Clashing Melodies

Chapter 16

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Mikan felt nervous.

It's her real first day of school but it just felt strange. She waited impatiently as the teacher introduced her. "This is Mikan Sakura – transferred to here from Class A," he glared at his class. Jinno was seriously scary to everyone.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Mikan Sakura and I hope we all become friends!" she smiled at her new class. However – like the first day – there was chattering but this time she listened to their gossip.

"I heard she was kicked out because she was horrid at playing," someone whispered to the friend beside them.

"But wasn't she the one playing at the Alice Festival with Hyuuga-san?" asked the other.

"Alright, Sakura-san, you'll sit next to Ibaragi," Jinno said annoyingly, "You can all do something silently while I go to the staffroom for a meeting." He exited and the entire class started to chat.

"Hey Nobara-chan! When the cat's away the mouse will play right?" laughed Mikan as she sat next to Nobara.

"I guess so. Our next class is PE. Let's work together okay? I'll show you everything!" Nobara giggled, "It's so great that you're in my class now! Youichi's nice but he's a boy; it's just not the same…"

"Hehe… So PE huh?"

The morning was peaceful – a little too peaceful.

Hotaru was working on a new gadget and Ruka was watching his bunny running from one side to the other. Only Nonoko and Anna were being gloomy.

"I can't believe she really left…" Anna sighed as she played with her hair.

"Do you think she'll come back?" asked Nonoko. She looked behind her seat where the boys sat.

Mochu answered her, "There's no way she'll come back at this rate… Koko, are you sure we shouldn't take action?"

"I'm sure," Koko grinned, "Just believe in them."

"We can't if one of them has left the class and the other has stopped coming to class!" yelled Anna. She got up from her seat, "I'm going to a music lesson now!" She stomped out of the door.

"I should go and calm her down," laughed Nonoko, "Bye."

Hotaru also left her seat and out of the classroom. "Looks like she's in a bad mood too," sighed Yuu.

"Well she can't help it if our friend just drove her best friend out of the class," Mochu explained. He walked over to Ruka's bench and asked him, "What about you Ruka? You feeling okay?"

"No," he growled as he slammed the table frightening the poor bunny.

"I see Natsume's rubbing off on you Ruka," laughed Koko and he patted him head.

"Don't touch me! I'm annoyed… He won't listen to me and I'm supposed to be his best friend," he groaned and rubbed his temples, "I've tried thousands of times."

"Just leave them for now. Imai will say if we have to do something. Let's just relax for now," Koko smiled, "I'm going to Central Town now, you guys wanna come? Then we can cheer Mikan-chan up!"

"Yeah, we should," Yuu followed Koko out and Mochu looked at Ruka.

"We should go as well," Mochu told him casually.

Ruka picked up Usagi and they all hurried to Central Town too.

Mikan was so occupied with homework, detentions and studying that there's was no time for her to worry. In Class B, the students were still worrying but kept low profile. She'd heard little from them the entire month.

"Youichi! Hurry up, it's Jinjin's lesson next!" whimpered Mikan.

"I know! So stop yelling at me!" Youichi complained as he walked down the corridors with the guitar case hanging on his back.

Mikan entered the classroom hurriedly only to find that there was no one there. "Is it a special class today or something?" she asked Youichi.

"No. Nobara would've warned us if it were…" he answered her and soon he turned around to walk back down the way they came from.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Mikan exclaimed.

"Back to my room."

"What about me?"

"I don't care," he snapped at her and left her alone.


"Nobara-chan! What's going on?" she gasped, trying to catch her breath after chasing after her classmate. Nobara had been all around the school and Mikan chased her all over the place.

"Oh! No one has classes anymore because of the Christmas Dance so we all have to prepare for it. Actually only Class A and C prepare for it – Class B only show off on the last day: that's what everyone thinks. But Class B work really hard practicing too!" Nobara explained, while she continued cutting out some hangers. "You can stay here and cut up some decorations, you can go to the hall and help make the cake, you can go to the stage and help with lighting or you could go and… well, you could do anything."

