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Moka skipped merrily over to the boys dorm to wait for Tsukune. She had missed him terribly all day, and was greatly looking forward to seeing him again. She giggled and blushed as she thought of different scenarios of her getting a nibble on his neck, opening it up to that delicious life fluid that she was getting addicted to. She smiled upon seeing the door open, and immediately started off towards it.

"Good morning! Tsukune-kun!" she called out, before she froze in a block of ice.

"No touching my man." Mizore stated calmly, as Tsukune groaned upon seeing Moka frozen.

"Unfreeze her Mizore-chan..." he stated in exasperation. Despite his talkings with her about not freezing his friends, she seemed very possessive. Mizore nodded and the ice shattered, leaving a shivering Moka.

"Ts-Ts-Tsukune-k-k-kun..." she shivered, holding her arms around herself. He strode up to her and hugged her, rubbing her arms to try and warm her back up.

"I'm sorry Moka-san, I didn't mean for that to happen. Would you like some blood?" he offered, to which Moka nodded and smiled, clamping her lips to his neck. To anyone this scene would look normal, but Mizore saw the subtle flush in Moka's skin, the way her eyes would glaze over, and the exaggerated lick that she gave his neck to seal the wound.

She grit her teeth, throwing an ice kunai into the woods, smiling grimly at the 'thunk' it made as it connected with wood. Tsukune smiled and gave Moka a formal hug before separating from her, before Mizore immediately grabbed on to one of his arms, holding it against her body possessively. Moka looked at her, taken aback, before she latched onto Tsukune's other arm, giving Mizore a defiant glare. The two glared daggers at each other the entire way to class, to Tsukune's dismay.

'This is why I don't like emotions...' he thought in exasperation, not even wanting to think of what would happen when Kurumu showed up.

It had been a week, since Mizore had started to walk with Tsukune, and he was pleased with how things were going. Well, at the very least he was pleased that he didn't pan out as he had predicted them to, that way being the girls practically tearing each other apart when they were in close proximity of each other. Thankfully, however, Mizore had learned to restrain herself from planting an ice kunai in-between Kurumu's eyes after Tsukune had threatened to lock his windows every night if she did.

Tsukune looked up at the cloudy sky, trying to figure out how this would all pan out. He had Mizore on his left arm, and Moka on his right. Kurumu was on his back, gleefully laughing at the piggy-back ride she was receiving. The male populace (including Kurumu's slaves) were walking with considerable distance between them, but they were all glaring at Tsukune from some angle. How had this man snagged three beauties? And why did he look so non-chalant about it?

Tsukune observed each and every possible adversary from his peripheral, sizing them up as possible enemies.

'Short, stout, flat nose...pig monster? Low threat. Tall, lanky, restless eyes, lazy posture...some sort of cat monster. Possible large cat, panther judging by his hair color. Medium threat. Gonna need to carry some counters to these beings...'

Kurumu's voice ringing in his ear brought him from his musings. "Tsukune-kun, I hear we have a project coming up soon~! I think we should be in the same group, so that we have an excuse to be alone, don't you think~?" she said, several cries of outrage coming from the male part of the school crowd.

Tsukune shivered as his arm started collecting frost. "I'm afraid Tsukune already has a female attending his room regularly, so that won't be possible."

Kurumu gave Mizore a sour look. "Then he can come to mine."

"Also not possible, he's busy."

"With what?"

"Whatever he has that he must do."

"What if he doesn't have anything to do?"

"He'll find something to do."

"Or someone to do~"


Tsukune looked behind him with little surprise to see the succubus on the ground in a block of ice. He sighed before looking at Mizore in exasperation.

"Please unfreeze her Mizore-chan."

"I don't want to."

He cocked an eyebrow. She hadn't denied that request before...

"Why not?"

Mizore's eyes narrowed as she glared at the ice block.

"She wishes to deflower you before I can."

Tsukune blushed, looking back up at the sky.


"Unforgivable." Mizore said, before grabbing Tsukune's arm and attempting to drag him towards the school.

Tsukune sighed and pulled her over to him, wrapping his arm solidly around her shoulder. "What will it take for you to unfreeze her, Mizore-chan?"

Mizore looked up at him, before thinking for a second. Tsukune blinked as she blushed suddenly, getting a mischievous look on her face.

"You grant me one favor tonight."

Now it was Tsukune's turn to blush, before he started shaking his head frantically.

"M-M-M-Mizore-ch-chan...y-you kn-kn-know how I f-feel a-a-abo-"

He stopped upon seeing the violet haired girl shaking her head. "There's no need for alarm, Tsukune-kun, I will not ask you for sex yet."

