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Draco and Harry had been seeing each other for a while before things got too heavy for Draco. He left Harry, not realizing he'd left behind more than just a heart broken lover. Reviews are always appreciated.

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Draco Malfoy casually strolled along the streets of Diagon Alley, happy to be back home. It had been almost 5 years since he had been home and he found he missed it. He tried not to think about why he left but he was assaulted with memories when he caught sight of a familiar head of messy black hair. Shit, he thought. Another few steps would bring him right up to the raven haired man, who seemed to be lost in thought as he stared at the windows of a new book store and completely oblivious to his presence.

A small child was perched on his hip and Draco felt his heart clench at the sight of the smaller, matching messy head and he had to squash an irrational sense of jealousy which was closely followed by a pang of regret. He knew he should keep going; Harry hadn't noticed his presence and he wasn't sure he could handle seeing the man after all that happened between them.

Clearing his throat Draco couldn't help the smirk that quirked his lips when he saw Harry Potter visibly start and look at him. Well, so much for buggering off before Harry noticed him…

Green eyes widened in shock, then narrowed slightly and a glaze of apprehension filled them. Draco was confused when he saw fear lurking in those eyes as they darted around the street. He immediately noticed the lack of glasses on the other wizard and wondered when Harry had finally gotten his eyes fixed. It made everything startlingly clear.

He felt his stomach clench with desire and something... else he didn't want to name. He forced himself to look away, plastering a sneer on his face as he looked at a point over Harry's shoulder for a moment as he collected himself.

"Draco," Harry muttered. "I thought— I thought you were in America," he said quietly, gently shifting the sleeping child carefully onto his other hip.

Away from him, Draco noticed with a small frown.

"Yes, well. I was. Now I'm home. So," he pointedly looked around Harry at the small child he was trying to hide, "married the old sweetheart, I see?" He tried to keep the jealousy and hurt from his voice, but he couldn't help it apparently. He felt sure Harry would take the tone as contempt. He wallowed in the momentary thrill he felt at Harry's obvious discomfort but it was quickly replaced with another pang of guilt. He scowled, annoyed with himself.

"Poor thing, stuck with your messy mop. Well, at least it didn't come out a ginger." Draco smirked as he looked closely at the child. He appeared a near clone of Harry. He firmly fixed his face to a solid mask of apathy, confident his face wasn't betraying the horrible clenching he felt in his heart.

Harry swallowed and looked around, as if seeking an escape. It took a moment for Draco's words to make sense and he frowned. "Er, no, actually. I haven't seen Ginny... well, since Hogwarts, really." He nearly grimaced at the thought of Ginny, looking away and missing the flicker of savage pleasure in Draco's silvery eyes.

Ginny hadn't taken his refusal to get back together well, forcing him to admit to her he was gay (the first person he had told and it still annoyed him it had been badgered out of him) and didn't love her 'in that way'. She had nearly begged, even offering to wear something to keep him happy. It took a few hours, but she was finally able to see they both needed better than either could offer. They had even managed to stay friends for a few months. It had been awkward but not unpleasant. That was until his involvement with Draco.

He had refused to end 'the thing' (as he heard some people refer to his relationship) with the blonde. Not for sentimental reasons, but he had gotten sick and tired of being told what to do by other people. It might have been childish but he refused to do something he didn't want to do. And he liked 'doing' Draco. Finally breaking away from his thoughts, Harry noticed a slight frown marring the blonde's face. Shit; he hoped Gabe stayed asleep... one look at him and Draco would know.

The frown on Draco's face deepened into a scowl. "So, who's..." he trailed off, the scowl melting into shocked incredulity before his wide-eyed gaze met Harry's.

Harry didn't even have time to enjoy the slack jawed look on the blonde's face as panic surged hotly through him. He looked down, right into Gabe's open silvery grey eyes. He closed his own with a resigned sigh, trying to ignore Draco's softly spoken "What the fuck, Potter?" He never thought this moment would come, let alone in the middle of the damn street.

Gabe yawned, one small still pudgy fist rubbed his eye as he snuggled deeper into his daddy's shoulder with a quiet, "Daddy, who's that?" Daddy didn't usually stop and talk to people they didn't know. He looked at the strange blonde man through half closed, sleepy eyes his head still firmly nestled on daddy's shoulder. The man looked surprised (or mad) and he snuggled further into his daddy.

Draco's eyes drifted back down to the little boy, his mouth still gaping in a rare display of shock. He didn't know what to think. Everything was a jumbled mess. He blinked a few times and slowly closed his mouth, finally snapping back into himself. This was not the place for such reactions.

