Hello people! I'm Emily, or Postcards From Paris as my other penname says. Anyways, me and my friend (she'll introduce herself later) had a great idea for Cri-Kee and Mushu.

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Cri-Kee's POV

"So we're all agreed?" the head ancestor boomed. Even from my leaf I could hear what he was saying.

"Yup." The others agreed. I leaped from my place on the leaf down to the ground to hear better.

"Maybe he'll leave us alone!" the old lady said. By this time I could tell that they were talking about none other than Mushu. The annoying, small dragon who had helped Mulan numerous times and was rather self-absorbed.

Mushu walked right past me into the temple. "Alright party people, let's get this show on the road." I hoped in after him.

The ancestors started swirling around me. "The hell?" I chirped, not like they could understand me. The ancestors had turned me into a dark bluish-purple dragon. "Uhhh…." Was my first word as a dragon.

"The sam Hell is goin' on here?!" Mushu asked.

"Mushu! Mulan will soon be blessed with a child. You lack the selflessness and patience to look after said child, therefore we have brought in someone who has." The head ancestor explained.

"I don't know anything about children." I exclaimed in my new voice that people could actually understand.

"Hold up! Everybody just hold up a second! I admit I'm not the smartest. But I still do what's best for Mulan in the end." Mushu said.

"True," the head ancestor agreed, "but we need someone who can do what's best for her to begin with. Besides, the last thing we need is for the child growing up to be like you."

"HA!" I laughed. "Even they agree that you're a loser."

"The one time I actually bring bug spray." Mushu threatened me.

"Like that actually works." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. I'm outta here!" He walked to the door and then looked back at me. "By the way, I always thought you were a guy." He said as he ran away from my upcoming wrath.

"I'M NOT A GUY!" I yelled after him. (A/N: Yes, we've changed Cri-Kee's gender.)

"We have faith in you, Cri-Kee." The head ancestor said as he faded away.

"That's weird," Mushu said from outside the temple, "you always gave off that man stank."

"I. Hate. You." I glared at the doorway.

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