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How to Train Your Dragon:

The Second Night Fury

Chapter 1

CRACK! The thunder roared once again. The wind and the rain could barely be heard over the creaking and the straining of the ship as it moved against the waves beating on all the sides.

Hiccup was wondering why in the world he was on this ship! Sure it sounded fun as first but after the first half day, he already was sea-sick and dreading the fact that he still had a month left on the water.

BOOM! Another sound of thunder, slightly startling Hiccup.

Sighing, he muttered to himself, "Well at least we haven't drowned…mostly."

Honestly the storm wasn't all that bad, it was more so just a threatening one that sounded worse than it really was.

Looking over his hammock, Hiccup saw his dad sleeping in an oversized hammock that Hiccup himself could potentially get lost in.

His dad, Stoick the Vast, was the chieftain of his tribe on the island of Berk.

The entire reason for even taking this god's forsaken trip was to establish a trade route with another tribe. The village of Thariin, whose chief was called Strogg the Stone.

Thariin was a very prosperous village; being on the shore of the mainland, it became a hub for all traders from around the sea and beyond!

With the peace between the dragons and the Vikings, Berk began to be very prosperous with herds and crops. Stoick decided that it was time to establish a trade route with the prominent village, eventually establishing trade routes with all the other villages that they could.

And now, Thariin was a week away, and with this stormy weather pushing the ship, it will probably be a little less than that.

Trying to rest and force sleep to come, he started to think of home and his friends, and not the business trip. This only made matters worse.

He started to think of Toothless, his dragon who he befriended, who was the cause for all the happiness that was in his life at that point. Without Toothless, he was nothing and had nothing. He and Toothless had been heroes for both of their worlds.

Together they ended up killing the Green Death Dragon, which almost killed both of them in the end. Hiccup and Toothless were known as heroes after that act and would probably be recognized that for the rest of their lives.

Oh how he loved Toothless, because he was the reason why he had a father who cared about him now, friends who would do anything for him, and a special person in his life who was always spending time with him, flying with him, and then spending more time with him. Astrid.

Wow…just the thought of her swept him off his feet! Which was good that he already lying in a hammock and off his feet.

She was permitted to come on the trip with Hiccup and Stoick, well more so forced everyone to let her come. She more or less persuaded her parents to let her go see another island and learn about its' skills and warriors.

"More like she wanted to be with me!" thought Hiccup a little smugly. He crossed his legs and put his hands behind his head relishing in this truth, which ended up throwing him off balance and tossing him off of his hammock onto the wet floor of the ship.

"Great…" Hiccup thought as he scrambled up to get off the soaking wood. He looked around and was relieved that no one woke up when he fell. "Sitting here isn't really helping me fall asleep, maybe a quick walk up on deck will help." He muttered gloomily to himself.

Stepping outside of the cabin of the ship, he began to walk around the deck, or stagger around with the deck with the waves.

The actual walking on the deck surprised him because it was a lot easier than he had predicted. The air and the water were nice and refreshing, but he was still lonely.

Unfortunately, Astrid was asleep and Toothless couldn't come.

Stoick didn't want Toothless scaring the other tribe and this agreement needed to go as smoothly as possible for Stoick. Plus, other Viking tribes weren't so ready to accept the dragons as pets and might take lethal action towards Toothless.

So Hiccup had no choice but to leave Toothless, which almost broke his heart seeing Toothless devastated when he learned he couldn't come.

He hated that he had disappointed Toothless, and he also hated that he couldn't fly to get off the ship that seemed to be shrinking in size due to the time spent on it.

In fact, he hated that he couldn't fly at all! He was almost worried that he would be rusty when he got back. Two months gone can have a greater effect on skills than people realize.

"Hmm, I guess that's why Astrid brought her axe. Of course every Viking would bring his or her weapon no matter where they go." He thought.

As he finished getting soaked by a few waves of seawater and breathing the salty air, he decided that he'd better go back and continue to try and get some sleep. His thoughts were heavily on Toothless.

In fact, he could almost hear the screaming that a Night Fury makes when diving or flying at an incomprehensible speed. The sound seemed to get louder in his head as he was walking into the cabin.

He stopped to actually listen to what he thought he was hearing in his head, and then began to look up at the black, starless sky. It wasn't in his head; it truly was the sound of a Night Fury! Hiccup ran to the side of the ship and stared where he thought the sound was coming from.

Just as he did, a black streak dashed across the horizon not very high and not very far!

"It can't be…" Hiccup gasped.

His head was spinning from the sudden turn of events, and then he ran inside to get his dad.

A week's journey away in the land of Thariin, the thunder also rolled in the black sky and over the dark, infinite waves of the sea. Only from the lightning could you tell that you were in a cave looking out of a cliff.

Ukiah was all but tired, with the amazingly powerful storm just outside his humble cave.

Ukiah was 17 years old with midnight black hair cut short enough for people to know that he has hair but almost looked bald at a distance. His slender build was enough to show that he was strong, just not big.

CRACK! Ukiah always loved storms, especially at night. For two reasons though; He loved the sight of the unlimited power from the sky attacking the unconquerable sea, and secondly, a storm usually meant a good hunt the following day.

The thought of the hunt tomorrow made Ukiah laugh inside! He had meant to take it easy tomorrow, maybe even sleep in.

