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Summary: Two high school students are part of the ten thousand in Aincrad. What will happen to them and what is their fate?

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Floor 50

In some random meadow on the outskirts of town

It has been two years since we first stepped foot in SAO and now that the initial panic has dispersed we have a more relaxed public with only a few determined groups out in front clearing floors. I was lounging in the fading sunlight of twilight and I decided to take a small rest in a meadow. As I was relaxing, I started thinking about the experiences I had throughout the time I was in Aincrad. The first thing I realized when I had when I stepped onto the 50th Floor was that this was the headquarters for one of the strongest guilds in Aincrad, Blutigen Messer. It was pretty much a gathering of all my friends from school and a few new friends that everyone had made and led by my friend LouieDean. They specialized in solo fighting but their formations and tactics for boss fights and mass attacks are unparalleled.

Anyway the first thing that I really remember as an awakening for me was the first 20 floors of Aincrad. I had been one of the few beta players that had been able to get up to the floors higher than floor 50. After the message from Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of the game, I had started my own self quest for justice and became a shadow of Aincrad, helping make Aincrad safer for everyone. I had known the location of the first boss from the moment I had stepped out of the Town of Beginnings and used my high level surveillance skill. The first boss was a simple level 15 Hellbeast that was equipped with a Nodachi, that would normally take a party of at least twenty level 10 players to take down with a few casualties along the line, but me being me, I decided to fight against it alone at a meager level 5. Well I rushed through the forest separating the Tower of Finality, named for the finality of the few that would supposedly die in the first boss battle and the last moments of being "from" Earth, from the Town of Beginnings, scrambling over tree roots and through overgrown undergrowth. I quickly used my new Energy Sword to swiftly deal with any enemies that blocked my direct path to the Tower.

After an hour of running through the woods and across a fertile meadow, full of late blooming flowers with a nice contrast of vibrant colors against the grassy green, I made it to a bleak, boring-looking, cylindrical tower of stone that was the lair of the Hellbeast. Being a little arrogant and overconfident, I stepped into the tower and challenged the boss to pretty much a one on one fight to the death. I reached for my Energy Sword, yet I realized that my skill wasn't high enough to use it to its full potential, so I stuck with a spear.

I reached into the air above my head and started to concentrate. After a second, lightning struck the tower and started to swirl around my hand. The lightning morphed into a spear and a shield with a sword tucked into a scabbard built into the shield. "Raiyari!" I yelled as I used a one-handed grip on the spear with the shield on my left arm. I was equipped with simple leather armor, cap, and handguards along with my low level, one or two solid hits from the boss would mean good night for me. The Hellbeast roared at me and attacked me with the broadsword that he was carrying, a powerful overhead smash that I was totally unprepared for as I was expecting a fast swift slashing nodachi. I raised my shield quickly to block as I dropped to the floor and rolled to avoid the attack. The broadsword barely skimmed my shield, yet it felt like someone had thrown a hundred pound bag at my arm. That one strike was able to deplete my health by a third and as I was still recovering from the first hit, the Hellbeast was already mid swing. The next slash was a side cut and was heading for me at tremendous speeds, it was when this swing grazed my shield and I was left with only a third of my health left that I realized that taking on the boss by myself was probably a stupid idea.

Immediately after recovering from the second slash, I jumped into the air and stabbed the Hellbeast with my lightning spear as I was coming down(Like the Dragoons in Final Fantasy III). I was able to get it to half health due to its weakness being lightning and the added damage of the special skill jump but the next grazing hit that I took lowered my health to about a sixth of my full and I was running out of options. I threw my spear at the Hellbeast and managed to lower its health to about three sevenths of its full and I pulled my own sword out of its scabbard. I threw my shield like a huge shuriken and managed to get a little damage with that move and started to charge up for my special move, Raining Heaven.

After a few seconds of waiting and an enraged Hellbeast running at me, I jumped into the air and yelled, "Raining Heaven Dance 1: Heavenly Strikes!" before coming down and stabbing and slashing at lightning fast speeds. This was my finishing technique but as I was dealing the final blow to the boss, it just happened to scratch my arm as I pierced its heart. The Hellbeast was destroyed and I got a Midnight Coat bonus item, but the little scratch had lowered my health to exactly .5 health and I was wavering on the edge of life and death. I literally crawled to the top of the stairs, as the door to the second floor opened up, before collapsing on there and pulling out a health potion and downing it in one gulp, allowing it to heal me.