Harry almost laughed at the sight of a Malfoy openly gaping in the middle of a public street. Instead, he cleared his throat and shifted Gabe around to his other hip so Draco (and Gabe) could see better. "Gabe, this is Mister Draco Malfoy. Malfoy, this is my son. Gabe."

Gabe looked Draco over with a small smile on his sleepy face. "Hullo, Mister Malfoy," he said politely in a small voice still tinged with sleep. He angled his head up, turning back towards daddy. "Can we get ice cream now, daddy?" He turned his grey eyes up, making sure they were opened wide and super big; a trick he had learned from his big brother that usually got daddy to do whatever he wanted.

Harry chuckled softly at the look, mentally damning Teddy for teaching it to Gabe. He nodded absently and looked back to Draco warily. "Erm. Care to join us, Malfoy?" he blurted. It was very hard not to slap himself or groan in frustrated annoyance at himself. What the fuck was that? He was torn between hoping the blonde would refuse and hoping he'd accept, still puzzling out why he had asked the blonde to join them in the first place. Of all the times to be out with Gabe and of all the times to see Draco again...

Draco was gaping again and Harry didn't know what to think. Was that a no?

Draco closed his mouth with a soft clicking 'snap' and leveled a glare at Harry. "Certainly. I do believe you've got some things to explain, Potter." He barely suppressed a feral grin when Harry swallowed and nodded once slowly.


Harry made his way to a booth in the back of Fortescue's, 3 chocolate ice cream cones floating ahead of him. Gabe easily hopped out of his arms and into the booth, settling down against the wall. He handed Gabe his ice cream before he sat next to him.

Draco slid into the opposite seat stiffly, a small frown on his face as Harry handed him his cone of chocolate ice cream. He didn't want the sodding ice cream cone but both the Potters had given him a hopeful look when they ordered and he was shocked to find he didn't want to disappoint either of them by ordering nothing. He tried to ignore the happy sparkle he saw in Harry's eyes (and the warmth he felt bloom in his chest) when they all ordered the same thing, no doubt thinking Draco preferred something fancy and fussy. He usually did, but plain chocolate was always a welcome choice. At the moment, he'd happy shove it in Harry's face instead of eating it, though.

He placed the already melting cone on the table and stared at the small child across from him. The boy was indeed a mix of Harry and himself, once he got a good look at him. The most obvious were the startling silvery grey eyes that would look at him shyly around the large mounds of chocolate ice cream every so often.

Draco found himself looking between Gabe and Harry, noting the small differences. Gabe's chin was pointier than Harry's, as was the boy's nose; his features, he realized. Harry was watching him warily as he slowly ate his own ice cream and he forced himself not to become distracted as the man licked the melting ice cream with his tongue. Swirling it around and taking occasional nips with his teeth.

He subtly shifted in his seat, pressing his palm against the damned erection trying to fill out with a silent curse and cleared his throat. "So, I'd like to hear you explain some things, Potter," he flicked his eyes to Gabe briefly, making it clear what he was talking about.

As if Harry didn't already know, he thought with a mental snort of amusement. The other man's awkward body language should've been amusing but it was only serving to make him jumpy.

Harry coughed lightly when he noticed Gabe was paying attention. "Well, Malfoy, this is Gabriel James Potter. My son." He stared at Draco, silently hoping he didn't force him to answer anything else with Gabe present. There were many things he didn't want to talk about in front of Gabe.

Draco sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, praying for patience and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Yes. We've established that, Potter. How old is he?" Oh, he could guess but he wanted Harry to say it. He had leaned forward unconsciously, anxious to hear the answer, barely restraining the urge to grab Harry by his t-shirt and shake the man when he simply sat opening and closing his mouth twice before answering.

Harry fidgeted. Shit. "He'll be four next month," he admitted quietly. Draco's face blanked and Harry knew it wasn't a good sign. That meant the man was thinking. He groaned softly, ignoring Gabe's inquisitive look at the noise.

Gabe, hearing daddy mention his upcoming birthday, nodded happily, not noticing the blank look on the stranger's face. Chocolate ice cream was smeared on his face and pudgy fingers as he smiled across the table. He paused momentarily when the man only sat there blinking at him. "I'm gonna be four!" He proudly held up four chocolatey fingers. He had been practicing the proper amount very hard. "Daddy says I can get a broom! To fly on!" He leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially (Draco even expected him to cover the one side of his mouth with his small chocolatey hand); "Daddy says I'm sposeda be five but he's going to teach me. Super careful," he stressed then nodded once to Draco and sat back, his attention back on his ice cream.

"Wow," Draco said softly, his voice a curious mix between awed and serious. He couldn't help the small smile that twitched onto his face at the child's enthusiasm. "Four, huh. Practically ready for Hogwarts." A calculating glint came into steely eyes that immediately had Harry tensed and suspicious. "What's mummy going to get you?" he asked, keeping his voice even.

