Hey all, I'm back with these rules and guidelines about living an a Kat world, written form John's POV. Hope you like it.

The idea for this was inspired form Autumn wolfs "Guidelines for living with Commander Feral and Kats".

don't mess with Jakes tools. (he likes his mess where it is,)( I thought I would clean it up for him) (it didn't end well)

never, under any circumstances, go outside without the disguise generator on! (just don't ask)

keep your throwing spanners ready when Burke and Murray come around.

if you happen to piss off Chance, Piss off Burke and Murray more. (*flips a spanner over in his hand and smiles as he watches dumb and dumber run for the truck*)

hide the coffee when Jake's working on something new. (long story short, Jake likes to not sleep when he is designing and building a new missile or gadget, and drinks a lot, and I mean, a lot of coffee while doing it.) (he needs to get some fricking sleep sometimes, Chance and I had to slip some sleeping pills into his milk once, it was that bad.) Side note: Jake loves his coffee, be mentally prepared for all of the begging, wining and crying. (Yes it happened once, he was even down on his knees.) (me: wow, your that desperate?)

if Jake and Chance get into a fight, don't get involved (it ended in a punch up, despite Chances size, I kicked some major tail!)

don't diss on scaredy kat (that did not end well for me) (*holds left arm*)

when Callie comes around, don't try to play love guru. (pulls Chance out of the room, mumbling about his unfinished paperwork to leave them alone,) (when he found out what I was trying to do he strapped me into the centrifuge and set it to go for an hour, nonstop. and unfortunately Jake helped him) *shudders*

don't be the one that has to wake Chance up on a Monday morning. (*enters room* hey Chance time to- oh crap! *narrowly dodges alarm clock*)

So what do you think? If you have any ideas, Please leave them in the Review or PM me. Until next time