against her, or should the Jedi discover who she truly was things could go very badly. Padmé knew that the outcome would depend on her ability to impose her will on the Force.

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