"Alright! I'll go around doing everything! I'll help you with the decorations first," Mikan took a seat next to her good friend and began to chat as she screwed up.

"It's been months! They haven't even said hi to each other! How are we supposed to 'believe in them'?" Nonoko asked mockingly.

"Actually, it's only been one month and I don't think it's too bad yet," Koko reminded her delightfully, "I am sure that they'll be fine so you should be too."

Nonoko groaned and stretched. Yuu answered, "Maybe we should just worry about the Dance right now." He grabbed his saxophone and said, "You guys should come too."

Mochu, Koko, Anna and Nonoko all agreed, so they all decided to go to the music rooms and get their minds off the stressful topic.

He wanted to hurry up and die. This must be the zillionth time he'd thought about this.

There was nothing to do. Persona and his lessons were cancelled because of something so Natsume had the whole month to himself. Ruka had also stopped provoking him, 'Probably spending his time dating Polka' he thought.

He flung himself over to the piano. Slamming his hands onto the piano, an agonizing feeling came upon his entire being. He fell straight to the floor from the pain. It felt like he was on fire. He tried to get up but it only resulted to falling back down. He could only lie on the floor and wait until he passed out.

"Hotaru! What are you and Ruka doing?" Mikan asked. They were headed to the special star section of the dorms. She was just going back to her room and she had bumped into them.

"We were going to visit Natsume. He hasn't been out of his room for ages," Ruka explained. It was almost pitiful. "Imai-san said that she might have a way to drag him out."

"Oh! Well… I better get going. I've got more preparations to do tomorrow… See you later!" Mikan waved goodbye and entered her room.

After a little while she heard them chapping the door super loudly. Mikan decided to peek. It turned out that they weren't only chapping the door, Ruka was trying to tackle it down.

"What's going on?" Mikan asked worriedly.

"He's not opening up!" Ruka grunted and shouldered the door again.

"Are you sure he isn't in the shower or something?"

"Well the water doesn't seem to be running. Something must've happened!"

"Hold it Nogi, before you wake the entire school up." Hotaru pulled some type of contraption out of her pocket again. She aimed and fired effortlessly which made whatever Ruka was doing really idiotic. Mikan could only admire her best friend's brilliance and also fear it.

All three of them went into Natsume's room. Ruka flinched from the stench and Mikan entered hesitantly while Hotaru walked in steadily. She took a look around and noticed that most of the things that she saw while she had her lessons were completely different.

The lovely layout of music sheets had been scattered all over the room. Not only that; some landed on left over plates and it looked gruesome. The sofa had practically been dyed another color.

"Oi Nogi, call the nurse," Hotaru commanded him.

"Why?" he inquired as he looked at where Hotaru was looking just seconds ago. Lying there was Natsume was clutching his arm against his stomach tightly. "Natsume! Hold on, I'll get some help!" He rushed out of the room and towards the nurse's office. Mikan gasped in shock of what happened. She looked at him carefully trying to look away as well as trying to observe what was happening.

"Alright, Hyuuga, you'll have to stay on your back," Hotaru ordered him but Natsume just kept cringing in pain. "Mikan, you'll have to handle this. First of all you have to roll him on his back and make sure his arm is straight - but you can't do it by force."

"What? How can I do such a thing?"

"Just do it," Hotaru grimaced and left the room, "I'll go and watch out before any fans make their way in." She stood out at the corridor waiting for Ruka and prepared to fire at any girls who would come close to Natsume's dorm.

Mikan spaced out. She was supposed to ask Natsume to do something even though she hadn't talked to him for a month? How could she do that? "Um… So… You… Um… Natsume-"

"I brought the nurse!" proclaimed Ruka as he rushed into the room. His hair was in a complete mess and he was panting heavily. Mikan sighed in relief as the nurse examined him. He was going to be fine… right?

End of Chapter 16

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