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Down to the Underworld

"So, you are the evabon that Sotark has chosen to replace me in twelve years time!" Ogidnew starred down at Balor and Kit. "Miserable excuse for a life form! You have been corrupted by weak emotions: love, pity kindness! Those emotions have no place in the world!"

"I'm sorry who are you? Where did you come from?" Balor blinked in wonderment. This stranger had just come out of nowhere. The two kids stood up and Balor gently pushed Kit behind him. They started to back away until they were in the middle of the temple. Ogidnew was standing on a statue that resembled one of his monstrous brethren. He was holding an axe that looked evil. Could axes look evil?

"Your executioner!" Ogidnew jumped from his perch and upon landing on the ground in front of Balor and Kit the floor beneath all three of them broke. Down they fell into the underworld, the vast complex of crypts, catacombs, dungeons and sewers beneath all of Harapa. While Balor and Kit had ended up landing on a small ledge, Ogidnew just kept on falling. He fell for a long time but finally his fall ended just like his life when he landed onto the sarcophagus of some noble of Harapa from before Sotark's reign.

Sotark's eyes opened. There was knocking at the door of his chamber. He growled and walked over to the door… on all fours. Violently, Sotark opened the door and looked down at the boy before him. The boy jumped in shock. This was not the Sotark he had seen in the statue this was a monster! A demon!

"What is it?" How bestial Sotark's voice sounded. It caused the boy to cringe in fear. "What do you want?"

"Forgive me, Lord Sotark but an army of beasts led by a corpse have began to attack Harapa, General Ogidnew is missing. I have been sent to inform you." Sotark's eyes starred down at the boy. His left eye was dull and unreflective, the right shined with an unnatural glow. Sotark extended a hand a wrapped it around the boy, his curved fingernails cutting into the boy's skin.

"The Festival of Ecstasy will continue after this attack is taken care of." Sotark started to squeeze the boy. "Ogidnew is dead." A sickening crack was heard that brought a grin to the giant evabon's face. "And now so are you." Sotark starred at the slain body before him, slain by his own hand. He brought the body to his mouth and proceeded to feast.

The End

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