Gabe tilted his head slightly and gave the blonde a mature look that was at odds with his chocolate smeared face. "I don't have a mummy. Just daddy," he smiled happily at his daddy, raising one of his chocolatey hands and patted daddy on the cheek, leaving a smear of chocolate. "And a papa, but I don't get presents from him." He shrugged indifferently and went back to eating his ice cream, oblivious to the shocked look on Draco's face and the sad one on Harry's.

"Odd thing to tell a child, Potter," Draco drawled softly. He leaned forward to look at Harry closely and nearly gaped again at the anguish he saw there. He should have felt smug, since he basically got confirmation of his suspicions from the child but it just made his stomach clench. He refused to explore the reasons, at least at the moment with Harry sitting right across from him. With his son.

Harry shrugged, absently wiping chocolate off of his cheek. Swallowing past the lump in his throat, he carefully put his ice cream cone down on a napkin. He focused on the small task, avoiding Draco's eyes for a moment. "Well, it's true. I couldn't lie to him when he asked. I know how it feels to be lied to about your parents," he said quietly. "I didn't say who." Harry's gaze darted to Gabe a moment, "Just the basics. He asked one day and I told him. He'll be four, Draco," he said, trying not to sound scandalized or annoyed. "I didn't go into specifics."

He sighed after only getting a glare from Draco. He ignored the swooping, squirmy sensation in his stomach and sighed, raising his hands. "I don't know what you want me to say, Draco."

Draco sat back, crossing his arms casually, thinking. What did he want to know? It was clear Harry wasn't going to say much else while Gabe was present, though. He could understand but it didn't get him anywhere. "Alright, I understand," he drawled. His gaze darted to Gabe for a moment before going back to Harry. "Can we have dinner later?" He barely restrained a wince at his blurted request. He was fairly sure he kept the pleading from his voice but apparently he wasn't very successful. Harry was staring at him, surprise and suspicion warring on his face. He found himself wanting to bite his lip, hoping Harry didn't just grab Gabe and walk away.

"Erm, Tonight? I'll see if 'Mione can take the boys and let you know?" Harry murmured, mostly to himself.

Draco raised a pale eyebrow. "Boys?"

Harry nodded with a small smile. "Yes, boys. I'm Teddy's guardian, too. I adopted him just before I had Gabe. He's almost seven," he explained while glancing at his watch, hoping to avoid any more questions. "OK, Gabe! Say goodbye to Mister Malfoy. We're going to get Teddy from school and then visit Aunt Hermione!"

"Yay!" Gabe whooped and waved his chocolatey hands in front of daddy. Harry smiled and waved his hand over them, wandlessly cleaning them off and planting a noisy kiss on each clean palm. Gabe giggled and waved at Mr. Malfoy before climbing onto daddy's back with practiced ease. "'Bye, Mister Maffloy!"

Draco stood from the booth, ignoring the garbling of his surname, sending Gabe a small wave and a quiet "Good bye, Gabe" before vanishing his uneaten ice cream and turning to Harry. "Six o'clock at the Leaky work for you?" he asked quietly, silently hoping he won't be refused.

"Er." Harry paused and then nodded, shifting Gabe on his back. "I don't see why not." He didn't meet Draco's eyes as he turned to leave. "I'll let you know if I can't, yeah?" he called over his shoulder. And with that, he left.

Draco stood where he was, staring, still shocked about all he'd learned in the past hour. Oh Merlin, he had a son. Fuck. His palms felt damp and he wanted to wipe them on his trousers. With a muttered 'Bugger', he walked out of the shop and Apparated home.


Harry stood in front of the mirror, trying to tame his wild nest of hair. He flattened his palms over it before giving up with a huff. He heard a snicker and turned slightly to see Hermione leaning against the bathroom door frame, a grin on her face.

"I don't know why you bother, Harry. For one thing it never stays down. And for another, it's only Malfoy." Her words might've come off as dismissive, but her smile was warm. She had actually grown to like Draco Malfoy before he had buggered off to America. She had been shocked when Harry told her about running into him earlier. Her feelings were at odds with each other; she was still pissed at the blonde for leaving but she was hopeful something would start anew between them.

For all the drama and later heartache, Draco had made Harry happy. When they had first started seeing each other, she alone saw the depth of feeling both men started to look at the other with and nearly hexed them both when they wouldn't admit it. She hoped that wasn't gone; they both deserved happiness. Even if she might have to hex their arses this time to make them realize it.

