Yes, this is an Elsword fanfic =P.

Their classes are :

Aisha - Elemental Master

Elsword - Lord Knight

Raven - Blade Master

Rena - Grand Archer

Eve - Code: Empress

Chung - Deadly Chaser

Well, I hope you enjoy the story ~ =P

"Ugh…" Elsword groaned as he woke up. He sighed and said, "First day of school, huh…" He walked out of his room and went to the bathroom to take a shower ( and all those usual morning stuff =P ). He went downstairs to eat his breakfast but when he reached the kitchen, everyone was there already. "Elsword, you're late again!" Aisha yelled at him. "Ugh… Shut it will you? I just woke up and I already have to hear your loud voice…" "Why you—" Aisha stood up from her seat. "Whatever! I'm not gonna waste my energy fighting with you on the first day of school..." "Now that's more like it ~" Rena said as she smiled.

~ On The Way To School ~

Elsword was walking really slowly, hoping that the lessons won't start soon. "Elsword, you slowpoke! Move faster! You're blocking us!" Aisha yelled at him from behind. "It's fine really, Aisha… Besides, we're not even in a hurry to class, are we?" Rena said happily. Eve, Chung and Raven just stayed silent as they walked behind Aisha and Rena. Whatever… Elsword thought to himself as he continued to walk slowly to class.

~ In Class ~

Elsword sat next to the window, while Raven sat behind him. Chung sat behind Rena while Eve sat beside Aisha. Aisha looked around her and she realized that they were all in the same class. She looked to her left and realized that Elsword was sitting beside her. Why is HE sitting beside me?! Aisha thought to herself. Can this get any worse? Aisha mumbled to herself. "Hm?" Elsword heard her mumbling but couldn't quite hear what she said. "Nothing… It's none of your concern.." She said and shrugged. Hmm… What's with her? Acting like that all of a sudden.. Not like it's any of my concern though. Elsword looked out the window and thought about the school year ahead of him. Looks like this school year's gonna be interesting, huh?

( Next chapter coming out later ~ X3 And sorry for the short story lol )