Scorpius saw Tulip enter the bookstore and he followed. Tulip Moon Scamander, the beauty of the Wizarding World. She had big blue eyes that sparkled and twinkled. Her face was round and she always had a sweet smile on her face. Her cheeks were full and slightly rosy and her lips were soft. She took after her mother and her voice was just as soft as hers. The only difference was that Tulip had straight white blond hair that reached her thighs. She was also considered a sweet, nice and kind girl. She was often seen helping Mr. Ollivander with his wands. And Scorpius wasn't the only one who found her perfect. But he was probably the only guy that stood a chance in winning her heart. Tulip walked to the Magical Creatures section of the library and selected a few books before walking to the front desk. She paid for the books and had a polite conversation with the librarian. She walked out of the bookstore and Scorpius fell into step with her.

"Hey." He said. Tulip stopped and tilted her head towards Scorpius. "Oh hello Scorpius. How are you?"

"Great. What about you?"

"I'm fine thank you."

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, the envy of the Wizarding World. He had grey eyes that could be hard one second and laughing the next. He always had a smirk on his face except when he talked to Tulip. He took after his father and was the perfect Slytherin Prince and Malfoy Heir. The only difference was that Scorpius was considered more snobby then his father which was really saying something. He was a playboy and had his own private bar. He was rich, handsome, and in most ways, powerful. He was mostly seen on his broom, flying around and playing Quidditch with his best friends, Max Zabini and Josh Nott. And Tulip was the only girl who didn't flirt with him.

"So, are you coming to the party at our house tonight?" Scorpius asked a bit hopefully.

"Well, I'm not quite sure. Mommy and Lorc and Lys are planning on coming but I'm not sure if I should. I'm not that good of a dancer and Lilly won't be there either."

Scorpius gestured to Tulip to keep walking. "You're a wonderful dancer. I really think you should come." He remembered the Yale Ball, when Tulip had been his date. She had accepted his offer only because he had asked her personally. That night had been the most amazing night for Scorpius. She had dressed in a grey and blue dress and looked like the perfect Ravenclaw. He remembered the envious glances she got from the other girls. One, because Scorpius was her date and two, because she looked so beautiful.

"I also have to help Mr. Ollivander with a few new wands and I might be late getting home and then I'll have to change and stuff so I'll be even more late."

"That doesn't matter, as long as you come."

"That's really sweet of you Scorpius. I'll try my hardest to come."

Scorpius breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "Alright, I'll be waiting."

Tulip smiled back at him and waved good-bye while crossing the street and entering the wand shop. Scorpius watched her leave and ran a hand through his white blond hair. He had finally convinced her. If everything went right, they would be engaged before the night ended. His life was perfect.


"Mommy! I'm home!" Tulip said as she entered the cottage. Luna came down the stairs and Tulip kissed her mother's cheek. "How was your day?" Luna asked.

"Fine though a bit tiring." Tulip followed Luna into the living room. Lorcan and Lysander smiled at her and pecked her cheeks. "Hey Flower! Want to join?" Lysander asked. They were playing Wizard Chess. Tulip shook her head. "Not right now, sorry. I was just going to grab a snack. I'll play the next match."

Lysander nodded and returned to the game. Lorcan was losing. No one could beat Lysander in Wizard Chess. He was a pro. "I'll go make you a sandwich." Luna said and left the room. Tulip walked into the kitchen after her. "Mommy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure sweetie, what's on your mind?" Luna studied her daughter as Tulip looked down. "Um... well Scorpius asked me to come to the party tonight."

Tulip saw her mother stiffen slightly. "And?" Luna asked.

"Well, he seemed pretty eager for me to come. So can I go?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart." Luna ruffled Tulip's hair. "Mommy, can I ask you something else?"

Luna smiled. She knew what was going on in Tulip's mind. "You're wondering why Scorpius keeps asking you to parties, right?"

"How did you know?"

"I can tell. It's probably because he has feelings for you." Luna went back to making the sandwich. Tulip tilted her head. "Oh." She said. "Are you mad?"

"No darling, I'm not." Luna kissed Tulip's forehead. "Do you like him?"

"No." Tulip answered. "I mean he's nice but I don't share any romantic feelings with him."

"Alright." Luna handed Tulip the plate. "Go eat."

Luna watched Tulip exit the kitchen and she sighed. She was worried for her. What if Scorpius hurt her? Would he do the same thing Draco had done? If he did, she would never be able to smile like she did right now. She would be scarred. Just like Draco had scarred Luna.