This was my first real battle in Aincrad and I realized that I probably shouldn't be so rash and tried to be more careful during my future battles in my quest through Aincrad. After the first boss battle I leveled up to level 7 and I decidedly stormed through the whole 2nd thru 9th floor in a rage induced rampage. I was quite able to completely decimate and destroy the monsters that were on the floors and the boss battles were easier and I gained experience and confidence. Though there were times that people asked to join me in my boss battles I always turned them down due to me believing that they would just hold me back and I wouldn't have the time to worry about them as well. There were many a time that I wanted to quit and stop being a so to say "white knight" and pretty much allow myself to just disappear from the world but I pushed forward.

Another memorable battle was the tenth floor boss battle. It was one of the times where I was actually at a sufficient level and had enough experience but there was always something that was going to screw things up when you know you have it just right. The boss battle was in a dungeon of a gigantic medieval era castle that was the epitome of greatness. The dungeon was a hexagonal shape with a blue flaming torch at each intersection and an eerie contrast of grey stones. The boss itself was a Lamia, kind of half snake, half woman thing that was particularly interesting as well as powerful, a formidable enemy. I was perfectly capable of defeating by myself and I was obviously go solo, when of course a party of girls, Maddy, Brittany, Florence, and Mabel, friends of mine from school decided to storm in after me to see what a boss looked like. I hadn't known that they had tailed me, "looking" for an adventure, the whole time I was clearing the dungeon and I knew that they were nowhere near a high enough level to be fighting the boss and well I found out it was a no crystal zone when they "tried" to teleport out. This was the beginning of a truly interesting fight.

Lamia, four bars, 100000 health, a rare weakness to dark and holy attacks, and I was equipped with my Dragonslayer Armor, a rare Dark Blood Gungnir, an Excalibur and well my obvious skill set. The girls were in Leather Armor, and each had a wooden shield and a knife. This was the worst equipped group that I have ever seen in Aincrad it just so happens that they are not only my friends but also now my responsibility in a freaking boss battle.
"Stay back and let me fight! Don't engage the boss unless it goes for you!" I yelled at them before I started attacking the boss, trying frantically to end the battle quickly. Well as you know how friends are and how many of them think, well they decided that it would be fun to poke the Lamia's tail as I attacked the front.

The Lamia immediately swung around and was about to kill all of them with one attack, but at that moment I switched with them and caught the swipe with my sword. The attack was powerful and it shattered one of my favorite swords and I lost an arm, I was also surprised to find that my regeneration skill wasn't allowing my arm to grow back and I lost half of my health as well. This was the first limb that I was going to lose in my long journey throughout Aincrad. I was a creation warrior and I was also a geomancer/bender and I had a great affinity to earth and I created an earthquake that took out a full bar of health before throwing my Gungnir at it and regaining about a sixth of my health and lowering another bar to about half. At this point the Lamia had about 1 and a half bars of health left and I was also losing health due to "blood loss", I was surprised that you could lose health if you lost "blood", but me being me, I put my good hand to the stump connected to my shoulder and swiped it.

"Creation, Chi no Ken (Blood Sword)." I said menacingly as my eyes turned red with bloodlust and my blood started boiling. The blood on my hand morphed and contorted to form a double-edged sword that was similar to my Excalibur and I started to go on a rampage.
"Special Skill, Bloodlust Cycle: Rampage of the Ferocious Wolf!" I yelled as I went into what most would call a rage-induced killing mode. I slashed and hacked, dodged and weaved, pieces of the Lamia flew around everywhere in the dungeon scattering and landing haphazardly on random objects. There was blood and gore everywhere around the room and a group of scared looking females in a corner as the Lamia disappeared and I stepped out of the darkness of the center covered in blood and flesh. I tried to cover and bandage my arms but I was too tired and weak from the fight, my health was reaching a critical point and the last thing I heard before I blacked out was someone shouting my name.

The next day I woke up in an inn on the eleventh floor with a bouquet of flowers and a card. My mind set completely on my mission, I totally ignored the flowers and card and checked my equipment menu and saw that I had a new Ragnarok trident and a Holy lance. After equipping these new weapons I quickly walked out of the room and went to the bar to pay for my stay, I was surprised to find that my room had already been paid for but I quickly pushed it to the back of my mind as I rushed out of the inn. If I had stopped and read the card that was with the flowers, I would have seen this message, Eric, We are all friends and we know that you feel responsible for everything that is happening in this world and for introducing us to this nightmare, but as friends we should band together and face things together. We are going to join Louie's new guild, you should come too.

