Clashing Melodies

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice nor its characters, but this story is entirely mine.

Sighing, he pressed the perfect keys of the upright piano with his slender fingers.

"Honestly Natsume, you've been sighing all day," complained Ruka as he strode up to his raven haired best friend.


"What's wrong this time?"


"Uh-huh," grinned Ruka, "Is it Persona again?"

"Tsk. Doesn't matter."

"Well, today wasn't good for me either. I was practicing during lunch and then Hotaru came out of nowhere and took millions of pictures of me!"

"As usual," smirked Natsume, his fingers leaving the piano.

"Have you come out with any new tunes?"


"Well, there's going to be a girl transferring to our class tomorrow," informed Ruka, "And why'd you stay home today?"

"Just wanted to."

"What about your sister?"


"Are you going to visit her?"

Natsume nodded and gazed out his bedroom window.

Who in the world would be new and able to join their class? Class B is the top musical class. Everyone is a music prodigy. Class B are the people who give the best performances. Class A being great at theory and Class C being amazing at the history and tuning. How could a new girl possibly join in like that?

"Anything else happened in school?"

"Not really. Jinjin is going to give you detention if you don't come to school tomorrow."

"Tsk, like I care."

"Bye Jii-Chan…" cried the childish brunette, clinging onto her grandpa's yukata.

"It's alright Mikan. Now hurry along and remember to visit alright?" he chuckled at his grand daughter.

"I will," she replied confidently as she wiped her tears to a side.

"Be careful and make sure to be good. Say hello to Hotaru for me will you?"

"Of course I will - as soon as I find her. Bye Jii-Chan! I'll be back before you know it." Mikan grabbed her luggage and rushed off to the arriving bus, leaving behind her home.

"You've grown so much Mikan... Just like your mother," he smiled softly.

"Bye!" Mikan yelled back, completely oblivious to what her grandpa was thinking or saying. With a lingering look, she boarded the empty bus.

The bus would take her to Gakuen Alice – the best music school in the entire world.

There she will enhance her skills as a musician. A musician... Just like her mother was.

"I hope everything is how I dreamed it would be," sighed Mikan, gazing out the bus window with the raindrops dripping down uncontrollably.

"Hello Mikan-chan! I'm Narumi-sensei, your homeroom teacher! If you need anything just come and find me okay?" introduced the cheery teacher. His amethyst eyes shimmered as he adored his newest student.

"It's nice to meet you Narumi sensei. Thank you very much," bowed Mikan, examining her new room. It was pretty big compared to one back home.

"Alright then. Here's your uniform and be ready at 8:45 outside classroom B," Narumi concluded.

"No problem. Thanks again Narumi-sensei!" grinned Mikan.

After placing the fitted uniform on her fluffy chair, Narumi-sensei glided out the room and left Mikan alone to unpack in her dorm.

Wondering what her Jii-Chan was doing far away from her current location, she sighed again. She unzipped her luggage to pull out her pallid nightgown and changed. Was this school really going to help her the way she wants to?

She brushed her teeth and pleated her hair hurriedly before she headed to her massive bed which wasn't as comfy compared to the one back home.

Maybe tomorrow would be one of her best days where she meets new companions and becomes a part of another family.

Natsume slumped into bed once he had come back from the ward.

But with all that unless chattering, only one thing stuck to his head.

'There's going to be a girl transferring into our class tomorrow.'

"Hn. Guess I'm going to school tomorrow then."

He started to drift off into sleep wondering who this transfer student is. She must be good at an instrument. But what? And what is she like?

But if she is anything like Sumire and his fan girls... He'd be pissed.

End of Chapter 1