Harry smiled back, "I know. But, Merlin, Hermione. It's been years since I've seen him. Oh, you should have seen him. He looks bloody fantastic." He smiled again as his eyes went a bit out of focus as he stared at the wall above Hermione's head for a moment, lost in memory. Draco had cut his hair, the pale blonde strands longer in the front to graze his eyes. He had obviously kept busy enough to still look amazing in a Muggle suit. "I seriously thought he was going to hex me when he saw Gabe, though," he quietly admitted. "I wouldn't have blamed him, either. He was so shocked. I was really hoping he wouldn't have figured it out, but leave it to the git to be so bloody smart. I felt my heart lodge in my throat when I saw the look in his eye."

Hermione shook her head and stepped behind Harry, laying a hand on his shoulder and meet his eyes in the mirror. "I can't say I'm surprised he was shocked but it's not like there were a lot of options at the time. You did what you thought was best, don't forget that. OK?" She patted his shoulder and stepped back, casting a critical eye over his reflection. He looked good and she gave a dramatic wolf whistle, laughing as he blushed. "Oh, and wear muggle clothes. He can sneer at them all he wants, we all noticed him drooling when he saw you in jeans." She winked and left Harry to finish getting ready.

Harry smiled after her a moment, thankful she was there. Hermione was the one of the few people that stood by him after he started dating Draco. They had even started getting along before the blonde had disappeared.

10 minutes later, Harry walked into the kitchen in a mint green button up and dark low slung jeans. Hermione couldn't help but smirk and shake her head when she saw he had casually buttoned the shirt, leaving the top two buttons undone and had the sleeves artfully folded up to his forearms. Draco was going to swallow his tongue when he saw Harry.

Teddy and Gabe both saw their dad and giggled, having been told he was going out. Teddy whispered something to Gabe, causing the younger boy to giggle again and look up at Harry. "Daddy," he started, his grey eyes wide, "are you going on a date?"

Harry sputtered and looked to Hermione, who only grinned cheekily as she handed him a mug of tea. Right, no help there, then. "Erm. Not really. Just dinner with an old... friend." He slowly drank the tea Hermione had given him, trying not to stare at the clock. It was only half past 5 and he was already jumpy. The boys giggled again, making Hermione smile at him again before ruffling Teddy's currently bright green hair. "So, Hermione, after dinner they can watch telly for an hour before it's bath time and then bed." He gave a stern look to both boys when he heard them start to groan in protest. "If they're naughty little buggers; no telly, bath and then bed early."

Teddy sat up quickly, his hair streaking orange and blue for a moment. "Dad, we'll be good. Right, aunt 'Mione? Maybe we could watch a movie instead?"

Harry had to bite his cheek at the hopeful look on Teddy and Gabe's faces. They both gave him the big eyes and were going to start fluttering their eyelashes any minute. "OK," he held up a hand and laughed quietly when both boys whooped victoriously. "But only from the first shelf." It wasn't exactly a punishment, all the good movies were on the first shelf, anyway. He couldn't help grin when they both gave twin whoops of joy and punched their fists in the air. He looked to Hermione and was relieved when she nodded in agreement to the new plan. "Thanks, 'Mione. I know it's short notice—"

"Hush." Hermione cut him off, waving her hand dismissively. "It's fine, Harry. Honestly. You hardly ever go out, so it's not a problem. Besides, the boys are so well behaved," she smiled at the boys, their heads bent together, and deeply involved in their own discussion about which movie they were going to watch. It seemed to be between Finding Nemo ("It's not the millionth time, Teddy!") and something with dinosaurs ("Dinosaurs are so much more cool; they'd totally eat those stupid fish, Gabe!"). She patted Harry's arm. "I know you aren't worried about them," she grinned quickly before her face softened into a smile. "I don't think he asked you out to dinner to hex your bollocks off, Harry" she said quietly and winked. Merlin help him if he did, she thought silently.

Harry felt his cheeks warm and looked away, biting his lip. He really didn't want to think about Draco and bollocks at the moment. "I know. I'm just so nervous, 'Mione. I have no idea what's going to happen. I don't know why he asked or what he wants. I couldn't stand it if he tried to," he swallowed heavily and lowered his voice, "take Gabe or pull some other high handed pure blooded wizard shit." He shook his head, trying to quell the notion. He hoped it wouldn't happen and he silently cursed himself for not knowing. "I highly doubt he'll want anything to do with us, really. He made that pretty clear years ago." He stared off, a small frown on his face.

Hermione gently rubbed his arm. "Well, you won't know if you don't go. People change, you know that." She pointedly looked at the clock. "You should go or you'll be late. Malfoys are never late," she intoned before breaking into a grin at Harry, who rolled his eyes.

