Chapter 6


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Mount Justice July 2nd 1:40 a.m.

"sleep, I need sleep!" things like this and more were heard as the teens collapsed one by one on the couch, floor or counter top in M'gann's case when he tried to make dinner. After dancing and playing pranks on the reporters that were at the ball all night everyone was too exhausted to even walk to their rooms. All they wanted to do was sleep.

Recognized Batman 02

But of course the universe had a different idea.

"Team suit up! You're going on a mission"


Santa Prisca July 2nd 2:30 a.m.

The team was on the bio-ship; Batman suspected Bane had gotten a way to highly improve his venom, he specifically said it was a recon mission only. Observe and report. But when did missions ever go according to plan.

"We'll divide into pairs so we can cover more ground, Superboy and Zatanna take the 1st quarter, Rocket and Artemis you will take the second one, Robin and Kid Flash the third, and M'gann and I will take the forth." Said their leader.

"Aye, aye captain!" Saluted the speedster.

Robin and Wally walked until they reached their quarter of the island.

"Ok we need to find the entrance so I can get a sample, you go south and I go north." Said Robin while looking at his wrist computer.

"But it's all muddy over there, why don't I go north and you go south"

"Ok, so I'll go north and you go south"

"Great! ...HEY!" By the time the young hero realized her mistake her friend was long gone and all that could be heard was her infamous cackle.

-North of 2nd quarter 2:45 a.m.-

"Oh look at me I'm so smart I outsmarted the speedster, Na Na Na Na, stupid Robin with her stupid word games." Wally kept grumbling and kicking some rocks without even noticing where she was.

"Should I be worried that this is about the 3rd time this week that I catch you talking to yourself?"

"AAH!" Wally jumped but slipped with all the mud and landed on her butt.

There was some rustling from the bushes in front of her, she tried to get up but to no use, this made whoever was there to start laughing and come out.

"ARTEMIS! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Artemis took her hand and helped her out of the mud. "Relax, I just saw you walking towards me and talking so I thought you were trying to tell me something until I realized you were talking to yourself… seriously should I talk to Canary about that?"

As Wally stated to remove the excess of mud she gave Artemis a smirk and a wink. "Why? Do you worry about me?"

"Pft! Please, I'm just asking you because I don't want a crazy speedster ruining the missions."

"Ha-ha. I was just thinking out loud, so what are you doing in my quarter, got lost or something?"

"Umm no, this is the 2nd quarter, you're the one's who's lost."

"What?! Ugh I must've walked too far without noticing."

Artemis shook his head and continued walking in front of Wally.

Suddenly there were gunshots everywhere so Kid Flash did the first thing that came to her mind, she grabbed Artemis and started running.

"Hey babe"

"Put me down this is embarrassing" (1)

Wally gave him her trademark grin before putting him down. The two continued running until they reach the center of the island where her friends were in an intense battle already with none other than Bane and his goons.

"You wan' a piece of me kid!" said Bane hitting his chest like a gorilla.

Zatanna raised an eyebrow "I'm not gonna dignify that with a response."

"Say haven't I seen you somewhere?"

Zatanna visibly tensed "No! … I mean, no I don't think you have."

"No I've definitely seen you but with something different….wasn't your hair longer?"

"Ugh, this guy just won't let it go!"

"I know! It's getting annoying!"

"Is that jealousy I hear Rob?"

"Shut up KF!"

"I'm not even talking!"

"Then stop thinking!"

"Kaldur?" Zatanna said interrupting his teammates' quarrel in his head.

Kaldur sighed in the mind link "alright but that also means that Batman won't let us go on another mission this week."

Everyone agreed.

While this conversation was happening Zatanna was still fighting Bane.

"So, are you gonna tell me what happened to you and all your little friends, kid?"

"We all got gender swap on our last mission alright!"

Bane started laughing like a mad man along with all of his minions, the team frowned at this but wasted little time starting the battle once again, if they punched 'a bit' harder or kicked with 'a little' more strength it was a mere coincidence.

While fighting the thugs Robin saw that Bane was slipping away into the warehouse. "Guys! Bane's escaping"

"I got him." Said Kid Flash through the mind link.

"Kid wait!" But Wally had taken off into Bane's direction already.

-Inside the warehouse-

Kid Flash ran inside the warehouse and walked almost ninja like looking for the masked man, there was a grunt and boxes full of empty venom containers that were piled on her right fell on top of her, unfortunately one of the boxes landed on her foot and sprained her ankle, she was still pretty fast but not enough.

"I think I sprained my ankle." She said on her head.

"Go back to the bio-ship and wait there, Bane will most likely hide and we're almost done here." She heard Aqualad's voice.

"BUT! Ugh! Fine!" As she was getting out of the trap she saw Bane's silhouette so she decided to run after him as fast as she could, she tried to warn her friends but she was already out of range, Bane ran into a hallway with no end giving Wally the opportunity to corner him or that's what she thought.

"It's over Bane, give it up!"

"Or what?" he seemed calmed.

"Look we can do this the easy way or the hard way, either way one of us is going to jail and trust me it is not going to be the gu- girl in the red and yellow spandex"

"What are you gonna do? Hit me with your purse or something?" Perhaps too calmed.

"Ok the hard way it is"

Wally was about to launch into Bane when the masked man held up his hand and shook his head. "Uh uh uh." Wally stopped and looked at the man's other hand to see that he had a detonator. "Look behind you."

She turned around and saw hundreds of twinkling red lights with dynamite attached. Suddenly it was a bit harder to breath. She looked back at Bane, he had crowbar in his hands.

"Sorry girly gotta make sure you can't escape."

He took a swing.

And everything went black.

Santa Prisca July 2nd 4:00 a.m.

Superboy punched one last goon before looking at the rest of the team.

"It seems that was the last one." Said Aqualad.

Robin popped from behind Artemis. "And I got the sample so we can finally leave."

M'gann looked around. "…umm, where's Wally?"

"She said she'd wait on the bio-ship." Robin said.

M'gann looked confused though. "But… the bio-ship is within my telepathic range and I can't contact her."

"What! Ugh dam it KF, she must've stayed at the warehouse."

Now Artemis was starting to get worried. "Well let's go find her! She's probably still fighting Bane!"

The teens ran towards the warehouse… towards Wally…


… Only that now, there was no warehouse to run towards to…

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