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~ That Same Night ~

Aisha was squirming around and felt uncomfortable. She opened her eyes and found herself wrapped in darkness. "H-Hello?" She called out. "Elsword? Rena? Eve?" She called out again. She looked down and saw something red… Blood? She kneeled down and touched it. The moment she did, it disappeared into thin air. "W-What the—" She stood up and looked around her. The darkness had disappeared, and now she was looking at Rena and Raven in an unfamiliar place. Wait—Is it really them? They look really… Different and not like themselves… Rena's hair… It's… Black? And… A sword? What the heck… Aisha thought as she turned to look at Raven. His Nasod arm… It's glowing orange… What the hell is going on?! Aisha felt dizzy all of a sudden and fell down. "Ow…" She sat up and rubbed her forehead. "Ugh…" She stood up and looked around and realized she was in the Commercial Area 1. "Huh…? Elsword?" They were fighting Spriggan. There were two black holes on the map that was slowly enlarging itself. Elsword was trying to destroy one of the black holes while Eve was working on the other. Elsword got knocked back and fell down hard on the ground when it expanded to its full size. Spriggan entered it and went into his Shadow form. "Elsword!" Aisha shouted as she ran towards him, only to be stopped by an invincible window. She banged on the glass as hard as she could while screaming his name and slowly gave up. Eve was trying her best to defeat Spriggan while Elsword tried healing himself with HP potions, only to be interrupted by Shadow Spriggan's Dark Energy Splashes. Aisha wondered where Chung was. She looked on the other side of the invincible window sadly. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" She kept muttering.

As she looked up, she realized she was in darkness again. She walked around and slowly came to realize that she was trapped in a cubical cage. She kept banging and kicking on the 'walls', but nothing seemed to work. She tried using magic, and realized that she couldn't summon her staff or use any magic. She felt helpless. Lost. Confused. Sad. Get me out of here… She often mumbled. She closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. The moment she opened her eyes, she realized she was in Chung's hometown, Hamel. She saw Chung fighting Ran alone. "Chung…" She said, as she looked on. Chung was fading fast, as he couldn't resist the Dark El Energy in the air, which seemed to drain his energy. Aisha kept wishing that she could help. She kept saying "Sorry". She sat down and hugged her knees to her chest. "Why… Why is this happening…?" She asked herself. The moment she looked up, she saw herself. Two of me?! She gasped as she stared what was at the other dimension. Two purple-haired mages stared back at her. One with two high pigtails, the other with long curly pigtails. She stared at the one with the curly pigtails. What are those? Aisha thought to herself as she saw the curly-pigtailed version of her using silver-bluish colored balls with sparks in them. She turned from the curly-pigtailed girl to the high-pigtailed girl. She shot out dark energy balls. "Are those… Void balls?" Aisha said as she stared up ahead. Is that the dark version of me? She asked herself as she turned back to the other mage when she noticed the pendant hanging around her waist. "Isn't that thing… My mentor told me something about that before! Something… It had something about a moonstone…" Aisha said as she tried to remember what her mentor told her, but failed to do so. She continued staring as the curly-pigtailed mage made some kind of Distortion. "She can control time and space…" Aisha said to herself. She nearly fell down when the glass disappeared and she was in darkness again.

Aisha stood up and looked around. "What's next?!" She shouted into the darkness as the echoes bounced off the walls. A voice came from a direction. Ha… You're such a wimp, Aisha. Aisha whipped around when she heard it. "Where are you?! Show yourself!" I'm in front of you… Can't you see? 'It' said. "Wha—" Aisha staggered backwards and nearly fell when a figure appeared in front of her. She couldn't see the figure in the sudden thick mist that surrounded her. The figure stepped out from the mist and Aisha could see 'it', or should I say, 'him', clearly. She was staring straight at Elsword (As a Lord Knight). But there was something really different about him. His sword and armor were all bloody and his eyes were bloody red instead of a ruby-red. His hair was black instead of red. "E-Elsword…?" Aisha said, feeling really scared. "Don't worry… I won't hurt you…" Elsword said in a low voice as he grinned. Aisha backed away from him. "Y-You're not Elsword… YOU'RE NOT ELSWORD!" She screamed. She looked in front of her and noticed the real Elsword. He was bloody all over. "H-Help… Me… Aisha…" He reached out his left arm. She heard him say. "E-Elsword?" Aisha said as she took a step forward and backed away again when the dark version of Elsword appeared before her. "Ignore him. That's not the real Elsword. I am." He said. "N-No… The real Elsword doesn't look like this… No, no, NO!" She screamed and kneeled down, crying. "Elsword…" She said. "Give me back the real Elsword…" She said, as she wiped her tears and stood up. She felt like all her powers came back to her. That's it, girl! Go for it! She heard a voice in her mind. "Huh? Who are you?" Aisha said. I'm you! The voice replied. Now get out there, and kill this idiot and save the real Elsword! The voice said again and disappeared from her mind, as if it never happened. "Heh… Thanks…" Aisha muttered as she summoned her wand. "What the—?!" The dark Elsword said. "Meteor Shower!" Aisha shouted as she sent down fifteen burning rocks down from the darkness. "How could you— You broke the curse?!" 'It' said. The real Elsword appeared again, smiled and said, "Go for it, Aisha… I know… That… You can do this…" He said before he disappeared once again when his dark self took over. "Shut up, coward!" His dark self screamed. "I'm you!" He said again as more meteors burnt him. "That's not gonna work, little flat-chested brat!" He shouted. "Why you—" Aisha was seriously mad this time.

She jumped up in the air and used two skills at once. "Blaze Step! Meteor Shower!" She shouted as she landed on the ground, with fire surrounding her. Fire didn't work on him, so… There's only one option left… This time, she realized the weakness of the dark version of Elsword—Ice. She jumped up into the air once again and shouted, "Blizzard Shower!" As she sent fifteen ice shards down, seven of them pierced the dark version of Elsword. "ARGH!" It shouted as it disappeared and the real Elsword collapsed onto the ground. Aisha floated down and went to Elsword's side. "Elsword!" She said as she hugged him. Elsword woke up to this, and hugged her back. "I'm so sorry…" Aisha said and started crying. "Don't worry… It's not your fault…" Elsword said. Aisha let go of him and Elsword wiped the tears off her face. "I could use some healing from my favorite girl, though." Elsword said while grinning. This made Aisha blush a little. "H-Hold still…" She said as she healed him. "What are you going to do about the blood?" She asked. "Oh, this… I guess I'll just take a shower later on…" Aisha nodded and they both stayed silent for a while, sitting back-to-back, smiling and blushing. Then they both turned around and faced each other. Elsword was grinning while Aisha was pouting. They both leaned forward and kissed. After a few moments, they let go and Aisha just sat down silently while looking on the ground.

The next second she looked up, Elsword was gone. "Huh?" "Aisha! Aisha! AISHA!" She heard a voice screaming her name. Who it was that's calling her, you'll find out in the next chapter ~

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