"Alright, alright. Going." He held up his hands in surrender before he leaned over and kissed her cheek and put his mug in the sink. "Thanks again, 'Mione. I'll let you know if I'll be out later than ten." He patted his pocket where his cell phone was. He was thrilled Hermione agreed to get one, too; it was so much easier and faster than owls or flooing. He was surprised more wizards and witches hadn't embraced the Muggle devices. Especially since they only fizzed out when you used magic on them directly.

Hermione nodded as he leaned over to give each boy a kiss on the top of the head and a stern reminder to be good before he was through the floo and gone with a whoosh. She let out a sigh before looking at the boys. "Alright, munchkins! I'll get the popcorn! Teddy, pop the DVD in!" She clapped her hands and smiled as the boys hopped up and ran out of the room towards the television.


Harry stepped out of the floo of the Leaky, nervously patting himself off as he looked around. Immediately he spotted a pale, blonde head at the bar and cursed the fierce flair of desire and the lazy flip flopping feeling in his belly. Apparently dinner was going to wait, he realized when he noticed Draco had been at the bar awhile. Squaring his shoulders, he made his way over and lowered himself onto the stool next to Draco.

Harry cleared his throat after a moment and noticed Draco jump slightly before he looked over his shoulder at him, a warm smile growing on his face. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling back. "Hi."

"Potter, you made it. I nearly gave up on you," Draco said, sounding rather happy. Harry felt himself flush when Draco slowly looked him from head to toe and back again. Damn Hermione and her brilliant ideas. He wanted to talk to the git, not shag him...

Harry frowned to cover the heat he felt swim through him at his last thought and checked his watch. "It's not even six yet, Draco. I had to make sure the boys had dinner." He furrowed his brows further when Draco hunched his shoulders slightly; he wondered if it was a reminder of the time or mention of the boys.

Draco carefully looked at his own watch, squinting and tilting his head slightly to focus his vision. "Oh. Well. I've been here since five. I was... apprehensive about tonight," he admitted softly.

Harry's frown deepened as he noticed the glasses in front of Draco. There were at least two, and Draco was nursing a third. "Are you drunk?" he asked lowly, trying to keep the shock out of his voice. Draco's lightly flushed face turned towards him and he nodded once with a sheepish grin. "But—You— Oh honestly, Draco. I don't think this is a good idea if you're drunk already. I don't think I can have this conversation twice." He swiveled around on his stool and dropped his foot, preparing to leave.

Draco shook his head, the exaggerated movements nearly upsetting him off his stool and he grabbed Harry's wrist. "No no no, Potter. I'm not letting you off the hook that easily. I'm not that drunk. Do me a favor and give us some privacy, yeah?" He waved his free hand in a vague circle. He gently rubbed his thumb along the inside of Harry's wrist and looked down when he felt it jerk in his grip. With a small gasp, mostly of surprise, he let go of Harry's wrist with a muttered "Sorry".

Harry tried not to roll his eyes and cast a silent privacy spell with a wave of his hand. "Alright, nice and private now."

"Oh," Draco breathed softly, his eyes going a bit wide as he unconsciously licked his lips, his eyes on Harry's hands before rising to lock with Harry's. "Wand-less magic. Oh Merlin, that's so hot, Harry," he mumbled before shaking himself, trying to dislodge the quick surge of lust Harry's magic caused. It brightened his 'not drunk' brain to see that hadn't changed, it still got to him just as it used to. "Alright. Spill it," he said imperiously. "Tell me all about your... my... our son." He sipped at the amber liquid, his gaze unwavering from Harry's.

Harry swallowed, feeling lightheaded from staring into Draco's darkened silvery eyes and willed himself to stay calm. "Erm, alright. Yes, he is your son, as if you hadn't figured that already. His name is Gabriel James Potter. His birthday is June ninth. His favorite color is blue. He loves dragons. He adores his big brother Teddy and he hates eating anything green," he said in a slight rush, marking the facts off on a finger as he listed them. He paused, he could really go on for hours talking about Gabe. "What else do you want to know?" he asked, hoping Draco would ask something specific so he wouldn't keep prattling on.

Everything. Draco sat swirling his glass a moment before he cleared his throat. "What does he know about his papa?" he finally asked quietly.

Harry shifted on the stool, looking uncomfortable. "Nothing really, just what I said earlier. I only told him he had one and that he didn't know about him." He signaled the bartender, asking for a Firewhiskey when he came over. "I didn't want him to think he was abandoned or anything. I told him his papa left before I even knew I was going to have him. And yes, he's aware I had him. I kept it simple and basic and he was satisfied with the explanation. For now." He mentally grimaced, not looking forward to the day Gabe demanded more answers. More detailed answers.

"Merlin, Harry," Draco said with a sigh. "All this time... Why didn't you tell me?" he pleaded, his eyes dangerously shiny as he looked up.

