Title: Country walk

Author: Bendyfish

Story line: Jack is a city boy taking a walk with Ianto (formally a country boy) in the country. Jack is scared of cows.

Characters are very OOC

Author's note: this happened to me and my hubby recently whilst walking thru the privately owned country farm to get to a rainforest to see a waterfall and rock pool.

"Oh my god 'Betsy' is looking at me" Jack said excitedly tinged with a bit a fear.

"And you're looking at it" Ianto replied, "Keep on walking Jack"


"Oh look that cow has only three legs, its fourth leg doesn't reach the ground it's just hanging ther….oh wait that's not it's leg….oh it's it pensis…wow" Jack said impressively

"Only you" Ianto sighed.


Jack stopped dead in his tracks, "Oh no"

"What?" Ianto replied

Jack is pointing to a rather large cow standing along the path that they were heading about 10 metres away. "It's just staring at us"

"Don't worry about it, it will move as we get closer" Ianto said.

"Closer?!" Jack said incredulously, whilst looking for alternative path while Ianto walked on ahead.

The cow started moving towards them, and then began to gallop increasing the closeness to them.

"Ianto, Ianto, here lets go this way" Jack tugging at Ianto.

"It will be right, stand still"

"Stand still? And what? Wait till it barrels into us?" Jack couldn't believe what Ianto was saying.

The cow still at a gallop ran down an embankment, its left eye trained on the men, and kept on running away from them.

"See it was more scared of us than we were of it, no sorry, more scared than you" Ianto laughed.


"I wonder what that dumb arse cow is thinking as it stares at us, Ianto?"

"Probably not much"

"It is probably thinking how silly are these things walking towards me on its two legs, not very functional"

"I think you are overthinking this Jack"

As Jack got closer to a cow that was staring at him, behind a fence, Jack says to it "Anyway my diet is better than yours, all you get to eat is grass, grass and more grass"

"Hrmp" Ianto murmured shaking his head.

"And I eat you" Jack said mockingly.

"Oh Jack" Ianto says disbelievingly.



"I'm hungry, can we get something to eat?"

"Hrmp" Ianto sighs.

Author's note: Thought I'd post this funny story, well I thought it was funny, very soon I will be publishing my multi-chapter story, I want to finish it first then I will be post a chapter per day.