He nodded, letting out a sigh of relief. "Alright then, I'll grant your request tonight."

Mizore nodded, allowing the ice-block to shatter. Kurumu glared at Mizore, her teeth chattering loudly. "Y-Y-Y-Y-You b-b-bitch, s-s-stop f-freezing m-m-m-me."

"Stop trying to seduce my future husband."

"H-H-He's m-m-m-my d-d-destined o-one!"

"No, he's my husband. It has already been decided."

"Do I get a say in this?" Tsukune put in meekly, only to be glared at by both girls.

"No." they said in unison, before going back to arguing. Tsukune sighed and chuckled, starting his trek to the school with Moka staying silent by his side. He looked down, seeing if he could gauge her reaction.

'Normally, based on her previous interactions with Kurumu and Mizore-chan she would have been argueing intensely with them, saying that she knew Tsukune first, and that she had the right to be with him the most. However, she was quiet today.

'Hmm...possible reasons could be menstruation cycle, stress overload, preoccupied thoughts...hurt feelings? Possible jealously...ARGH! Why does there have to be so many variables when it comes to emotions!'

Tsukune grumbled something to Moka, which made her look up in surprise.

"Did you say something, Tsukune-kun?" she asked, tilting her head cutely.

Tsukune sighed. "Is...is something wrong? I can't figure it out..."

"Can't figure what out, Tsukune-kun?" she asked, confused by his choice of words.

Tsukune looked into her eyes, trying to read them. "Why you would be upset...it confuses me..."

Moka blinked, before giggling at him, causing him to furrow his eyebrows in confusion.

"Sorry Tsukune-kun, but you look so funny when you're stumped!" she said, poking him in his head. Tsukune grumbled again, obviously displeased that something had escaped his thinking.

"And...nothing is really wrong, just nothing is really right either..." Moka said, her eyes trailing towards the school with a forlorn expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Things just...are right now. I wished they had gone differently..."

"Differently how?"

"...I'm not sure...I guess I'm just little jealous that I have to share you at all, even with friends." she said, looking a little downcast. "And you've already been claimed by both Mizore-chan and Kurumu-chan...I'll see less and less of you..." she finished softly, looking down with sad eyes.

Tsukune was torn. He wanted to tell her that he would be there if she needed it, but he wasn't sure if he would be or not. He also wanted to know why he was so important to her, but he couldn't find the words to ask.

'Emotions...gah. They always make things so complicated.' he thought, before remembering another conversation he had with Kyouko a few months before she died.


Tsukune sat on the swing crying, as Kyouko sat beside him looking lost.

"Tsukune-kun, just tell me what happened! I can help you, you know." she said, poking him in his cheek. Tsukune nodded and sniffed.

"Mom and Dad were yelling at each other...I asked them to stop, because they shouldn't do that...and then they yelled at me, so I left." he said, wiping his eyes.

Kyouko nodded, looking deep in thought. "Hmmm...my Mom and Dad yell sometimes too, I asked Aunty about it, and she said that sometimes emotions are hard to...uhm...what was it...control! Emotions are hard to control sometimes. Like being happy or sad. Sometimes you're just angry."

Tsukune huffed, looking down angrily. "I wish I didn't have emotions...then I would never yell at anyone...and I wouldn't be sad..."

He was caught off-guard when Kyouko slapped him in the back of the head, causing him to look at her in panic. She glared at him.

"I wasn't finished, dummy." she said, "she also said that sometimes emotions can be bad, but they can also be good. You're happy when we play together, right?"

He nodded.

"If you didn't have emotions, you wouldn't feel anything."

Tsukune's eyes widened as he realized she was telling the truth, and he looked down in shame.

"I-I'm sorry...Kyouko-chan..."

Kyouko giggled before hugging him, causing him to giggle. "It's ok, just promise me you'll always keep your feelings, even if they're bad! I don't want to see you turn into a robot or something."


Tsukune sat in his homeroom seat, looking out the window at the dreary sky.

'You were supposed to stay with me and make sure I didn't become a robot...Kyouko...' he thought, the rain clouds seeming to copy the mental ones forming in his head.

Mizore looked behind her, seeing the depressed look on Tsukune's face.

'Tsukune-kun...' she thought, before cupping her hands together and concentrating.

Tsukune was dragged from his thoughts by a small ice cube hitting his leg. He looked forward to see Mizore gesturing down at his desk, smiling sweetly and turning back around.