Harry had to look away for a moment before he looked back at the blonde in surprise. Draco had only ever called him 'Harry' in private and he looked ready to cry. He wanted to take the liquor away, knowing Draco would later be angry and embarrassed to know he was acting in such a way. Especially in public. He surreptitiously added a distortion ward so their actions weren't visible.

"I dunno," he muttered, shrugging one shoulder sadly. "By the time I realized I was pregnant—which was a huge fucking shock, let me tell you—you had left. I had no real idea where to. You made it pretty clear we were done. That you didn't want anything to do with me. With us," he added softly, his hands fidgeting restlessly as he spoke. His chest ached with the memory and he took a deep breath. "I was also aware you had no interest in a family, you'd said it often enough."

He took a slow, long sip from his drink, happy for the distraction and hoping he didn't sound as bitter as he felt. He didn't blame Draco for not wanting a family; that was his dream and even if he didn't understand the reasons the blonde had, he wouldn't have forced the issue on him.

"I almost owled you a few times," Harry quietly admitted. "I always stopped myself. I'd remember the look on your face when you left." He cringed slightly, not caring if Draco saw it and secretly hoping it made the blonde feel bad. Draco had been cold and distant that night. It had felt like Draco had reached into his chest and ripped his heart out. "Hermione only brought it up once, thankfully understanding after I'd told her everything."

Draco could only stare at the man next to him, feeling lost, sad and angry. "I think I still had the right to know I had a son."

Harry turned angry eyes on the blonde, causing Draco to flinch back from the intensity in Harry's eyes. "Maybe so, but I had a choice to make," he hissed. "You left. You didn't want me. You didn't want a family. You didn't want an 'us'," he made angry air quotes around the word. "You made that very clear when you just picked up and fucking left. As far I knew, that was it; you weren't coming back." He angrily tapped a finger on the bar with each sentence, glaring until Draco looked away. He would not be made to feel regret for a years-gone decision he still felt was right.

Draco didn't want to admit Harry had a point; he wanted to damn Harry for causing the guilt he was feeling, but it was only his own fault. He sighed sadly and forced himself to look at Harry again. He noticed two, soft pink spots of color on Harry's cheeks and wanted to hex himself; he didn't want to make Harry angry. "I didn't come here to argue, Harry."

Harry stared him a moment, trying to ignore the reaction his body had to Draco calling him 'Harry' again. "Alright. Why then?"

Draco shifted in his chair awkwardly, "I'm not all that sure yet. I just knew I had to have a chance to talk to you," he murmured then paused, pursing his lips slightly. "I have to admit one of the reasons I came back was you." He let his gaze warm as he looked Harry over. "I've spent too many sleepless nights haunted by the mistake of leaving. Things were getting... intense and it scared the hell out of me." He dropped his head, his voice muffled slightly as he spoke the last words into the polished wood of the bar. He felt horrible admitting to such immature behavior but he owed Harry the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it made him feel or how bad it made him look. "I almost owled to let you know was coming back but I didn't know how you'd respond. If you'd even be available or... want me."

He slowly looked up, his gaze intense on Harry. "I was stunned when I saw you with a child. Merlin, I wanted to hex the bint I thought you had married. I was gobsmacked when I realized he was... he was mine. Well, ours." He shook his head bemusedly. He really should have known Harry well enough to know he wouldn't have been with a witch. "I hadn't realized until that moment I saw you... well, I guess I realized I was a right prat," he laughed at himself, the sound bitter and self deprecating as he shook his head again. "When I saw you with Gabe, it really struck me. I do want that. You." He nodded his head once, firmly. "He's beautiful, by the way," he said and reached up to slowly trace a line across Harry's jaw with the tips of his fingers. "He looks so much like you, it's amazing," he murmured with a soft smile.

Harry's breath hitched and he had to close his eyes, blocking out the molten silver gaze. Merlin, he missed Draco. One touch and he was ready to climb in the man's lap. He resisted the urge to lean forward and capture Draco's lips with his own and instead placed a hand over Draco's to stop its movement. "He is amazing. He's so smart. He's already reading and the other day I swear he levitated a toy off the top shelf because I didn't get it down fast enough. He loves Muggle things as well as wizard." He was babbling and he couldn't help it.

Draco hadn't moved his hand and it was so warm and distracting. "Draco," Harry murmured, "please. Please don't do something you'll regret. I don't think I could take you walking away a second time. I- I can't do something casual. Not with you. Not with the boys to consider."

