Hi guys, so here's the next story in my series. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what's going to happen in this story; I'll just let my fingers do the typing and we'll see what happens. Either way I hope you enjoy it. Xxx

Jenny sat in the kitchen at the breakfast bar, tea in hand and laughing happily. Sat opposite was her older sister Heather, drinking coffee and telling her younger sister stories about her own kids. In her pram beside Jenny was one week old baby Olivia; hard and fast asleep, pacifier in mouth. She looked so peaceful, giving no indication that only ten minutes previously she'd been screaming the house down.

Jenny glanced at her daughter and smiled. She still couldn't believe that Olivia was actually hers, that even though she'd carried her for the best part of nine months, she was actually here and this time nobody would take that away from her.

'She looks so much like you Jen.' Heather said as she leaned over the counter to look at her niece.

'A few people have said that, but I don't really see it. I can see a lot of Jethro in her; I just hope she didn't inherit his temperament.' Jenny replied with a small laugh, just as Penny and McGee arrived.

'Heather! When did you arrive?' She asked with excitement as she embraced her sister.

Although Heather was actually her auntie and Sarah was actually her grandmother, she still thought of them as her sister and mother, even though she'd wanted her relationship with Jenny to change.

'About an hour and a half ago.' Heather replied before turning her attentions to McGee. 'And you must be Tim; I've heard so much about you.' She said as she shook his hand.

'Likewise; it's a pleasure to meet you finally.' He replied.

'So how did the hunt go?' Jenny asked, referring to Penny and McGee's search for a house together.

They had discussed her moving into his apartment, but they realised that it was too small. However, they also wanted a place that would future proof them, somewhere that, once they were married and settled, they could think about starting a family of their own. The problem now was just finding a place.

'Nah they were all crap. Most of them need a lot of work doing to them or the neighbourhoods aren't that great. Not only that but none of them were close enough to here or NCIS so…' Penny replied despondently.

'Aw never mind Pen, you'll find something I'm sure.' Jenny replied.

'I certainly hope so.' She replied.

'Well if you don't mind I'm going to see if I can get us a viewing with our estate agent for a couple more places.' McGee said as he excused himself.

'So what's new with you guys?' Penny asked as they all sat down at the breakfast bar once again, after saying goodbye to McGee.

'Well I don't have news as such, but I may have some gossip.' Heather said coyly with a small smile.

'Ooo sound's interesting.' Penny said.

'I think mom might be seeing someone.'

'Really? No way!' Jenny replied with astonishment.

After the death of their father, their mother Sarah had fallen apart and they'd been concerned that they'd lose her too; but somehow she found the courage to pull herself together and move on. However, she'd vowed that she'd never remarry or date again after a couple of disastrous dates, stating that the only man she could ever truly love was gone.

All three women were delighted by the prospect of their mother in a relationship, but it didn't stop it coming as a complete shock.

'So what makes you think that? Has she told you?' Penny asked.

'Well no, that's why I only think she's seeing someone. But she's spent the last few months talking a lot on the phone to a guy, and she even went to see him a few times.' Heather explained.

'So he doesn't live in LA then?' Jenny said as she took a sip of her drink.

'No I think he lives in Pennsylvania, erm…Clearwater…I think.'

Penny and Jenny's eyes darted to each other, knowing the significance of the location, even if Heather didn't.

'Do you mean Stillwater Pennsylvania?' Penny asked.

'Yeah that's the one!'

'Any idea what this guy's name is?' Jenny asked.

'I think his name is Jack.' Heather replied, causing her two sisters to burst into kinks of infectious and uncontrollable laughter. 'What's so funny?' She asked, astounded by their reaction.

'Jack is Jethro's father. I can't believe mom is dating him.' Jenny explained as she wiped her eyes.

'I knew there was something going on between them two; they couldn't keep their eyes off each other when they were here.' Penny stated.

'Aw well I think it's really great that she's found someone.' Heather said. 'He's totally put a spring back into her step.'

'Ew!' Penny said as she wrinkled up her nose. 'By "spring in her step" do you mean…' She added.

'Yeah that's exactly what I mean.' Heather replied with a laugh.

The three sisters cackled with laughter, just as the front door was opened by Gibbs as he led Sarah and Jackson in after picking them up.

'Sounds like a coven of witches in here.' He said as he kissed his wife on the cheek.

'What were you all laughing at?' Sarah asked as she looked at their guilty faces.

'Oh nothing mom, just having a girly gossip; you know how it is.' Penny said as she greeted her mother warmly.

'Well it's nice to see you girls laughing; it's not often that we're all together like this.' Sarah said as she hugged Penny and then Jenny. 'And I here you gave everyone quite the run around?'

'You can say that again. Was not the best circumstances in which to go into labour.' Jenny replied with a laugh.

'And where is the little one?'

Jenny stepped to one side to reveal Olivia in her pram.

'Aw she's gorgeous!' Sarah gushed.

'She certainly is.' Jackson said as he joined them and looked at his granddaughter.

Once everyone had seen the baby and had cooed over her, Penny agreed to make everyone a drink. She was in the kitchen making them when McGee returned.

Did you manage to get a viewing for that place?' She asked him.

'No.' He huffed. 'Another couple had just put in an offer and it was accepted. And the other place I viewed wasn't that great.' He explained.

'Something will turn up, you'll see.' She said optimistically as she placed a hand on his cheek.

'Well I do have some good news; mom and dad have offered to give us some money towards the deposit, meaning we can afford a slightly higher deposit now.'

'Oh McGee that's fantastic news.' She enthused. 'At least it means we can broaden our search a little.'

Later on that evening, once everyone had left and Gibbs was putting Olivia to bed, Jenny was relaxing in her study. Even though she no longer had any work to take home with her to work on, she enjoyed being able to take some time out to relax. The study had always been her retreat, whenever she needed some peace and quiet to listen to some music or read, and that's exactly what she found herself doing now.

Penny trotted down the stairs and rounded the corner, standing in the doorway with her head and shoulder resting against the frame.

'You OK?' She asked her mom.

'Mmm just perfect. Are you?'

'Yeah I'm alright I guess.'

'Penny, don't let this house thing get you down. You'll find something when it's right.' Jenny comforted.

'I know we will.'

'You should come sit down for a while.' Jenny said with a small glint to her eye.

'You never give up.' She replied with a laugh. 'Even after eleven years there's still no way in hell I'm coming in there. You're lucky enough to even have me this close.'

She looked round the inside of the study and felt her skin crawl as it brought back painful memories. Often she questioned her father's actions, wondering what could have happened that made him take his own life? She often asked herself if there was something she could have done to stop him?

'It wasn't your fault Pen.' Jenny said softly as she noticed the look on her daughter's face as she looked around the room. 'He did it for reasons we'll never know or understand.'

'I know. Just doesn't make it any easier sometimes you know?'

'I understand, I feel the same way sometimes. Especially now I've got Olivia; I'd have loved for him to have met her. However, we have to accept that he chose not to be a part of these things when he made the decision to end his life.' Jenny explained.

'I guess.' Penny replied. 'Well I'm gonna get off to bed. McGee and I have a couple more houses to look at first thing.'

Jenny watched as Penny walked up stairs and began to wonder how much she could help her. She wanted her daughter to be happy and knew that she was in a position to; she just wasn't sure by how much. However, any decision making was going to have to be left until the morning.

She finished her drink and placed the empty mug into the kitchen before heading to bed herself.