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The numbers doesn't matters, all that's important is the sincerity from the heart.

"Stop, violence is never the answer!"

Homura widened her eyes before looking behind.

There, standing right behind her was none other than the girl Homura love. The reason why she had been doing all these stupid time-travel was because of her. That's why, Homura was willing to do anything to get the time right and save Madoka.

But those words Madoka just shouted struck her for a moment and she suddenly felt numb. She had no idea why.

"Homura-chan! Look out!"

Homura, who has been distracted, failed to notice the spear directing her way. Madoka had managed to shout just in time for Homura to divert her attention back to Kyoko. Homura then grabbed onto her circle thingy and spin it. The time immediately stopped, just like she wanted.

In the air was Kyoko, clentehcing her teeth and just a second away from striking Homura with her weapon. Sayaka was lying on the floor, touching her boobs while Kyubi was sitting beside Sayaka with that kawaii look on its face. Madoka, was yelling, a tear line down her cheeks.

Homura sighed, knowing that she doesn't have much time left, she walked towards Madoka and stood right infront of her.

"I'm sorry. But violence is only the way to stop these pain. I have to do all these to protect you, don't you understand?" Homura's lips quivered and she slowly reached out towards Madoka's cheek to brush the tears away.

Wrong mistake.

During the time-stopping technique, whatever things that Homura touched will not experience the time stopping thingy and yadayada if you're a dedicated fan of this series you'll know what I'm talking about. Madoka immediately blinked when she noticed Homura standing right in front of her.


Knowing that she shouldn't resist anymore, she plunged forward and gave a kiss to Madoka.

They broke the kiss and the time suddenly became alive. Kyoko fell on the ground and Kyuubi gave a vine whip.

"Homura-chan. I love you. I realized my mistake. It's over. This is me."

"Yes. Madoka-chan. Me too."

And they skipped away.

Sayaka then died from love and Kyoko became swag.


Title and summary has no relation to story. It's a message to someone who has been dying to read a MadoHomu fic.