I don't own anything except the idea. And it is all in Jason Todd's P.O.V. which means lots of cussing, I mean it's JASON! So without further ado...

Damn! How the fuck had I been so stupid as to get caught in one of batman's traps? Lucky for me though he had to go save Gotham from my murderer with my replacement Tim Drake. But I just couldn't win today so I got stuck with Dick as my babysitter. Today just wasn't my day but I knew a way to fix that.

Dick always had a smile, fake or real, he always was smiling. I was going to see if I couldn't piss him off to lose his temper, and that stupid cocky smile. "Dick" I waited for him to look up, I wanted his FULL attention. He looked at me, and wouldn't you know it he was smiling, "yes Jason?". Hmm what to start with, "How was it, you know watching your parents gracefully smash into the ground, their blood and guts exploding into the air on impact?".

I knew I had struck a nerve when his face twisted up, sadness and anger were rolling off him like a tsunami. He didn't reply so I kept going, "Was it painful to realize that they had just died in front of you, and even more painful to know that you could have saved them?". I thought I heard him cry out a tiny sob, barely noticable unless your ears were trained. But still he didn't reply, now I was pissed, "So you weren't fazed when they died? You hated them like I hate Bruce, they were pretty useless. All they gave you was a tiny meal and a couch to sleep on, and they used you to make profit. Sheesh you had it rough, they seem worse than I had it."

Now I knew he was going to do something, nobody could trash on his parents like that and get away with it. I waited for him to attack me, sure I was tied up but I welcomed pain nowadays.

Which was why I was caught of guard when he collapsed to the ground crying and apologising to the unseen. This was weird, I think I felt bad for making him cry. Dick never cried, NEVER, and when he did it wasn't in public. He looked up at for me his mask had fallen off so now I saw his bloodshot eyes. "Is this what you wanted Jason, for me to break down? Why, I never did anything to you but try to be a good big brother! When you died I-Bruce wasn't the only one torn up. Alfred and I had to cope to, I loved you, you were the brother that I never had! Sure I have Tim but you, you were different you were my first brother."

I didn't realize till he stopped that I was crying too. "I'm sorry", Dick looked up confused, "what? Did you just apologize to me?", "yes Dick I did, I shouldn't take out my anger on you."

He smiled a tiny smile but for once I liked that smile. It felt almost like before I had died, when I would have a nightmare and sneak into his room. I would stand by his bed for ten minutes debating whether or not to lay on his bed. Before I could loose my nerve, he would always grab my hand, lay me onto the bed and say, "I have nightmares to", smile at me then go back to sleep.

Those were the days I missed when I would wake up in my apartment thinking the Joker was killing me again. He stood up walking over to me, he gave me a hug, put my mask on my lap, and then untied me. "What are you doing Dick?!", "you broke free when I went to the bathroom, and I couldn't find you when I came back." I rubbed my wrists as he walked towards the door.

I decided to shock him him so I jumped up and hugged him smiling into his back, "thank you... big brother", and with that I was gone. I faintly heard him reply, "love you JJ".