I am so sorry I am not updating as usual. I am sick, and getting inspiration issues. NOW, I love this song! And it is a sick, sick song! So this is a sick fanfiction! ENJOY!




Before the story begins,

Is it such a sin,

for me to take whats mine,

until the end of time,

Sebastian had dreams. Sick, perfect dreams. Dreams of Jace's blood between his fingertips, and his sister.

His sister.

Perfect, innocent Clary. The girl with the runes. The girl with the flaming red hair. The girl that was rightfully his.

We were more then friends,

before the story ends,

and I will take whats mine,

reap what god would never design,

Sebastian ran his fingers over the closed eyelids of his little sister. They were bloody, just like the rest of her face. The blood looked so beautiful against the contrast of her pale skin.

Our love had been so strong for far to long,

I was weak with fear that something would go wrong,

Before the possibility came true,

He drifted his fingers over the blade which was a bright scarlet, his personal ruby. The dagger that took his sisters life.

I took all possibility from you.

He could remember her cries, her screams. It was a beautiful melody to his ears. He smiled at the thought, his eyes shutting closed as he lied beside his property.

Almost laughed myself to tears, ((Hahhaha!))

Conjuring her deepest fears, ((Come here you fucking bitch!))

Once again, he found his fingers on the blade. He gripped it, and then traced it lightly across Clary's hair. It was only a whisper of the metal touching her hair, but it was enough to imagine a whimper escaping her lips. Ofcourse, she was dead, so no sound escaped the perfect, pale lips.

Must of stabbed her fifty fucking times,

I can't believe it,

Ripped her heart out right before her eyes,

Eyes over easy,

Eat it, Eat it, Eat it!

He sighed, tossing white hair out of his eyes. He trailed the blade down her torn blouse.

"At least you did not talk."

She was never this good in bed,

Even when she was sleeping,

Now she is just so perfect,

I have never been quiet so fucking deep in,

He had tried. Tried before she was killed. But she just would not comply to his request. Was it so wrong? Well, he was not complaining. He got what he wanted. And he got her for an eternity.

It goes on and on and on,

I can keep you looking young and preserved forever,

With a fountain to spray on your youth whenever,

Sebastian stood up, and looked down at Clary. He wondered what it was like wherever she was now. Was she in Heaven? Or in Hell? Was she caught in Pergatory, unable to move anywhere?

Cause I really always knew that my little crime,

Would be cold,

thats why I got a heater for your thighs,

Sebastian closed the curtains. The room got dimmer, and her flipped the blade between his thin fingers. He knelt down beside the bed.

"Pity your not here for this, little sister. You could not see how you gave into my every demand."

And I know,

I know its not your time,

but bye bye.

Sebastian pulled himself over her so he was straddling her.

And a word to the wise when the fire dies,

You think its over but its just begun,

But baby dont cry,

He leant down, and pressed his lips to her cool forehead.

You had my heart,

At least for the most part,

Cause everybody gotta's die sometimes,

We fell apart,

Lets make a new start,

Cause everybody's gotta die sometimes, yeah yeah,

Sebastian woke up. His head turned to face the empty space in his bed. No evidence of his sister. He sighed and turned over, still a slight smirk playing on his lips.

But baby dont cry.