It had only been a week since Teddy's little protective stint over Rachel, but it was still the cutest thing I had ever seen. I honestly couldn't believe just how good this relationship was going, but I knew that the relationship would be changing soon, as it was only a matter of time before Teddy and I slept together. We had taken our time with this relationship, although we lived together, we only spent a few days a week together and we both didn't want to rush anything that wasn't natural. I glanced at the clock on the microwave, when Richie made his way into the kitchen, sitting at the table next to his sister.

"I'm begging you, please don't do it." Richie spoke to me, in a fake begging tone.

"Richie, I already signed up for it." I said seriously, sipping my coffee.

"Come on! It's bad enough that she's gonna be there" Richie exclaimed pointing to Rachel, who gave him an evil glare.

"Why do I have to be the one that always suffers in this family?" Richie exclaimed loudly, slamming his spoon down on the table.

"You are seriously overreacting." I said calmly, rolling my eyes at his antics. A smile grew on my lips as I saw Teddy walk into the kitchen, his hair still wet from the shower. I watched as Teddy hi-fived Richie, placed a gentle kiss on the top of Rachel's head, before coming to me. His hands grabbing both of mine, gently pulling me to my feet, as his hands snaked around my waist, pulling me to his body. My body immediately reacting to his, the fresh smell of soap and his cologne invading my senses as his lips pressed against mine, his tongue gently slipping past my lips, encouraging the slow, sensual kiss. I smiled against his lips, as the kiss broke.

"There's my girl." Teddy said with a smile, causing me to blush as I sat back down on my chair as he made his way to get himself a cup of coffee, pulling the free chair close to me as he sat down next to me.

"So, how are we torturing Richie today?" Teddy asked calmly sipping his coffee.

"You heard that huh?" I asked smiling as he nodded his head, placing his cup on the table.

"Yeah, and I knew I couldn't miss this." Teddy said sarcastically, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him, placing a kiss on my temple.

"Well, he's mad cause the school called and asked me to help out at the Halloween dance and Harvest Festival that there are sponsoring in town, tonight." I explained, before Rachel cut in.

"Riley's gonna be a chaperone." Rachel said smiling.

"Really?" Teddy asked, glancing to me with a smirk on his lips.

"I said I'd do it if they needed someone, and one of their chaperones cancelled, so I was next on the list." I explained.

"You can get out of it, if you wanted to! You just love embarrassing me." Richie pouted.

"Yeah, that's it Richie. I just live to ruin your life." I said sarcastically, taking a sip of my drink.

"You're ok with me being there, right?" I asked Rachel as she nodded her head.

"See, Rachel's ok with it." I defended myself as Richie rolled his eyes.

"She doesn't have a reputation to protect!" Richie defended his argument.

"Richie, trust me your reputation of being a pain in the ass will be upheld long past tonight." I responded sarcastically, as he flipped me the bird.

"Seriously, there's a whole festival, and a gymnasium, I'm sure it's big enough for both of us alright?" I tried to compromise with my brother.

"Fine. But if anyone asks, I don't know you." Richie threatened, before standing up from the table and walking back to his room.

"What are you gonna be, Riley?" Rachel asked excitedly turning to me.

"I'm not sure. I'm hoping they still have some costumes left at the store." I said as I turned to look at Teddy.

"Your mom said she'd go with me, and help me pick out something." I told him as he nodded his head.

"My mom's the expert on costumes. She handmade Brett and I's for years." Teddy explained, taking a sip of his coffee.

"What are you gonna be?" Teddy asked with a smile as he turned to Rachel.

"I'm gonna be Minnie Mouse." Rachel spoke with a smile, as Teddy nodded his head, his arm pulling me closer to his body.

"So since it's a dance, does that mean you get to bring a date?" Teddy asked curiously, looking to me with a smile.

"Yeah! Teddy you should come too!" Rachel exclaimed happily.

"Well, I would if I could find a date." Teddy teased, bumping my shoulder with his, causing me to blush.

"Riley! Say Yes!" Rachel instructed, pointing to me.

"Rachel, go get your stuff." I said sternly, as she stood from the table.

"You better say yes, Riley!" Rachel threatened at the doorway, before I pointed and she hurried out of the doorway.

"So, what do you say? How about I escort you?" Teddy asked again, his hands forcing my body to face his, his eyes pouring into mine.

"Are you sure? I thought you had a signing today." I asked seriously.