My journey in Aincrad along the next few floors were rather smooth and uneventful. I was able to acquire a few new weapons that I knew I would eventually pawn, and I was living fine with only one arm. Though I could survive with only one arm, I managed to form arms with different substances that I would morph and change but in the end I decided to stay with an Orchalcium, a rare metal that was nearly indestructible. The next floor that was memorable was the 20th floor and the monster that I had encountered was a like mad scientist that used lab equipment as its weapons. Though the first time I saw the monster, I did a double take because the monster looked strangely like one of my old science teachers, Mr. Jungk. It was only until after the battle that I realized that the monster was a shapeshifter that targets the worst memories of their opponents.

I had equipped myself with a Blood Lance and a Holy Lance with my Ragnarok Trident strapped to my back. I got into a stance that would allow me to fully utilize the double spear skill that was unique to me, but before I was even able to get close to the monster, it dropped a beaker full of some solution and suddenly the whole dungeon was full of a weird looking gas. After a while of stock still standing and trying to get my bearings with only the sounds I heard, I started to see things that I knew would never happen. The first thing I saw was my friends playing happily, but as got close to them they turned to me and gave me a dark look before running away.

"Wait guys! Why are you running away from me?" I yelled as I chased after my friends old and new.

"We don't talk to or play with cheaters, especially beaters like you that kill others to fulfill your own needs!" They yelled back as they continued to pick up speed before disappearing into the distance.

"Wait!" I yelled desperately to them, "I'm not a BEATER! Let me explain!"

Suddenly the scene shifted into a scene where I was stuck in a jail cell in the dungeon under the Town of Beginnings and when I asked the person in the cell with me why I was here, I learned that I had killed all of my friends and was captured and subdued by the Knights of the Blood Oath. I sank down to my knees in confusion, sorrow, frustration, and despair. Everything that I stood for, fought for, my purpose in life was gone. I reached for a knife that was on the ground that was close to me and I brought it to my neck as my cellmate kept telling me that everything would be fine if I killed myself. I raised my arm with the knife in my hand up into the air and brought it down to pierce my throat and effectively kill myself, but at the last moment I realized that it was all a false reality and in my mind and redirected the course of the knife deep into my leg.

It was probably the most stupid thing I did but it also effectively dispelled the effect of the mysterious gas on me. The next thing I knew, the monster was in front of my face and had a very large thermometer in its hand. The thermometer was sharpened and looked like a double edged sword and was coming straight for my face, I tried to roll out of the way but my leg wouldn't move and I only managed to twist my face and upper body slightly before I felt an intense pain. The thermometer had pierced my right eye and the monster had pulled my eye straight out of my face. Where there should have been an eye was an empty socket that was dripping eye fluid and blood. I stood up from my prone position on the ground, pulled the knife out of my thigh and threw it at the monster. The monster had two bars of health and the knife managed to deal a little damage to the thing and it had already managed to get me down to half health. I gritted my teeth and ignored the constant stream of blood flowing out of my eye and leg wounds and picked up the two spear that I had discarded.

"Art of the Spear: Dance of the Striking Dragons!" I yelled as I rushed toward the scientist monster thing.

As I streamlined for the monster, the thing decided that I wanted to be a ninja and threw what seemed like a hailstorm of mini pipettes at me. The pipettes acted like senbon and each one did a little damage to me and by the time I had hit my first strike on the monster, I was in the red zone for health and looked like a freaking porcupine. As soon as my first strike contacted the monster, it was thrown into the air and I jumped up under it, twisting and turning like a dragon would in the sky. I continuously struck with devastating blows in a graceful dance of the dragons, lowering its health at a constant pace. If an onlooker was to see the battle it would look like the monster was getting constantly rammed by a dragon from all sides and it suffered a terrible fate. The monster had lost all of its health by the end of my one hundred and twenty eight strike combo and as it fell into the ground it shattered into the thousands of bits that were used to create it. This was probably one of the most awkward boss battles I had ever experienced because as soon as I finished the battle the dungeon door swung open and a party of at least a fifty players stormed into the room, ready to fight a boss and almost attacked me. I collected the bonus for the killing blow and hobbled to the next floor before purchasing a small house on the floor to rest in.

As I laid in the soft grass of the 50th floor in the warming sunlight that was coming from the artificial sun, I fell asleep thinking about the various adventures and challenges that I had and faced during my stay in Aincrad.


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