( Ohai thar ~ XD Here's chapter 11, and also the last chapter of Aisha's dream because her so-called other-self's time-stopping magic can only last for three days = w = So, here's the last time you're gonna read about this dream lol, enjoy. = w = )

"SAY WHAT?!" Aisha nearly shouted. "Um... Yeah… She stopped time for three days." Elsword replied her. "Why? Is there a problem?" "N-No… It's just that this dream is getting weirder and weirder…" Aisha said, shrugging her shoulders. "Ah well, it can get worse." The moment Elsword said that, another figure appeared from a corner. Raven (As a Reckless Fist) stepped out of the shadows. "…" He stared at Aisha silently, which seemed to freak her out. "W-What?" Aisha finally said after a few minutes. "Nothing…" Raven said as he walked closer to them. "Your arm… It looks… Very different…" Aisha said, staring at his Nasod arm. "Hmph. That's because I'm a Reckless Fist. I can no longer keep this arm in control…" Raven replied. "I-I see…" Aisha said, somehow amused. Raven flinched and grabbed his Nasod arm. "Ugh… It's hurting again…" He said. Aisha was about to ask him if she could do anything, but she kept her mouth shut because at the bottom of her heart, she knew that Raven could no longer be normal. She just silently stared at him. Raven's shoulder slumped down as the pain eased away. "Ugh…" He kept grunting. Elsword silently stared at his Nasod arm too. "You REALLY gotta do something about that, Raven." He said. "I can't… This arm takes control of me anytime it wants… If I could do something about that, I would've. And besides, I have to leave now, I can't let Rena see me in this kind of condition… I don't want her to worry anymore…" Raven said as he disappeared in a corner and Rena (As a Wind Sneaker) appeared. "Ah, sorry to interrupt you two!" She said playfully to Elsword and Aisha, who were sitting really close together. "W-Wha—?!" Aisha said, blushing. "I was just kidding ~ Don't take jokes too seriously, Aisha ~" Rena said happily. Elsword was blushing too, and he had a killer look on his face.

"Anyways, Elsword, did you explain it to Aisha already?" Rena asked. "Yeah…" Elsword replied, not looking at her. Rena just stood there and stared at them silently. "You know what? I really wonder how strong my other-self is… Can you tell me, Aisha?" Rena asked all of a sudden. "Hm… Well, I guess you can say she's pretty strong and brave, although she says she really hates one of her skills called 'Aero Strafe' if I'm not mistaken… But she's still the one who always saves us whenever we're in any kind of danger." Aisha said. "Heh ~" Rena said as she paced up and down in the room. "I wish I can see her in battle, but I can't. I'm—Or should I say, 'we' are trapped in this place. We can't get out to see our other selves. If we could, I would've been able to heal you guys using Arielinna ~" She said and winked. "Well, this dream is going to be over soon, so this is probably the last time you'll see me, a Wind Sneaker, Elsword as a Rune Slayer, Raven as a Reckless Fist… You haven't met Chung as a Iron Paladin, did you? Or Eve as a Nemesis. You'll be seeing them soon. I'll take my leave now." Rena said as she waved goodbye and disappeared. Something brownish in one of the corners caught Aisha's eye. "I wonder if that's Chung?" She asked Elsword. "It is." He replied as Chung appeared. "Wow. Your hair is so long that I thought you were a girl, Chung…" Aisha said, laughing. "Sh-Shut up!" Chung said. "I'm just following the European Knights!" Chung added, pouting. "Haha, okay okay, I get you." Aisha said, still laughing a little. "Where's Nemesis?" She asked. "She should be coming any moment now…" Chung said. A loud 'bang' was heard and Nemesis appeared. "Hmph. Weaklings." She said. "Oh my God, I don't know who you are!" Aisha said. "She's Nemesis…" Chung said. "Hmm… You two must be a Lord Knight and an Elemental Master. I'm Nemesis, Eve's second Job Path." Eve glared at them. "Hmph, I wonder how did you two even survived throughout the whole of Elrios, when you look so weak." Eve said. "What do you mean 'weak'?!" Elsword shouted. "Nemesis, stop acting like that…" Chung said. "Whatever. This dream's gonna be over soon and I don't have to see my other lazy self. All she does is make her servants fight for her. She doesn't even use her drones to kill the enemy in any of her skills!" Nemesis said. "Well, not like I'm offending her or anything. I must say that my other self is pretty skilled…" She added. "Farewell, then." Eve and Chung said and disappeared. Now it's only Elsword and Aisha left.

"So… You're gonna leave too?" Aisha asked Elsword. "Yeah, but you can still see me every day by your side." He said. "Yeah, I guess so…" Aisha answered and looked at the ground. Darkness. Nothing but darkness. She thought. "I'm still wondering why am I even having this dream…" She said. "Well… It's probably because you got hit in the head too hard." Elsword laughed as he said that. "Hey! It seriously hurt you know!" She shouted at him. "Okay, okay, sorry." He said, smiling. "Apology accepted…" Aisha said. "How much time is left, anyways?" She asked. "I'm not sure… Three days has passed, so you'll probably be stuck in this dream for a few more hours…" Elsword said. "At least you got me company." "Yeah, yeah. I fell asleep on your shoulder, didn't I?" Aisha said, smirking. "Y-Yeah… And I'm currently sleeping on the bare ground with no blankets or whatsoever, so I'm literally freezing…" He said. "How do you know?" "I can feel it… And I have no idea how did I got into your dream…" Elsword looked around and stood up. He stared up at the 'ceiling' for a few minutes and finally said, "See you when you wake up…" And disappeared. "W-What?!" Aisha said as she saw herself fading away.

"So I've finally woken up, huh?" She said.

Aisha : Finally, this dream is over...

Elsword : *Hugs Aisha* = w = ~

Aisha : ...

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Rena : Sort of...

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Eve : Of course.

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