The darkest night

3rd Chapter

Ok, so... I am REALLY loving this thing. And thank you for all the postive comments! In this chapter, Freddy will not be in it physically, but is the center of it. The reason this is called the darkest night is because your at the darkest moment of your life. Another 2 weeks have passed and you find yourself thinking differently... about everyone and everything. You also begin to notice a big change in behavior. So has Quentin...

M for language and themes


I have got to stop getting cut...

You gaze up and down your left arm, analyzing the deep red marks that were carved into your skin. They were painful to touch and stung almost every time you thought about them. They bled most of the time, refused to close up, were a nuisance to cover up during school, and more and more appear with every night. But you couldn't care less...

"Are you paying attention back there?" your heart leapt at the sound of your teacher. Quickly raising your head up, you saw that the lesson had stopped. The class professor was standing at the front of the room, her hands placed upon her hips and her eyes were trained in your direction. Everyone around you had had turned your way, their eyes boring into your own. Quickly rolling down your sleeve, you answer back with a quick "Yes miss."

"You better be... I would hate to send you to the principal's office once more." the teacher warned you. Ya right, like you would hate to do that.

"I'm sorry miss. It won't happen again." you reply, trying as hard as you could not to spit an insult in her direction. You wait until she returned to the lesson and everyone to stop staring before you look at your arm again.

I have to be more sneaky than that. You think slowly to yourself, rolling up your right arm sleeve this time. Another trip to the office and I get suspended. Oh god, Freddy really did a number on me last night.

Your right arm was no better. Cuts and scratches lined your skin like art, moving and curving. Each stroke getting deeper and deeper into the soft flesh. You try poking a particular painful one, and cringe at the sharp feeling. Ok, NOT a good idea. Sighing deeply, you pull down your pitch black sleeve and turn to your papers in front of you.


This month had been a crazy one for you. In only 4 short weeks, you achieved to: A) Meet a crazed killer bent on revenge, B) End up in a relationship with him, and C) change in everything you do, from thinking to actually doing. You were a completely different person.

You had become extremely cold and recluse, wearing only dark clothing. The joy had been wiped away from your eyes, and instead replaced with everlasting fire. You felt angry and evil everyday. Your thoughts turned from water (which you still deeply cared for) to dark skies and shadows. Your friends had abandoned you, and no one ever cared to try and make conversation.

And you could not be happier. Freddy Krueger was the best thing that could have happened to you, even with the cuts appearing on your arms and body. He created a new feeling within your heart that burned like ice, but somehow made you feel good about yourself. The power, the confidence... it drew out the person that you wanted to be. There was no hiding with him.

And when would "go down" on you, oh god! The rush of his burnt skin, the taste of his togue battling with yours! The waiting was worth it you decided. He wasn't afraid to play it rough and you liked it that way. The cuts, in your opinion, were merely happy reminders of what had happened, and what was to come later that night.


A sickening sense of being watched suddenly washed over you as you returned to focus. Turning around in your seat, you look around at everyone. People were either deep into their studies, or fiddling with their devices. A few were asleep. The only person who actually was paying attention to you was Quentin, his eyes flaring with anger.

You immediately feel a familiar sense of guilt plague over as you turn away. You try not to notice the overwhelming pressure on you as you focus in on the lecture.

You never knew Quentin well. He never talked to you, never spoke about you, never even took a minute of his time to look at you. He was always to busy with his friends or hounding over Nancy. Granted, you never really paid much attention to him either. Until now, actually, it was like the two of you had never even glanced at each other. You two were just... different people in different worlds.

That was until about 2 weeks ago, when the cuts began to appear.

When your friends first noticed, you made up the excuse that your cat did it. When your parents noticed, you blamed it on tree branches cutting you on the walk to school. Everyone bought the lies... except Quentin. You could tell that he thought otherwise when he confronted you after school about 4 days ago.


It was a normal day for you when you were walking home. The sun was up and the sky was clear. You were walking home slowly, not being in a rush to get inside. The sky was so beautiful that you had to take advantage. In fact, you were so preoccupied that you didn't notice a pair of footsteps following you.

"You don't have a cat..."

You stopped dead in your air around you suddenly felt colder, despite it being a warm day. Turning around slowly, your eyes fell upon a tall boy with hair falling down his face. His eyes were shrouded in painted shadows, giving you the impression that he hasn't slept in a very long time. It was Quentin...

