"I will find you!" A childlike voice called through the woods. "No you won't!" Another voice called out. Keon was sitting up a tree, the twelve year old hiding himself from a four year old Byron. They were playing hide and seek, Byron was it.

"Where am I Byron?" Keon called out again. Trying to hide his giggling, wouldn't do for Byron to find him that easily. Little Byron was down below searching for his bigger cousin. Where could he be? He can't be that far away. Mommy said to stay close to base.

Byron searched and searched but he couldn't find Keon anywhere. "Keon! Keon! Where are you?!" He tried again and again. But to no avail.

Defeated he sat down on a rock and sighed. Keon jumped down from the tree and snuck up behind Byron. "Boo!" He yelled.

Byron jumped and fell down. "Keon, that's not funny!" He laughed. So maybe it was, just a little. He hugged Keon tightly, glad to have his big cousin back. Now they could go home.