Chapter 1

Brused egos and magic do not mix

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Mount Justice, June 28th 20:33 p.m.

Recognized Red Arrow BO6. The computer announced the arrival of the archer, Red Arrow walked out of the Zeta Tube in full costume lazily to the living room. "Hey guys!"

"Hey Roy, what's up?" asked Robin standing up from the couch to greet his friend.

"Well Batman said he had some big mission for you guys and forced me to come."

There was a slight breeze and KF appeared next to Robin. "Well Batman isn't coming 'till 10:00 p.m. so how about some video games?" Robin and Kid Flash looked at RA with a childish grin, he sighed but agreed anyway.

After a while the girls got bored and joined the game too.

"Move out of the way!" KF screamed at Artemis for the 20th time.

"No way loser!" She said with a smug look.

It was the boys VS the girls and the girls were winning, probably because they convinced Robin to get the snacks, so he had to stay out of the game. Everyone was having a good time, that is until the guys lost for the third time in a row and…well let's just say their ego was not happy, and became completely pissed when the girls started doing their victory dance. The first one to react was none other than the speedster himself. "Ugh! This isn't fair, you only won 'cause you're girls!"

"What's that suppose to mean?!" said Artemis, annoyance clear on her voice.

"It means we had to go easy on you so you wouldn't get all sensible on us!" Said the red archer.

Rocket was clearly annoyed by this and said "I'm sorry, but who exactly are the ones acting like babies for loosing at Mario Kart right now?"

The girls were now outnumbering the guys so Super Boy decided to help his friends, after all he may be a 16 week old clone but he still has the thick head of any other teenager "Listen girls, the guys are kinda right. You got it easier, we have to work hard for what we want."

"Yeah, you just bat your eyes and get away with everything, like getting Rob out of the game!" Said Wally, pointing at his friend who was trying to hide his flushed cheeks.

The girl guilty of getting Robin out of the game, Zatanna, spoke "Well it wasn't fair, this was our first time playing and yours what? 100th!?"

That's when M'gann jumped in the conversation "Wait. Conner, are you saying we don't work hard for anything? Because if you are, let me just tell you…"

"No, M'gann I believe you got Super Boy's comment the wrong way, what he meant was that in most cases it is more... conveniant to be a female than a male" Aqualad said, interrupting the young Martian.

The girls boiled in anger and started yelling at the boys all at the same time. "IT IS NOT EASIER TO BE A GIRL, IF THERE'S AN EASIER GENDER IS THE MALES, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVEN HALF OF WHAT WE DO TO GET TAKEN SERIOUSLY!"

In a regular day the boys would have had back down the minute the discussion turned heated, but today, they had bruised egos and Roy's support, so there was no way in hell, they were letting the girls win... again.

Soon everyone was screaming at each other so much that neither of them knew what the other one was saying, but that didn't stop them.

Mount Justice, June 28th 22:00 p.m.

Batman walked into the cave to find all 9 teens screaming like crazy.

"You say being a guy is so hard, I bet we could do what you do with one hand tied behind our back!" Said Rocket.

"Pst! Yeah right, you wouldn't last a day, unlike us, we could totally do what you do, paint our nails, talk about boys, oh yeah real hard." Said the young flash sarcastically.

Artemis glared at him "And what is exactly what you do Kid Dork, sit around watching T.V. and eat?"

This time it was Robin's turn to speak "No! We have to do extra hours with Canary while you're taking long baths because Canary's training was too 'exhausting'."

M'gann was about to reply when the bat cleared his throat. Everyone went wide eyed and slowly turned to see Batman with a horrified look on their faces. He gave them one of his infamous batglares. "If you are done behaving like children, you can join me to the briefing." Everyone nodded their head and followed Batman to the control room.

They all stayed silent until robin decided to speak "Sooo… what's the mission?"

Without even a glance at the boy, obviously still mad for their little act, he began "We have Intel that Sportsmaster will be at the Happy Harbor Natural History Museum to steal the "mockjay" gem that is on the new exhibit tonight, that's why I want you to be there on the bio-ship and stay in camouflage until you see him. Understood?!" The teens nodded and left the room as fast as they could to board the bio-ship.

Happy Harbor Museum, Parking lot, June 28th 23:50 p.m.

"Ugh! We've been here for decades!" Exclaimed the impatient speedster.

"Calm down Kid Flash, this takes patience." said Aquaman's protégé, calm as always while looking through the window.


KF jumped from his seat, "Did you hear that?!" he said, not bothering to hide his excitement.

"Finally!" exclaimed Robin. Everyone turned to him surprised. "What? Oh come on I highly doubt KF was the only one waiting for this!"

Inside of the museum, June 29th 2:27

The team was fighting Sportsmater and Cheshire, but it seemed like she and Roy were on a completely different place.

"Oh hey lover boy, long time no kiss." She said giving him a flirty wink. Suddenly there was a sound like glass being broken, Cheshire turned to make sure the sound came from his partner who was acquiring the strange but powerful gem. Her distraction lasted for only half a second but was still enough for RA to attack and pin her to the floor.

Suddenly a green arrow hit Sportsmaster on the shoulder making him drop the precious gem, he quickly dodged more arrows and jumped out the window disappearing into the night, Kid Flash ran to try and save the gem but it was too late. As soon as the gem hit the floor it shattered into a million little pieces filling the romm with a thick purple smoke and the (now 10, adding jade) teens started coughing and passed out.

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