Plucking up enough courage, you ask him with a straight face "I'm sorry dude, what?"

"You don't have a cat. The cuts on your arms were from something else, something metal." Quentin gazed down at your arm. The sleeve was rolled down, but the red lines were still visible. Quickly, you hide your arms behind your back and take a defensive position

"You do you know that i don't have a cat? And how do you know if these were cut by metal? Have you been following me dude?" You demand. Quentin looked right into your eyes with rage. Not the angry kind, but the kind that still chilled you to your bone. The rage of disapointment.

"The reason I know you don't have a cat is simple. I work at the only pet shop in town. your family doesn't have one. Plus I have been scratched about a dozen times, and none of them look like that. They're to deep to be normal scratches, so the only other thing would be metal. Like a long sharp knife maybe, one that would fit a hand."

You take a step back, completely awestruck. As fast as lightning, you begin to think

"So Quentin... knows? About me and Freddy? Impossible... no wait, not impossible. Fuck, I forgot! Quentin was the one who battled and his girlfriend Nancy. Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT! What to I do? I can't say shit or I'll be dead, and Freddy too."

Quentin keep his eyes trained on you, not blinking. His breathing was ragged and deathly. His body looked like it was ready to pounce. In a spurt of adrenaline, you blurt out.

"Listen dude, I don't know you. Please... stay away from me. And stop creeping my family dude! Not natural!"

And without making a single hesitation, you turn around and begin to walk home again. Quentin didn't move, but he kept his stare until you reached the corner. He then turned around and began to walk the other way, both arms swinging angrily at his side

Flashback over

"Ok class, you can be dismissed. Please finish your homework for tonight!"

Jumping up almost immediately, you begin to walk towards the small classroom door. Behind you, Quentin was following eagerly. He was keeping unnaturally close to you, and the guilt inside your stomach grew worse. (You were sleeping with the psychotic killer of his best friends)

The hallway was crowded. Students from all ages rushed to get to their final period. Seeing this as an advantage, you quickly move into the crowd. Quentin was still close behind you. Once or twice, you felt a tug at your backpack, as if someone was trying to reel you into them. Pushing forwards, you kept making your way through the bustling school, with Quentin still right behind you.

After what seemed to last forever, you lose him in the crowd. Sighing in relief, you make your way to your final class of the school day, history. Entering the larger classroom, you find that you're completely alone.

Oh thank god. you sit down in your normal desk and begin to pull out your textbook and binder. One more minute of people and I might have killed everyone. Granted, that is not a bad idea.

As you were muttering to yourself, you didn't notice a white slip of paper that wasn't there before in your backpack rest upon a book..

The note flutters out of your bag as you pull out a small novel. It was a lined piece of paper folded over four times. Wondering, you pick it up. Did someone slip this into your bag? Maybe and admirer? No, not likely. You didn't really date much (besides Freddy obviously) Curiosity getting the better of you, you slowly unfold the paper and read what's inside.

The blood in your body turned into ice. your figure stood rigid and almost felt like it wasn't moving. Your heart was creeping into your throat and your pulse ran a mile a minute. Sweat began to produce from your brow, coating your face with warm liquid (lets all be mature here). Your hand began to shake as goosebumps crawled all over them.

No, no... it can't be. Its impossible. God damn it, this can't be happening! Not now.

You read the note over and over. With each word you grew more worried and angry. People were beginning to pile into the room. You took no notice however. Fire began to flare up in you again, creating disturbing thoughts in your of anger and revenge. You felt deceived, compromised even. A plan began to unfold in your mind. One of revenge and pain.

Because in your hand was proof that Quentin needed to die...

Dear (enter name here)

I know...

I know about why you get scars. I know why new ones appear every night. I know why you have become this way. And I don't like it.

If you don't stop this relationship with Krueger, you can make sure that I will expose him and you to the police. You can also make sure that I will try with all my might to lock you up in an insane asylum, where you belong. There you could meet Nancy, and tell her what you have done. Maybe you'll even see her cry...

I don't know you very well, but I know you enough to care about your well being. Krueger is bad news, and he will destroy everything you love. Including yourself.

I will be watching you every day


Freddy may have to teach you a trick or two tonight...


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