Draco slowly withdrew his hand from Harry. "Right." He nodded and leaned back, confused by the pained look in Harry's eyes for a moment before he shook his head. "I'm not saying I want to walk away, idiot." He smiled to soften the words. "I don't want to hurt you again, Harry. I realize I will have to prove myself. I deserve that." He nodded once, convinced of his words; Harry deserved that and more. His fingers absently circle the rim of his glass, his eyes followed the movement, lost in thought. "I need to think about some things before I... we... well, I need to think about some things." His fingers pause their movement and his gaze returned to Harry. "Can I stop by and visit some time? You don't have to tell him I'm... who I am until you're ready, though, alright?"

Harry stopped himself from immediately agreeing and thought about it before he nodded once. "Okay, but I'm not comfortable telling him... about you yet."

"Alright," Draco hummed in agreement, "I completely understand. I don't blame you. Who else knows he's my son?" He squinted at Harry, suddenly jabbing an accusing finger towards the other man's chest. "I can't imagine it was easy to hide. We didn't keep our... relationship a secret." He grimaced, remembering the numerous foul articles and photos in The Daily Prophet and other newspapers.

He would probably never admit that he kept a photo or two that he'd cut out, usually of them being caught sneaking a quick snog. His favorite, and most viewed, was of him pinning Harry against a brick wall in an alley, Harry's hands were buried in his hair and his face was tipped up to show his eyes closed in pure bliss, the photo moving as Draco pressed against him and kissed him until he was panting and incoherent.

Harry smiled sadly. "I was able to keep my pregnancy a secret since I took a nice long vacation but I had no luck in keeping Gabe a complete secret like I wanted to. I'm able to keep him relatively safe from the reporters. It helps we live near muggles. Hermione knows the truth, of course, as does Neville, Steven and Luna—honestly, that woman is eerie with the things she knows sometimes. Everyone else is under the impression that I got some witch knocked up and she dumped the kid with me." He shrugged. "It worked out at the time so I didn't correct anyone. Honestly, I can't believe people can't tell its a load of shit but I'm always grateful they can't."

Draco nodded and winced as he asked his next question; "And the Weasleys?"

Harry just blinked in confusion. "What about them?"

"Well, don't they know?"

Harry laughed and waved a hand dismissively, "They know as much as the average person who reads The Prophet. I haven't really spoken to them since I broke things off with Ginny. Ron, well he was upset I was gay and obviously not going to be involved with his sister. We had a huge fight, hurtful things were said and it was just the last time I was able to forgive him turning his back on me. Most of the family agreed with him." He felt his chest ache with the memory. Draco had been present for the start of it, oddly enough.

Arthur had tried to keep a relationship going but Molly was a stern woman and didn't allow him to continue a relationship with 'that traitor' as she took to calling Harry. "Apparently I was only considered a son if I was willing to be with Ginny." He grimaced and shuddered lightly. "Just bizarre when I think about it. Anyway, I used to see the twins on occasion but we've sorta just... grown apart. So, no, the Weasleys don't know that Gabe is your son." He shrugged sadly. "It hurt to lose them at the time but I've got Gabe and Teddy now, so."

Draco nodded absently, taking in the information. So, Weasley turned his back on Harry. Again. Bastard. Draco wanted to hunt the man down and hex the bastard's bollocks to his forehead before he realized he wasn't any better. He fought a blush of embarrassment and cleared his throat. "And Gra-Hermione? I thought she and Weasley were together."

"They were," Harry said with a sad nod. "She still insists it wasn't my fault they broke up but I'm pretty sure they drifted apart because she was still my friend and Ron was still being a stubborn git. They broke up and haven't spoken in years, as far as I know. She's now with Arnold, a Muggle chemist. She's so much happier around him then I ever saw her with Ron."

He smiled, thinking of the two together. Arnold was indeed a Muggle and only recently made aware of the Wizarding World when he proposed to Hermione, but since Harry lived in muggle London, they would hang out at his place when they were in the area. It had taken some getting used to to see Hermione with someone other than Ron, but he couldn't be happier for Hermione. Arnold treated her like a princess and Hermione looked adorably (sometimes sickeningly so) in love with the guy, he was readily accepted.

"Gabe and Teddy adore them, so I'm glad I still have her in my life."

Draco sighed and leaned forward, no longer able to resist touching Harry. Slowly, he rested his forehead on Harry's, his arms wrapping loosely around the other man's waist. He ignored Harry's stiff posture and slowly lowered his face until he was nuzzling Harry, feeling a goofy thrill go through him when he wasn't stopped. "I'm sorry," he murmured into Harry's neck. He was able to control the impulse to trace his tongue along Harry's pulse point but just barely. He compromised with himself by inhaling Harry's musky (but somehow lightly sweet) scent. "I'm so sorry."

