Jenny was up early rocking in the handmade rocking chair, made by Gibbs, whilst holding Olivia to her. She was happily fed and was just drifting off to sleep, a pink pacifier in her mouth, but fighting hard against it.

'Hey is everything alright?' Penny asked sleepily as she entered the nursery.

'What you doing up at this time?' Jenny said as she looked at her watch and then at her daughter.

It was just leaving half past six in the morning; the daylight outside was just beginning to appear, the birds were beginning to sing and life was starting to stir.

'I couldn't sleep, so I didn't think there was much point in just lying in bed. How long have you been up?'

'This little one has been awake since four.' Jenny replied as she stifled a yawn. 'I hope she didn't wake you?'

'Ouch! That's way too early; but no, I didn't hear a thing.' Penny replied with a smile. 'Why don't you go back to bed and I'll look after her for a while? Give you and Gibbs a break.'

Jenny hated the idea of dumping her baby on Penny, but she had to agree that she could do with the rest before her family arrived. She nodded her head and passed the baby to Penny, who loved being able to take over and look after the baby, giving her parents a break when they needed it. She even managed to surprise herself with how naturally it all came to her. She loved being a big sister and realised that she was going to miss everything about living in that house when she and McGee eventually did find a place of their own.

Jenny disappeared to her bed, leaving Penny and Olivia to it.

'So Flump, it's just me and you now kid. What do you say we go look for some breakfast?' She said as she looked at her baby sister. 'Thought you'd agree with me.'

Penny took Olivia downstairs and placed her into a bassinet in the living room once she'd made herself a slice of toast. She still liked to refer to her sister as Flump, and it was apparent that this was forever going to be her nickname.

'So Flump, are you going to prove to be a good omen and help me find a new house for us to live in?' She asked as she turned on her laptop.

She spent ages typing into google and looking at local estate agents. She couldn't find a house that was remotely within their budget or close to where she lived now. She was desperate to stay in Georgetown, preferably a stone's throw away from Jenny, Gibbs and now baby Olivia.

'Ooo there's two or three round the block that look perfect. What do you say we throw on my jacket and get you into your pram and go for a walk? We'll see if we can't tire you out at the same time.' She said as she placed the baby into her pram and wrapped her in her blankets to keep her warm. She wrote a note to her mom to let her know where they were, just in case she came down to find them gone, and then pushed the pram outside.

She'd put her long black coat over her pyjamas, so that you could only see her pyjama pants from the knee down. She often liked to go for an early morning walk before anyone else was up, and more often than not she wouldn't bother getting dressed first.

As she walked round the block she came across the first house for sale. It was one of the terraced houses with no front yard, but with a short driveway and from the outside it looked reasonably nice, if not a little dated. The other two houses she looked at, as she continued her walk, were much the same, but not as well kept. Truth be told though, she wasn't that keen on any of them. None of the houses gave her a nice, warm, homely feel, not like her own home.

Olivia had finally fallen asleep just as Penny began to head back in the direction of their house, but as she rounded the corner she saw a removals van parked outside the front of one of the terraced houses opposite. It belonged to a couple in their late fifties, who had been good friends of her parents when Jasper was alive and before Sarah had moved. However, a few years previously they too were hit by tragedy when their only two sons were killed in an accident, leaving them shell shocked and devestated.

She pushed the pram across the road to see them, wondering what was going on. There'd been no indication that they were planning to move beforehand.

'Hi Margo.' She said to the older woman as she carried a box to the waiting van.

'Penny, it's good to see you.' She said as she embraced the younger woman. 'Oh my word, this is never Jenny's little one is it? I can't believe she's finally here!'

'Yeah this is Olivia.' Penny replied with a smile.

'She is the spitting image of her mother.'

'Yeah she is, although she's mastered her father's glare beautifully already.' Penny replied with a laugh. 'So I guess you're leaving us.'

'We are. This house holds too many memories for us and it's far too big with just the two of us now; we decided it was time. Also Willie's mother is very elderly and needs taking care of. That's why we're moving to Toronto, so that he can be with her.' Margo explained solemnly.

'So who are we getting in your place?'

'Unfortunately we don't know I'm afraid. The house hasn't even officially gone up for sale yet. See Willie got a call the other day to say his mother had fallen and was in hospital. That's when we realised that she couldn't really take care of herself anymore, so everything has happened rather quickly.' Margo replied.

'Do you need any help with anything?'

'Oh you're a real sweetheart, but I think we'll manage. My two nephews have come to help along with their wives.'

'Well make sure you come and say a proper goodbye to us won't you?'

'We will, don't you worry.'

Penny then pushed the pram across the road to her own home, getting ideas into her head as she slowly took out her keys from her pocket and placed it into the lock. She made Olivia comfortable in the living room before pulling out her cell and dialling McGee's number.