In the center, was a small swan, sculpted of ice. The detail was incredible, with each feather sticking out. His mouth opened slightly in amazement as he examined it.

A warm feeling spread throughout his body as he looked at Mizore's back. She was his new lifeline, the one who would help him when he was down. He would make sure she knew that tonight.

'Speaking of tonight...' he thought, a look of curiosity spreading on his face. 'I wonder what she'll request of me...The most logical thing would be sex, seeing as how she's been eager to bring it up every night, but I already gave her my answer for that...and she was fine with it. What could she possibly want from me?'

His thoughts persisted throughout the day, trying to figure out what the aurora-eyed beauty would request of him. He had thought of 200 possibilities, but none of them seemed extremely likely. He shook his head as he unlocked his door, stepping into his room. Many of these things weren't likely, but just as likely as the next. Did that mean that anything was possible? That was a scary prospect to him.

He sighed as he walked over to his bed, throwing back the covers to get a nap before Mizore got there.

Under said covers, was a Mizore clad only in lingerie.

He stared for a second, as she stared back, switching her loli from one cheek to the other.

"Yo." she said, a small smile coming to rest on her face.




Tsukune suddenly jumped back, scooching up against the door on his rear, his face burning red like the color hot coals in the center of a fire.

"M-M-Mizore-ch-chan, why a-are you h-half-naked in my r-room?" he asked, his frantic movements slowing as Mizore crawled out of bed on her hands and knees and looked at him curiously.

"Because we're spending the night together, Tsukune-kun." she answered, taking a hand and knee and placing them forward. Tsukune's mind kicked into overdrive as he took everything in.

'Purple lace bra...purple lace panties...in my bed...waiting...window locked...picked window or door to get in...before I got here...oh god...crawling towards me...her breasts sure are big...WHAT NO BAD THOUGHTS, UHH UHH HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS...fuck..FUCK, NO POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS COMING TO MIND'

Mizore crawled over his lap, coming to rest herself on top of his body, her nose resting on the underside of his jaw.

"Tsu-ku-ne-kun~" she sounded out, causing steam to practically erupt from the boy's ears.

"I made my decision on what I want us to do tonight."

Tsukune gulped, feeling embarrassed as he gazed at her.

"Wh-what is i-it?" he asked, dreading the answer.

The loli rolled to the other cheek.

"Tell me about your childhood."


"Huh?" he asked, any embarrassment quickly forgotten.

"Tell me about your childhood." Mizore repeated, resting her head against his chest. "I want to hear about your life. But if I may also request that we do so on the bed, as the floor is very uncomfortable."

Tsukune sat still for a second, before laughing a genuine laugh. He'd been worried all this time, that she'd make him do some ridiculous thing to prove his affection, or something to benefit her...and she just wanted to hear about his childhood!

Mizore tilted her head, confused at his sudden outburst. She looked ready to ask, but quickly decided against it when Tsukune stood up, carrying her with him. She flushed slightly and smiled, cuddling into his chest.

Tsukune led them over to the bed, laying Mizore down first so that he could remove his shirt. He laid down next to her, wrapping an arm around her as she laid on his chest again.

"Well, I do have a certain story about when Kyouko got herself stuck in some of the playground equipment..."


Tsukune talked, for the first time, about his cousin, and not once did he hesitate or cry. With Mizore laying at his side, her steady breathing accompanying his own, his mind didn't become clouded by sadness and misery, instead staying tranquil and calm. He spoke for hours, about various games they played, the foods they ate, the places they visited, and even a few embarrassing ones, which including him peeing himself after falling asleep at a fair they had went to, and having to wear her sweatshirt around his waist to hide it until he got home.

After awhile, he noticed he had stopped talking, and was just holding Mizore as she hummed gently. He felt so calm with her...he could stay like this forever...


He grunted in reply.

"I cannot yet tell you about my childhood."

He opened an eye and peered at her, curious as to why she had to say that. She caught his gaze and looked at him sadly.

"It is...too painful, and fresh in my mind...it's the reason I had to make sure you were the one before I approached you."

Tsukune started to think on it, wondering why, but then decided against it.

"I understand. When you want to tell me, I'll be more than happy to listen Mizore-chan."

She smiled and nodded, before laying back down on his chest. Tsukune drew her closer, kissing her head and twining his legs around hers. Her humming became noticeably more cheery, and he chuckled internally as he fell into blissful unconsciousness, knowing that he had made her happy.

Which, in turn, made him happy.

Love does not dominate; It cultivates

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