Harry shook his head and resisted the urge to wrap his arms around Draco. "Don't be. You had to do what was right for you. I never would have forced you into anything. As for the Weasleys, well, I think they would have done that no matter who I ended up with that wasn't Ginny." He gave in and let his hand rest on the back of Draco's neck, biting his lip to keep from moaning at the feel of the silken strands against his fingers.

Draco didn't hold back the soft moan when Harry's hand rested at the nape of his neck. It was still so warm and he sighed happily. "But I am, Harry. You've lost so much and I go and walk away like a complete bastard. I don't deserve a second chance but I'd do anything to get it," he said adamantly. He leaned back to look in Harry's eyes, dazed at the verdant brilliance. Merlin, he missed looking into those eyes. "I think the only good thing about this is I finally realized that wasn't the case on my own so I would come crawling back like you deserve." His face was earnest as he looked at Harry. "I know it makes me sound like a bastard, but I would have rejected you if you'd told me at the time. I needed to work through what I want." He closed his eyes and nuzzled against Harry's hand a moment, making Harry smile. "I tried to fool myself into thinking it was... well, it was just sex," he admitted softly.

Harry's breath hitched and his grip on Draco tightened. There was so much to digest, so many things Draco said with an alcohol-loosened tongue. He focused on the last bit. "What... what was it then?" he asked.

"Hm." Draco grinned, his eyes flicking down to Harry's lips a moment. "I refuse to acknowledge Hufflepuff tendencies," he sniffed in a haughty tone. He leaned down and softly kissed Harry, his lips barely grazing across Harry's before pulling back again, enjoying the look of astonishment on the man's face. "I care about you, Harry. Always have. I know it showed it in... less than flattering ways over the years. I was a stubborn bastard for not admitting it before. It's apparently not something a Malfoy does." The blonde grinned sardonically.

He had found himself relaxing around Harry, letting his mask slip off and even cuddling (and not-so-secretly enjoying it). He frowned at the memory and the panic he had felt and wished he could go back and kick himself for leaving everything foolishly behind.

Harry could only nod dumbly. He was remembering the last few weeks they were together; something had changed between them and he had been convinced he was alone in the feeling. Draco's eyes had been easy to read since their last year in Hogwarts, at least for Harry. He slowly let his mask fall and the first time he'd smiled (not a sneer or a smirk, a smile) Harry had felt his heart flutter and he knew he was lost. He had nearly blurted 'I love you' at one point after a particularly passionate round of lovemaking as they had laid cuddled up together and felt bittersweet relief he had never uttered the words when Draco walked away less than two weeks later.

"You are a stubborn bastard," he agreed absently, sounding rather amused and oddly pleased, his thumb lightly grazing along Draco's bottom lip before he could stop himself.

Draco's face brightened into a smile, "Would it be alright if I come over tomorrow around six? For dinner with you and the boys?"

The non-sequitur threw Harry for a moment before he found himself nodding. "Sure, OK. If you want to. 'Mione and Arnold will be there, so if you can't behave..." he trailed off with a raised eyebrow, hoping he didn't have to threaten Draco. He really didn't know what possessed him to agree. Draco and Hermione had been well on their way to a sort-of friendship before he had left, so he was pretty sure the wizard would behave.

"Humph." Draco sat up, trying to look offended. "I will have you know I am a proper pure blood wizard; impeccable manners in any social situation," he said with a lifted chin and in a haughty tone that Harry secretly found adorable. "I will, of course, behave. I've let go a lot of a lot of old prejudices, Harry," he said softly. Harry nodded with a soft smile and he gave one in return. "Shall I bring anything?"

Harry pursed his lips, trying to ignore the way Draco's eyes settled on his mouth at the action. "Whatever is proper," he said and smirked. "On that note, I'm going to go before I... well, I'm going to go. Good night, Draco. I'll see you tomorrow for dinner." He quickly withdrew a small notebook and muggle pen from his pocket and wrote something down before handing it to Draco. "Here's the address. Feel free to come early to spend some time with Gabe, I'll be available after two." He stared at the blonde another moment before bending down and lightly kissing the corner of his mouth. "Night, Draco" he said softly before turning and quickly heading to the floo.

Staying any longer would've proven to be... dangerous, he was quite sure of it. He vanished in a puff of green, one quick glance over his shoulder before he disappeared.

Draco leaned against the bar, his hand on his cheek, the skin still tingling slightly from the contact. "Merlin," he breathed. He nearly groaned aloud, the image of Harry's jean clad arse still in his mind.

It was going to be a long night.

"Damn, forgot to make him stay for dinner," he absently grumbled, signaling the bartender to order a light meal. He perked up, remember he would be able to share a meal with Harry tomorrow. A small, slightly crooked smile flitted across his face but was gone once a plate was lowered in front of him.