"I should be back by 8PM. I'll have plenty of time to make it up there." Teddy said reassuringly.

"You don't have to do this. I mean it's not a big deal." I said shyly, as Teddy's arms pulled me closer to him.

"I want to. It'll be fun. As long as you promise to save a dance for me." Teddy said softly, pressing his lips against mine. The gentle kiss broke as he pulled away, right as his phone rang. I watched as he jumped to his feet, hurrying around the kitchen. He stopped at the doorway, looking back to me.

"Remember, you promised me a dance!" Teddy said smiling, pointing to me before hurrying out of the door.

I had spent pretty much all day with Melanie, looking for a costume. It surprised me just how empty the costume stores were, but what did I expect, it was only a few days before Halloween. Melanie and I scoured the town, and the nearby towns looking for a good costume, before settling on one that was two sizes too big for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon at Melanie and Senior's house, as Melanie worked with me, trying to make the costume fit as well as it could. I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection and finally admitted, the costume fit perfect in the right places. I would be the inmate with the best fitting outfit that was for sure. Dressing up as a convict wasn't my first choice but after all the alterations Melanie had made, I was actually impressed and happy with the choice. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror.

The dance and harvest festival had started about 30 minutes ago and there were kids everywhere. It was pretty much the whole town, as I saw many families there walking through the festival, playing the games, braving the haunted house, and even families dancing in the gymnasium. I glanced across the gymnasium noticing my brother, dressed as Woody from Toy Story chatting it up with some girl, and doing everything to ignore my looks. I rolled my eyes, as I glanced around the gymnasium, seeing kids of all ages and their families having a good time. I had already been briefed by the principal on what wasn't allowed, but I doubted we were gonna have any problems tonight. I saw Rachel and her friends walk into the gymnasium, as she waved to me before sitting at a table with her friends. I stood next to the punch table, smiling at the happy children and families that passed me by.

My eyes lit up when I saw Melanie and Ted Sr. walk into the gymnasium. I hurried over to greet them, both of them smiling as they saw me. I immediately hugged them both tight.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here?" I asked surprised, as they surveyed the gymnasium, smiling.

"Well seems like everyone in town is here, so we figured we would drop by too." Ted Sr. explained, wrapping his arm around his wife.

"Teddy needed a ride." Melanie said with a smile.

"Teddy's here?" I asked excitedly, watching as both Senior and Melanie's faces lit up seeing my reaction.

"He's changing into his costume." Senior explained.

"He didn't have to dress up. I mean, it's no big deal." I said shyly, looking down at my feet.

"Teddy thought it was a very big deal. He was really excited to get here." Melanie said with a smile, as I blushed even redder. My thoughts being interrupted when hearing the sound of my brother's voice.

"Hi Ted. Hi Melanie." Richie spoke happily, giving them each of a hug.

"Oh I'm sorry, do we know you…Woody?" I teased my brother as he shot me a death glare.

"Being seen with them makes me cool, being seen with you makes me lame." Richie explained as I rolled my eyes.

"Shouldn't you be saying, 'There's a snake in my boot' or something?" I teased as Richie glared back at me.

"Shouldn't you be handcuffed somewhere?" Richie shot back, as I playfully swatted him, before my attention was caught by the man that entered the room.

"Shouldn't you….whoa" was all I muttered as Teddy entered my vision. My mouth hung open as he walked in through the door and made his way over to us. My mouth watered as he approached wearing tight dark blue pants, that framed his backside with every step. The utility belt hung around his waist, complete with handcuffs, baton and water gun. The tight fitting button up dark blue shirt, that seemed as if every button was ready to pop open with every movement, the top button undone. The reflecting sunglasses on his eyes, as his hair was perfectly combed back, and to top it off, a shiny silver sheriff star pinned over his left pectoral. I stared at him unashamed as he walked up next to me, his arm snaking around my waist, as he took off the sunglasses, hanging them on his shirt, leaning in and placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Hey baby." Teddy spoke with a smile, as my eyes continued to look him up and down, as if I couldn't control it.

"Told you my mom was good with costumes." Teddy said with a smile, spinning around in a circle, before his eyes met mine once again.

"Whoa." Was all I could repeat.

"Well, there's the handcuffs I was talking about." Richie said sarcastically, my hand reaching out swatting my brother playfully, as I continued to take in the site in front of my eyes as I simply responded with.