Scorpius looked at the entrance of the ballroom. Where was Tulip? She said she would be late but he never expected her to be this late. Suddenly he saw Lorcan and Lysander walk down the stairs. They were wearing identical black dress shirts with white silk vests and black dress pants. Their blond hair was spiked and their blue eyes looked clearer then ever. Following them was Luna who was wearing a yellow dress that had orange flowers embroidered on it. Scorpius could feel his father staring at her. Her hair was open with a yellow orange sunflower holding the right side bangs away from her face. She wore a simple golden chain with a sunflower on it and sunflowers on her ears. Scorpius had to admit that she looked amazing. And then she came. Scorpius's breath hitched. She was wearing a light blue dress that had dark blue ribbons crisscrossing down it. It trailed after her and her hair was open and tied in a half pony. Her white blond bangs framed her face. She wore a dark blue ribbon around her neck. Her earrings were thin silver hoops. She wore no make up, not that she needed any. On her feet, she wore simple black flats that had light blue bows on the tips. She walked down the stairs and Scorpius knew that every male in the room was watching her. She stood in the middle of Lorcan and Lysander and Luna stood on one side. Astoria walked up to them. She wore a tight, knee high bright red dress with layers of make up and lots of jewellery. She gave Tulip a disapproving look.

"Good evening." Astoria said in a pinched voice. Tulip and Luna returned the greeting but Lorcan and Lysander glared at Astoria. "Well, enjoy the party." She purred and walked away on her black, five inch high heels. Draco approached them. Scorpius saw Luna's warm eyes harden.

"Sorry about that." Draco looked at Luna who kept her gaze on the wall behind him. "No problem." Tulip said and smiled. Lorcan and Lysander instantly left Tulip's side and stood on either side of their mother. "I think you have other guests who are yearning for your presence, Mr. Malfoy." Lorcan hissed. Draco blinked twice. "Oh, um, yeah. Enjoy the party." He answered and left. Scorpius casually walked to them. "Hello." He shook Luna's hand and then Lorcan's and Lysander's. He smiled at Tulip. "You look great." He told her and she smiled back. "Thank you. You look quite handsome yourself."

Scorpius was wearing a Slytherin green dress shirt and black tie with black dress pants. His sleeves were folded to perfection at his elbows. Luna touched Tulip's arm. "Tulip dear, Ginny is here. I'm going to go talk to her. Have fun."

"Alright Mommy. You too. And say hello to Aunt Ginny, Max, Cecilia and Uncle Blaise for me please."

Luna nodded and Tulip kissed her cheek as she walked away to where the Zabinis stood. Lorcan was glaring at Scorpius. Tulip elbowed Lysander. "Cecilia's here." She whispered and smiled when she saw Lysander turn slightly pink. "So?" He muttered.

"Go ask her to a dance. She's looking at you." Tulip gestured towards the red head and Lysander turned pinker when he realized she was looking at him. Lorcan snickered. "Love is in the air." He sang. Lysander whacked his head. "Shut up."

"Lys, hurry up. Some other guy is going to get her." Lorcan said. Lysander sighed and went to Cecilia. She smiled and took his hand before he even asked her for a dance. Lorcan rolled his eyes. "Love birds." He mumbled.

"Well, at least he had the guts to go. I see Rose." Tulip looked over at the Weaseleys. Lorcan followed her line of sight and smiled. "I'll show you guts." With that he walked to Rose and asked for a dance while bowing. Rose accepted immediately. He winked at Tulip who gave him the thumbs up.

"It must be nice to have siblings." Scorpius said. Tulip nodded. "Yes it is. Are you lonely?"

"Yeah, I always wanted brothers and sisters. But my parents only needed an heir." Scorpius looked down. His mother had gotten three abortions already since Draco had told her that they had no need for any more children. Two brothers and a sister.

"So, do you want to dance?" Scorpius asked, a bit awkwardly. Tulip nodded and took his offered hand. He led her to the dance floor and placed his hand on her waist and the other held her hand. She put one hand on his shoulder and the other clutched his hand. They began moving to the music. She smiled at him and Scorpius smiled back. She was an angel. A beautiful angel. They continued to dance and slowly everyone stopped and looked at them. A bright white light turned on and framed them. All of the other lights turned off. Tulip frowned as Scorpius pulled away. He bent down on one knee and took out a velvet box. He opened it and a diamond ring came into view. "Tulip, you are the best thing in my life. I want to be more then just your friend. I love you, will you marry me?"

Tulip's eyes widened. She looked behind Scorpius and saw her mother's shocked expression. Luna placed a hand on her mouth and a tear slipped down her cheek before she ran out of the ballroom. Lorcan ran after her and Lysander squeezed his eyes shut.