Welcome gang. This story will be eight chapters. The title for this story was originally going to be "The Festival of Ecstasy, Theater and Wine" but I felt that would have been too long. Also as well as the mystery of the Shaman's identity, there is the mystery of the identity of Balor's biological father. Let me give you a hint and say that these two aren't unconnected to each other. Enjoy.

Before the Likeness

Balor starred up at the statue of Sotark before him. It was made of gold and standing at the height of one hundred and seven feet. It was much bigger than the real Sotark and for the first time Balor actually felt insignificant. He stood before it with other boys. Some were as young as five and some were as old as nineteen.

Balor looked around. The mothmen were there but there did not seem to be any particular mothman that had any authority.

They were at the center of Harapa. This couldn't have possibly been the gauntlet!

Balor then starred back up at the statue of Sotark. Then suddenly he was grabbed by three mothmen. One of them was holding a knife! The mothman carved an arrow into his right arm. The gibbering of the mothmen had the sound of joy about it. They sounded as if they were laughing. The arrow was pointed down towards Balor's hand. The mothman holding the knife had not been gentle when he carved the arrow into Balor's arm. There was more black blood seeping from the young evabon's arm than Balor thought possible even though in reality it was the correct amount. He clutched at his arm in pain.

"You shall be identified by your mark!" Balor looked up at the mothman that had carved the arrow into his arm. It could speak the trade language? "You're the second barbarian! You're the second savage! You're the second evabon that I've marked." The second evabon?

"Who was the first?"

"A grey-skin, like yourself but much darker! It had been twenty-six years ago when he was in his early teens. I even remember the mark I gave him. It was a lightning bolt on his right arm." A lightning bolt on his right arm? That was the scar and the arm that the Shaman had spoken about when he revealed that the man Balor had called father was not his father but someone else.

"What happened to him?"

"He was thrown down into the underworld!" Balor's eyes widened. Had his father escaped from the underworld? There was a way in and thus a way out therefore the man who was his father must have found it.

But still that caused him to wonder one thing. Who was his father? Kit and Kat had known who their father was so why was there all of a sudden a mystery about who his father was. Why should the person he had called father turn out to not be his father at all?