So this is a short one but I hope you all like it anyway. N, O, P and Q will be up soonish!

M - Married

They were sitting on the sofa together watching some episode of an old Spelling drama when he suddenly looked over at her. "I've been meaning to ask you something."

"What?" She asked with a little smile.

He reached over and shut the TV off with the remote and then dropped to one knee in front of her. "Brandon -" she started but paused as he enveloped her hands in his big, warm ones.

"Kelly, I love you. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past year but never, for even one moment have I stopped loving you or wanting you in my life. Practically every minute I was on my so-called world-wide 'adventure', I thought about returning to you and I am glad I did because you are my home; you have my heart and always will. Kelly Taylor, will you be my wife?"

Kelly's eyes moistened with tears. "You want to get married, Brandon? To me?"

Brandon chuckled. "Yeah, who else? You're the one I want and that will never change."

"Are you sure you're not proposing because David already proposed to Donna and you want to one-up him or something?"

He smirked. "Well, now that you mention it ... OF COURSE NOT! I want you to be my wife because I have this selfish need to have you in my life. I am going to try my damndest to make you happy as you always deserve to be. Like I said I made a lot of mistakes but loving you was never one of them."

Kelly reached out and touched Brandon's cheek. "I will say 'yes' on one condition."

"Anything," he agreed.

"You stop blaming yourself for all that went wrong in our relationship. Because I messed up just as many times, just in different ways. So now if we make mistakes, we will forgive each other and work them."

Brandon nodded. "I think I can learn to live with that condition."

"Then yes, Brandon, yes, I will marry you. I love you."

They kissed for a very long moment and then he pulled back and pulled a little ring out of his pocket. "It's not much. I mean I don't have a full-time job yet ..."

"No, Brandon, I love it," she said as he slipped the slender band with a single diamond stud on it on her finger. "I love you."

"I love, you too, Kel. I love you too. Now and always ..."