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She always find his good-natured personality to be a little... mellow. Mushy. Kind of fishy at times, too.

He's just too much of a boy-scout, all-American and clean. Too perfect. Not a crinkle on his always red-white-blue shirt and a good whole-heartedly smile to please the world. And God, is he coming straight out of a novel or something? Magenta's pretty sure even the guys in novels have faults. Flaws people can connect with. But Will? No. He's just that. He's just nice.

Simply put.

But kind of adorable too.

It's not that she always find him adorable all of the holy hour of time - just like, sometimes. When he puts on that half-grin smiles as he hands her a hot chocolate with marshmallow on a very cold, winter day or kisses her out of nowhere while in the hallways, or flies her to Paris every time she had a big fight with Mom - and it's like cheesy and stuff, but it's kind okay you know because they're dating and he can and he's just that and nobody can tell him otherwise. Unfortunately, not even her. But she guesses it's okay too.

She just - she likes that, you know? Feeling like that sometimes. It feels nice ... and warm and fuzzy on the inside like a little teddy bear just hugs you and when you're looking through Will's eyes, it's like you're feeling like that most of the times anyway.

Like that one time after a really bad fever and she had to take this medicine that she supposed she was allergic to because after taking it, she immediately got this rash that consumed her legs and made her look like a walking red meat with dots, and she's just there looking at her patterned skin murmuring how ugly she was and Will just came, got on his knees, touched the surface (she always like the way he touches - so soft and gentle and ghost-like) and decided, "Nah. You're still beautiful."

Then, he bent down and kissed her knees.

Like, how mushy was that? So ... Will, right?

But Magenta - even though she finds herself pretty overwhelm with his whole heroic and gentle profile, she feels, you know - kinda good too.

(because, yeah, whatever, but she likes it.)