With food stocked up to last him awhile and a load of pelts, furs, leather, even some jerky ready to be traded, he planned on taking a "vacation" from hunting and fishing and prepare to pack for the trip to Thariin, 20 miles south.

However, this storm would give him a chance to get some more pelts to sell for money instead of trading for tools and other needed equipment to live in the forest.

He could potentially get a new quiver for his arrows as he looked over at his torn, almost destroyed with use, homemade quiver. Maybe even a new spear!

He guessed that he still had 4 hours before he would set out for the hunt.

BOOM! Ukiah rolled over from where he was laying and lit a small candle to his side. As the candle took flame, his collections of weapons appeared almost magically from the darkness; a steel dagger, his three double-spears, and crossbow.

He unsheathed the dagger and looked at it through the candle light. The flame of the candle of seemed to dance on the dagger's sharpened blade. Sheathing the dagger, he picked up one of the three spears and moved his hand up and down the handle.

The smoothness of the wood caused his hand almost glide over it until he rubbed the tightly bound leather around the middle. The two metal tips on each end were so perfectly crafted, that they balanced the weapon so well he could hold it with his pinky. With a grand total length of three feet, these were the perfect throwing spears.

He set the spear down and picked up his most prized weapon and possession; His crossbow. Already notched and ready to take the life of the next prey, or predator, it was a weapon that could always be depended on.

"Sleep well…" he muttered, "We're going to be busy tomorrow". As he finished saying those words, he realized that he was the one that was going to need the sleep more than the crossbow.

Carefully placing the crossbow back to its resting spot and blowing out the small candle he had lit, he leaned against the wall he was resting on.

He looked out into the vast darkness broken up by the lightning spontaneously striking at the water. He studied the rock pinnacles that stood out of the water in open defiance against the merciless waves.

He stared off at them until sleep started to overcome him. Forced trained, he kept one eye open, almost lifelessly scanning the opening and horizon. Had he not done this, he would have missed an object that silently, yet quickly, landed on one of the pinnacles facing the mouth of his cave.

Surprised by the unexpected visitor, he silently sat up and squinted at the peak of the rock.

Whatever it was that landed there, it almost turned invisible! It blended so well with the back ground and actual rock, that Ukiah with his hunter trained eye, was struggling to make out anything at all!

He knew just by the size of what he did see, was that it was a dragon! Yet he couldn't tell what kind! It definitely wasn't a Hideous Zippleback, he didn't see two heads. Couldn't of been a Monstrous Nightmare, they hate rain due to the fact that they can't light themselves on fire, besides that, it wasn't that big. It was most definitely not a Gronckle, wasn't round enough and he actually saw the wings.

"What was that?" Ukiah whispered to himself knowing that no one was around to really answer. "I guess it could have been a Deadly Nadder, the size was about right. Also the wing span looked like it as well." However, one thing bugged him. He didn't see the two legs stick out. It almost looked like a sleek…arrow. "I wonder what it is" Ukiah whispered.

All thoughts of hunting and sleeping were gone now. "Whatever landed on that pinnacle, it is still there and is probably looking at me!" He thought.

Slowly drawing his crossbow to him, he brandished his weapon to be ready for anything that might come in.

Suddenly lightning flashed and what Ukiah saw horrified him so bad that he almost screamed! It was a black and dreaded dragon that no one ever wanted to see, or lived to see, a Night Fury.

Ukiah's blood froze inside of him! He had only heard of the Night Fury, a terror and a supposed representative of death itself!

He had heard of the defeat of the Green Death Dragon by a Night Fury and a great Viking warrior, named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III that rode on the back of it.

But to actually see one in the flesh was a sight! It was sleek, almost stealthy like, which Ukiah understood to be the key to any successful hunt. It just looked deadly.

Then he saw the silhouette of the Night Fury spread its wings to take off and fly.

Quietly, but as quickly as was possible, he ran to the entrance of the cave and looked to where it could have gone. He judged that it flew right into the woods behind his cave.

In all of his hunts, he never really set out for a dragon. "Let the dragon slayers do that." He always told himself whenever he saw a dragon in Fallis Woods.

But this time, a rare Night Fury was in the woods that Ukiah knew better than most animals that lived in it!

"If I can take it down, I could be a hero just like Hiccup…" Thought Ukiah excitedly! "Maybe get a reward for killing it! Man what am I doing here; I've got to get going before it goes too far!"

Ukiah didn't really go on night hunts very often, but there were a few exceptions such as this.

He went back to the cave and lit his small candle again.

Grabbing his gear he had all situated, he started to put on his leather hunting vest which had definitely seen better days. He started wrapping his forearms with the same leather that his vest was made out of, just a really long strip for each arm.

After securing the gauntlet like wrappings, he strapped his dagger, pointing up, to his arm. Making sure that the dagger itself was secure and wouldn't fall out, he moved onto the spears.

His vest had special holes attached to the back which his spears fit smoothly inside! He reached for his quiver of arrows which he strapped to his leg tightly.

Before grabbing his crossbow, he stuck his hand in a bucket of water and then into the fire pit, rubbing the ash on his face at a diagonal from high left to low right. It was a traditional war paint style that his guardian had taught him before he went out to hunt. He had always done this regardless of what he was hunting.

Grabbing and not needing to check his crossbow, he blew out what was left of the candle and made his way through the dark forest in the middle of a storm.